Give Back Giveaway Finalist: Marietta Middle School

Thursday, November 9th

Congratulations to these school organizations on your incredible efforts to give back to your community! Each project is as unique and inspiring as the last. 


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And she I'll still are. Our super excited to introduce you the next finalist in jet engines 101000 dollar give back give away with delta community credit union. This is our concept kids serving other kids and we wanted to reward the best school organizations for the best service projects so. Are really excited to share with you finalists every single day this week. Every finalists gets 1000 dollars and one of these five finalists getting 101000 dollars for their school organization and we've. I heard from great groups who have been doing that Al. On victims of hurricanes and open and community and in recruiting people and their own community. Held it's it's it's really and heartwarming to be a part. And city school note. This is Marietta middle school's performing arts department. And the project that they put together. Don't have an article fire at a lip lock on magnolia apartment in September. And about eleven apartment were completely. Devastated by the by the fire and we had six and lean. But at hand Marietta equal that lost their homes completely bat my all the other belonging. So you're students decided that they wanted to take care of their own. Exactly yeah. They actually came at the idea originally had to even look at it are great for them. And then yeah I'll be very agency had to keep on the median that it didn't we came up with the idea of using the talents that. But we are accurate act call that he's being he's acting army. She's back at it and we didn't charge an admission that he collected donations while you're there we raised one out and 771. Dollars. And that's the course director Amelie late in talking about what they put together and helping out these victims of an apartment fire. So if they win the 101000 what are they going to spend I'm. Aren't you end and the fine art are going to be traveling down to Orlando in March to participate in the Orlando facts. Performance without merit and a little bit of an expensive trip and now in order to make sure that all of I didn't have equal act that we're gonna he's the 101000 dollars he helped paper. Well I have good news to share with you that Marietta middle school and the performing arts department is a final list and the 101000 dollar give back. I. Can I present a sound absolutely and then what you have at it. Middle school performing us department can hear. You are not five I. They are putting together your benefit concerts you benefit those in your community who really need your help after the apartment fire. Or really proud of you guys and you're running. For the 101000. Dollar give back give away. Thank you mrs. lay ten. Tell me nine plus. Me. Okay. Cooler. Yeah. I did. Yeah. Yeah. There are some highlights from that concert that raised him with the 18100 dollars that are. People and communities congratulations finalist number three. Merriam at this time tomorrow. We will. Reform one of those folks in in thousand dollars. And give it away and. Star in 941.