Go Atlanta United, Go!

Monday, March 20th

Atlanta's soccer team won big this weekend, and Kelly Cheese was there to soak it all in.

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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Young old and now. Now. Whatever the odds. It's not true would have blown up like this me it's half half half. So god game on Saturday is sold out writes oh my gosh gas both at home games for a lay alienated sold out sold around Bobby Dodd stadium that sort of segments. And they're playing a Bobby died until. Mercedes-Benz stadium is is time. I'm Kelly cheese came upon some last minute tickets and say the out. I guess I'll go to that I guess it doesn't show up to that so that I I see your snapped chance. She's wearing the full line came. Oh yeah there's she's got to Hewitt Jersey in everything you got the Jersey eventually comes Waltz a name here today. Where NN AGL united chaired Adelaide united shares Ali exactly just tell you so. I I got gays they got you they got me you went units and you win really. Kimberly is far from I mean I guess ago if you get some action tickets too I'm in. Why love soccer soccer's on favors or so watch live national soccer or basketball actually but. My remade how has been wanting to go to games I got these tickets at Texas are like 1 in the morning Alex hey can we do this tomorrow. And she knew that we needed to go to the sports story that's an Atlantic station yep currently it's a pop up shop for just at any any gear together some arm themselves and their two solo serve my receiver on everything but to. The the Elaine United's south is so. Like everybody wants it right out of there they'll lying in going out of the store and they are doing one in and one out that's how crowded it was. Just to get a Jersey. And I mean I was our Jersey today but it's it's covered in Saturday on Saturday. And that it is candidate consulate and beer or three cats are about there's no playing it's it's covered in sweat shame. Yes exactly nothing yes changing a but Saturday the weather was perfect it was kind of overcast kind of warm nice and sunny. It was amazing and you get down there and there's four soccer chapters I believe and Atlanta. And all of them enter the stadium at different times have you never been a soccer and winning a sacker chapter. There's. It's like clubs like that people who really love that game on different scarves around their chapter. And I mean that all unite together and I in the stands and all sit in the same section. But they entered the stadium one my wine and they all do different chanting and I can't play a little bit of what I. I'm answered I am sorry did we get violent zealots. Bullets. Thousands. Fifty to 50000. But yeah this this race here this is just one group that is why aren't Luke and size it like a thousand people in these early 2000 attitude out and they marched down the street. And they even have like like the band directors that you have in front of a marching band they have that they have like a ringleader. Who is just deck down soccer gear and not just camping up there chapter. But everyone I jumped around live I'm not artists' tabs on the company's cars on that they were just like find out. It is oh I'm trying to got to iso and and I wants to have a login and then I walked in and oh my gosh just seeing them jamming up and down it's like at a college football game but he usually one of those things. I'm actually going to be yeah it's say it is it's a community of just handling its co hourly part of the media are going to be a part of it mean to adjust every everybody's doing it. An and I just so happens and DU I cast sat chatting again our answer Grammy. And I caught the second goals that you don't really hear everybody freaking out he can just hear the excitement that we have in our city based on the game. But it's great because this again. But I have a planet they make the second goal and has I forget it it's number seven or number ten in May that second goal. But they comer running down and minutes is a wide open and that fans go crazy ill is arming and at all. I JP not really in a condition to leave his house Saturday. Watch the game from his couch. Yes I mean these school for four goals like to have the fun thing about soccer concert for an all right yes on Borneo. Is this today but the funding about soccer culture in football here in Atlanta now is that there's chance it matters who Liggins. And news boom. And. Yeah I love the rowdiness it's that's my favorite part. What's pulls it is like soccer fans are all kind of come together. So we don't have a chance I I didn't. Ten out of what they hinting. And they got an excuse teaching me all the different stuff I was isn't going NN Eveready is billing Iran so I mean had to make a bad calls you his jump in on all of it is. It is so much fun if you haven't gone and you have a Saturday's ago or the next payment home. I encourage you go because you just see a whole new side to this city that we haven't had before are so it's your. This is such an incredible. City. Right now to d.s were sent home land like we used to think like everybody loves he gave Atlanta a hard time for their sports and for their fan base. OK and let's let's just take a look around who got Atlanta united via de who aren't. Selling out Bobby ads hit their first two home games Freya. And beyond remarkable news you've got the Atlanta Falcons who just made a Super Bowl run right yeah and eight and are going to be playing and Ed branding stadium next season. And then you've got the Atlanta Braves are neighbors here at stirring for one and literally across street from us. If his beautiful it's not even that other baseball field it's a complex. It's gonna be filled with. Bars and restaurants and music venues yeah. Clubs and residents is I'm moving over there but right. Encounter Billy Joseph and his Metallica right also got the central 100% correct like so be for her people people love to give this time crab for being lousy sports supporting. You know whatever news and bearing implode will apply knowledge that. Guess why we kick ass yeah we do this and writing and the lived here all my arm like this town kicks at Atlantic. Kicks ass Elaine united in the Braves are going to be on at the same time and they're both going to be in new stadiums it oh my god. I mean it is about it changed they gain and it's so exciting and just take Simon at around. The first braves game you know that opening game that everybody goes duke like a month from now yes exactly people talk it up they buy tickets they plan their tailgate. That is exactly how this soccer fans are but they're so rowdy. There's so rowdy audience and it. All contributes to do everything he Jimmy's two leaders raises the bar for everything yet you so much pride in your city. The wood to go to I wanna do it. At all you all the thing I do you think. It's an act. Thanks for making this wedge it's indigestion just got one star not before one and.