Give Back Giveaway: Tussahaw Elementary School

Thursday, November 9th

Congratulations to these school organizations on your incredible efforts to give back to your community! Each project is as unique and inspiring as the last. 

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Okay Terna Nande. Jesse James shelf all. We want to make sure it's honor. And it's north Georgia school in Atlanta area school it is participated in jet engines give back give away without the community credit union. And today is day number four and this means we are about Tom we've. Finalist number four came thousand dollars up for grabs. One school so spotlight is on the June beta club at Tulsa hot elementary school. And we talked to have their poorly I. Who has put together the service project all of the themes are kids. Giving back to kids so Heather Ellis about what your elementary school. They made pottery bowl and those that bought tickets. Got to purchase one of these pottery ball at the student may and they got eight chili dinner. And entertainment by the other schools and all that money went to the backpack buddy program in the backpack buddy program is a program that kids. Student food store over the weekend we have a school where 80% of course didn't touch screen which is much so. Oh the but they get during the week comes from our lunch program are correct the program but then on the weekend and I hear it our all. We can't ban bag that they had that they get to take over the weekend so they have somebody to act dictated items over the weekend that they may not. Have previously hat. It just can't imagine like not being able. Feed kids I just can't imagine them being hungry and how do you how do you go to school and learn if you're hungry. You know. Exactly and and that's why we like to recount what this program as well because like I said it touches our hearts here at our bowl personally. But it also affected our county and while the program takes about 5000 dollars in march of branch and that it's really broad band. The numbers came back in and they made over 5000 dollars. I. All so if now if I'm understanding this correctly. 80% of your school is on a food assistance program. So if students who helped find this backpack buddy program. Many of them are. In need themselves. Yes it's quite possibly it anonymous to the teachers we don't know exactly who's within the program but when you see those back that they've been handed out into the backpacks. You know what that's about. So if you win the 101000 dollars what are you gonna spend money on. Of course we wanna get back to the backpack buddy program with summit that we don't want to get back to our art department that. Let's look back on that because an art department it'd only funded that we get that dollar Crist did it more than a year. Art supplies that we wanna get back to art department and ballot at aha. And then the Democrats did and they attend the state and and every year. Let them to compete. In academic endeavor in at a school where 80% extremely blunt it's really hard pressed on together so part of that would go to help them get convention that while. I am honored to tell you that you are on the right track because you are a finalist. Which means we have a 1000 dollar check coming away from delta community credit. Oh my god let this so exciting. Isn't it teacher work day I don't have it and let me I have my entire staff here. And I would decide to make that announcement that good looking guys on the song you can hear I did. We are absolutely. That that we are I'm glad that we are getting in without the dollar and the body or the 101000 dollar. It. Oh yeah that it. There are just honored to know you and know that you're given this amazing work in the community every day and he's on the eve of the great work thank you thank you thank you. We announced the grand prize winner next week I am at the jets in and that would touched you problem. And I'm still white and the tears away I mean that's amazing so congratulations. And you can name Mac test elementary schools now are. Incredible take care of your kids give actor communion such a cool awesome way for making this its essence yeah OnStar not before one.