GoFundMe...For an Engagement Ring?

Monday, April 10th

Would you donate to someone's GoFundMe so they could buy a $15,000 engagement ring?


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I say is a guy in Atlanta a man's. That and aboard man and there's a person in Atlanta I don't wanna gallery and put my own opinion and his his dad. So there's an Atlanta man who started a fund raiser. To raise money for an engagement ring for his girlfriend. Believe me we have to hear this and I'm very I'm gonna read you is go funny page yeah. And I might you engine meaning Kelli you all put yourselves in the shoes of his girlfriend and Tommy what's going through your mind. After I read irony here the whole story adds a love cheerleader. I don't wanna judge yet he Johjima challengers and I'm not judging I'm just I'm just. We're gonna get we're gonna discuss all of did you just as I'm judging that I. Does Canada us his name is William Oliver he is out from right here in Atlanta and we will discuss this. I next first though because it's a very special commute this morning as the first day back after spring break we've. Parts of I 85 missing. I Kelly she's a working overtime. To get you up to date from Arnold traffic counsel in that you're still aren't one mr. Olmert the traffic center. Hi Gary go on the north and I'd say tiny town in west now are both say 38 a forty minute ride right now. Foreigners out on a so heavy leading Alpharetta you're looking at thirty or forty minutes from all mountain parkway down to the perimeter. Study about southbound you're looking at a 45 minute ride almost an hour now from wavering right down to 285. An 85 northbound and southbound are by far the worst in the area are MA area around the collapse has a lot of people and both directions. Trying to get on the view for spring connector besides these are jammed up our ramat beavers brings an actor went eighty average collapsed dean Mon is backed up. Beyond the city Marquez as people are trying to get on that connector and it's also Jayme at Citi markets as well. Pretty sure that chick filet on the corner of Piedmont Sidney Marcus is crushing the breakfast game this morning. To make sure you have your route mapped out before really even download that apple ways if you can't gonna give it as best options. And if you can use Marta gets there early to assure yourself a parking spot but most importantly be patient and be kind to other commuters today I'm Kelly she's going to be giving me lap traffic updates all morning long we're here getting questions. Party of live updates army don't hesitate to call 4042630941. We are here for you Atlanta. Friend of Cali is is showed heard this on the face this is a man in Atlanta his name is William Oliver. He has himself a girlfriend. And news. He wants to marry you say girlfriend. And okay he shared on his face on page a link. Two and go find me pay each app you don't know what go find me is if it's. Refineries or type of things. I putted out there sometimes the stories take off. Rich people get hold there are companies can sure help you out some people to either sure our shores so I know a couple people. I'm hitting it in any one of a million circumstances kid kid. You could put opposed to go find me. On pit two of the three that I can think covering now is. A gentleman and an unfortunate thing happened to his car. And it could it's gonna cost 5000. Dollars to fix annie's thank you guys and I don't have the money if I don't fix my car I'm gonna lose my job this is my last resort. Anything helps I have few thousand bucks in 3000. Any post he tells the story is like this is going to be the after effects of ideas make Turkey please help me fix my car. If he actually when he botched throw an atom whatever. Somebody else has posted a go find me. That I he has two kids that both have special needs. And they need to update their van upgrade the van because the kids are growing in its becoming too. Typical for in his left to lift their kids in the band. It's a wait for somebody experiencing hardship whether that's health related for experiencing what. Hardship to hardship. Because you'll want to help someone who's experiencing hardship granted say eight. They're like it's gone really rougher now I can offer five bucks here ten bucks there and then together we can help that person get through the shoulder who. So a broken car that would result lost jobs that would qualify as a hardship. Two young children group who have special needs getting older and more difficult to place into a band. Chip thank. The sea of William Oliver qualifies and can't I want you guys to channel. Jan Kelly NG now either channel William Oliver's girlfriends. And then when we finish reading we'll come teach euphoria that's in JPG or his best friend. Okay Sudanese tanks are read this that and a comedy is his best friend you're gonna given some solid ice right okay. Our phone number after I read this is 4042630941. Come into 117 I've started to realize that teamwork. Makes our dreams work. After my thirtieth birthday and I've received a lot excitement about it being time to marry her. I couldn't agree more. She had a really innovative way to show her appreciation. For me by purchasing thirty gaps for my thirtieth birthday. So I need a more innovative way to show my appreciation. While incorporating her friends and family. I decided to get some help I'm making this a trending approach. This always raise awareness about the difference between the love we share and the love people have for us. Money for the engagement is your chance to get involved. I've heard everything from I love you all to you need to put a ring on it yeah. The center center. After watching Talladega countries over 400000 dollars to attend the presidential inauguration. I became a devout believer in this method of raising money for things and for people that you love. By donating just a few dollars you we can get this campaign trend. I need a