#GirlProblems: Thanksgiving Edition

Friday, November 17th

Travel, family, panty hose, ugh the list goes on! 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. It's hard and guide you. You do not understand that the struggle isn't real snow that's why we created as that girl problems. So that you can understand. What our lives are like every and it. My job is to. Read the news. And an effort to. Help log guys realize the cash Pedro struggled Israel. Graham. We're planning on eating at least twenty devil legs it Thanksgiving dinner hash tag parlor hash tag dumped there has. Chicks are good now. Paprika and hit and took me four days to pat for my three day holiday weekend and hash tag girl problems. Is go out pretty well and then compare the pants for teammates suspects options. Going to take me ninety days to unpack from my three day holiday weekend cashed a girl problems as executed well. On the Florida nightclub 60 yeah. When you go shopping and hash tag Black Friday to catch this hashed ideals that still end up spending over 400 dollars. Hard. Okay have bigger problems. Had to apply a twenty outfits for Thanksgiving break. Wore it like three of them hash tag next crap ass (%expletive) brown my. Sag a text how to do it again next year. First our neverland. Forgot my hair dryer when I packed it's gonna take a solid two hours to dry my hair would this be asked and amp blow dryer in the hotel. Always so when dealing yeah. They tell you a hand held thing here's an like there are hours sweating your dad your parents hands. Their credit is gonna blow up army is something that us oh my gosh. It. Talent and Ontario and you feel our pain. Unmarried Darren. I'm traveling and my period my headphones ran an am wearing a blanket to cover up. All of me that somehow I still cynnex that a lady who hash tag won't shut up. Girl problems and yeah. I'm sure you're very nice grainy but here are not mine. When you're hearing gets caught your star you're almost reappear here low. At his own hides you made clear choices based on whether or not you're wearing a scarf has seen it happens when you can't worry dangling. Assembled and seriously yeah does every round nightmares of here just like us out of ripping off okay applicable. Do you do you view met the boyfriend's family for the first time before the holidays. Hash tag picked the wrong brother. The suing. They go around. Four ways will never know the struggle of food crumbs in your bra. Hash tag it's still gonna eat it later hash tag girl problems I sat and didn't go to the beach just today and Aaron. Yeah I testing keeping it warm things up. This. Fell asleep on the plane and accidentally wiped an entire eyebrow while trying to travel yeah. Handbag. Drug problem. I like to share any of these beyond that on Twitter at Germans and joke. This year's pat thank god. NHL all star. Yeah. The struggle with being a woman is real and how I just don't understand all the things we have to think about. That we goes through as girls who we try to help them some Harvard IR sighted thinking with hash tag girl problems. This is the Thanksgiving edition right. This is being yes thing is traveling over the Thanksgiving holidays and forgot to pack my showers staff now I get to use Graham drives die also been head and shoulders shampoo. Pastel eggs laid three has stayed there are problems. How energized again this. Forgot to pack my showers after I get to use this so from their hotel. How does my skin feels so smooth and slimy and sticky all of her family. Notre. Fashioning you have to say what is that. Danny knows are like Little League prisons but it's cold. But there's already around in them after an hour hash takes. And you mailed me just got Donovan McNabb broke that morning on campus. We knew where he sees over your Nieves but it so cold you might as well not be happy. A high beams are passionate. The thing I say has a letter rather you have been. Hassan pacing instead of in its. Right and I can't believe he overpaying him in before. Dean dean dean dean do you I ordered five dresses for friends giving their. Because I needed backups hash tag for backups have to grow out. Wishing I had a boyfriend to take home for the holidays is kind of like wishing Graham wants smiling moth balls and here. Right honey I don't know. I say go. Miriam mall. Hidden agenda. Must where's banks that Thanksgiving dinner hash tag that must where's banks are happening dinner. Slash hate wearing its banks and Thanksgiving dinner hash tag a girl's gotta eat hash tag coming out the top and finger on the Cossack much. And finish. Told myself I won't overeat and Thanksgiving. Ozzie told myself at least ten pounds before last summer hash tags still fat hash tag when he says tangled up. That's the beauty of the winter of yeah I need to let air out at any iron hybrid doesn't earnings. Keeps it insulated. Being single on holidays are so much find you get to spend time just watching all the couples traveling together meeting their families and even getting engaged. Ash tag forever alone hash tag not looking at NC Graham have bigger problems. Augusta I don't watch Christmas specials when your single. Oh. I sang never mean. When you forget the by the travel size in the guy TSA throws away your hair products and wonders why your crying. It's so expensive hash tag please let me through cash and Obama the when grandma keeps asking when you're getting married and having kids and then you remember while you move why you moved 1000 miles away. Hash tag taking boyfriend applications hash tag girl problems. 40 degrees in the morning and seventy degrees in the afternoon. What am I supposed to Wear ashtanga brown news real well and yes. Yet the boots when doing my girl and last one. Trying to decide if I should be traveling in comfy clothes or be miserable and make everyone at the airport think I'm famous hash tag girl problem. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.