Gold Medal Feats

Wednesday, August 10th


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Just enjoy golf it's hunts are not before one. Obviously the Olympics going on in the middle of the Summer Olympics US still winning I don't count write you as though heavier amounts. Sure permit. If there is a championship event that you were participating. There is something. That you were at a 1000%. I mean first place Blu-ray Kevin gold medal stand at a podium biggest trophy. Jen what would yours be. Over use of paper towels. Oh my god leads to a. I and the gold medal on going through a world Giles the accident now we can have it championship. Mike the Nancy gets so much crap I feel so guilty about it because you know it's not the greatest thing for the environment we have. A very messy. And still Taipei neat freak and sell. And constantly using paper nothingness of. If I cook a meal nine. The end of the meal there it propelled shrapnel. Although everywhere everything. Hole and China eliminate germs all the time I'm like down east and sticky stuff everywhere. So anyway we want to know what would you win the Olympic gold medal and hey Bonnie and look at scrap. Me. Would win the medal of pressure on our. Our ongoing may you and arguing they wouldn't. And it security. Issues yours there's zero chance and if you don't pull my point again. And actually tout his son. There's something about this in the right place ovarian and. Yes so it does he always back down to the ever try to take an argument with you. No yeah and take argument can only. Did point out there but he knows what that my and not to punish. And that Lebanon Egypt. I hear you one of those people who'd goes to bed made argument in wakes up in the cursing at about the as the resumption argument. Now. Well until she has why. A I led the way you say into the artery is complete when what you really mean it is and you've proven your point and everybody's human. Congratulations here's your blew people. Thank you producer Kelly she's if there is a gold medal available for an bank in your world when. Napping. Place and now so hard I now fit our eyes so hard giving you policy so hard he do so often. It's your favorite thing in the NBA and at the end of the night when I mean in that I can't honestly now. The wind I leave here I get home and I guess I literally just beyond him from a friend or my nanny unlock and or some time. I'm acting napping while on it. And now the Arctic. Luna look and make and. Moran day in Atlanta what would you win the championship. I am and they hit an eight airline act push everything back in aren't I paying. You almost a personal challenge isn't. Yes good and I asked when I had taken down on the need is bidding wars I OK let's start working out. That are eager righted and I just change it they like every other week it is our this week. I admit I never do it. The only thing that would made this a better Emery and is if you call this tomorrow in yeah. Hey you know that topic these guys are gonna buy yesterday when a bee champion of that is limited and they Jesse James shell. Talk.