lot of people to donate a little amount. Not necessarily a little bit of people to donate a lot this campaign needs to Trent. Go find me while let everybody who loves us really show us. Sometimes we quite can't afford expensive things by ourselves. A lot of people lean and credit card companies and banks that over charged them interest so they appear to do nice things for people they love by themselves. My approaches different. We have friends family and colleagues that don't mind passing a sandwich or drank to us to help us out. Any passing up a sandwich or drank to help us out anything helps. All proceeds are gonna go to the purchase of a beautiful engagement ring that we all caps. Can be proud. Call me crazy. But love his free engagements weddings are not William Oliver Atlanta Georgia. Jan. I even began you have Arafat you are Billy's girlfriend is no way. Now none and then you know not not after nine for thirty seconds after reading math because he I was just dumped him as Zantac. Visit I understand they they he posted this and then hid the post. From his girlfriend which means one of her friends had to call his girlfriend up meal like. Did you read dance yes for a 42630941. That's our phone number Geneen your Billy's girlfriend your thoughts. I just can't I I feel like if everyone's buying meaning Adrian ring then I'm marrying every one. Could replace some. And I feel like I'm dating in the back. The whole. I mean. Tell us how many couples have gotten engaged when it. Modest. Small rings no ring at all I've pretty something that's just in just a simple metal bands. Like something that. Marks the engagement up isn't expensive. Or isn't even thing and later in life today. You know gross together and then AJ can upgrade to read year after year at another one or whatever but he's missing the whole point. What's the average price in the United States for engagement ring this is the average. Is 6200. Dollars. 62 and about. He was raising fifteen it is raising fifteen. Thousand dollars your general had this goal his goals 151000. The average rang is 6200. And that you concede jewelry stores will ever taxes you know engagement band starting at. 899. Dollars yeah sure and that's what it's the meaning behind it it's not the rain moved. I Debbie in Atlanta. You on. DY Williams information see you can donate. Ole Ole is. Out of eight. You don't think this is. You know I don't think it's a good idea for William to give all of his friends an opportunity to help him show his love for his girlfriend's. No hole actually you know being between human girl. Cannot order rating get her something else I'm sure you are hurting at. Like your new boyfriend. I mean I mandate in blue rid welcomed this year. Good morning I'm. Asking and I want help for help and everything yeah. I have no money for a wedding you know on the money to support them play. If he's able to ray felt like good ballot ridiculous. The unbeaten. That's a good part I didn't think of it his is gonna do another one of the wedding men's JP I want yeah. I. Dad hi and urban dad does. Double down to the plan wanted to go presents F I saw Laura and AdWords. Hey Aaron I was gonna say I got engaged and her all so are and the area let's leave it also I think this guy is really good and I was done that Russia or. Totally clueless Leah and Atlanta wants to give him a bad credit. Yeah little clinic and it is yeah. I. I I agree Midland. Then another set against you know I don't mind guiding Dayton green I getting any inquiry competing with me they drink a presidential inauguration night. So our next. Right I don't. I agree he would be my boyfriend after being Matt you. So you give credit. Creative and he's also singled. Yeah. Jessica in Camden. My boyfriend added that we haven't got a person I didn't hear it running into it that I would dump and that's it I can play I have. I asked costs. What ended usually doing. I have that bracelet. WW DD as. Hi James K here this guy's girlfriend's. Father if you're just it's. There there is a I'm a man in Atlanta. While William Oliver ray and pullback that William how I have a he should say there's an entitled bowl in Atlanta. William Oliver he. Posted a go find me lanky created an account to raise 151000 dollars to pay for an engagement ring so he can propose to his girlfriend. None guy JP EU. Are her dad yet. What is your response to this tired little Billie wants you come over here in Saddam. Little analogy for you okay and I don't know if you've recently seen the little rascals I Netflix but I'll save you an hour and however long it is and tell you what happens. So little brass goals gather a bunch of money and buy a bunch of money I mean thumb tacks. Maybe a quarter and then walk you know Home Depot wanna build a treehouse. You don't have enough my money to buy the tree house so you don't get to treehouse. That's all we're learning here today Billy you can't take this engagement ring and have everybody else buy it and get out of my house. I I I tell you were just a quote that old school Toby Keith signed by the boot up as. Sorry Tiffany hackworth. I think this guy is completely an appeal that. Eat it if they are and our whole letter that he heard that it is complete. A huge yeah. I love the passion and just not the words are a great day. Well we know it gets people fired up. Yeah. Police in games are welcomed in Asia. He and I think it cannot undercurrent that I beat you guys are getting exactly what you wind I. I alert. And maybe. That's yeah good point. And what. Did you. Think he just president bill guilt trip on all of her friends and family like you guys are the ones pressuring him he never is it do you want me to do it then you have to help we have to all be in this together I mean. This is a big stress. I shyly turns. Out. I Shelley those that are really harassing. That's that engagement ring that is an entitlement ranked. Come home. For making this way it's just it's hard on star not before one.