#GirlProblems: Spring Edition

Friday, April 6th

With Spring Break finally here, it's time to shed your winter coat and unleash a whole new season of #GirlProblems!

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Star in 941. You just can't quite understand all the unique challenges that women goes through. Especially. At the change of each and every season. So we read to you in the form of hash tag girl problems. These are so discuss things can put a compound. Is a special. Special batch of hash tag girl problem. We're in the tribe in your leg hair waves like help. And might be time to shave their winter coat trees frame. Hash tags spring has signal problem. Thank you spring rain for how are you flatten Pham van and nasty and that you made my hair has take golf travel news. It's that. I can't really I kind of the police have this like layer of buzz on top of my head right account yet and he spent hours doing it yes that's always an amnesty went ranger sales and nine soul Nasr on topping your hands on. Announcements. This season of under blue suede is officially be guy ahead. I say go round landing. Finally told them Slowey dress that I've been dying to where then got caught the wind at lines hash they wardrobe malfunction and cash signal problems as they straying. And a Sowers and you put on the slowest cars this is Q and many outside the united denounce prepare for the land and then think about all it's almost spring and Elaine attempt anybody of a power Sander I can borrow from my toenails. Cash and one dollar a flop so maybe have to govern. I think if those toes did it. It finally that time of year when I'm excited to Wear the robber I Nevada and sail over the wind turned. I was at the time of year when I realize they never last the wait I was gonna lose to fit into the romper that I body in the. Hash tag of and I am so I can't hide the general commentary there. Right now and I'm not an idea and that he's had that Bill Berger Pisa. I have my ring and finally this test and if the old C. I'm looking like somebody trying to get at a straitjacket when I teed off I went sports bra after a work out. Hash tags spring Matty problems has triggered a round this is a that period saga. When we before iron I can't stand eating ice heat everything paid an entire Byron white chocolate the united even likely jog it. The three days before and I can't stop crying. I tried over a bar of white chocolate. One navy lawyer. Everyone in my path we'll die don't touch my way job. The day after it's over and I feel great that's at a picnic in the park. Cash they go about. And every girl on as the sun glass struggle when you push them back in the new hair gets caught has had the worst pentagon. I've. All I all I heard so man that they get so little hairs in the time no cool way to get out of it either. Cannot let cool China I think millionaire berries and he's so hard to put them on the top of your heads he could take the Q cells eat anything you could definitely. Ice tightening its citizens out. When you and you period but now is wait Jean season and has dragging you to grab our cash they got yeah. As I am. Trying hamstring dresses is fine until you realize that your so tell your practically see through it and I can't say go problems I face. We. Ands. I feel like I look like any stick Graham fitness model when I'm working out but the reality is. I'm basically prancing around here looking like a newborn baby horse and hash tags spring time hash tag prepping for my summer by and hash tag no legs underneath me hash tag up rabbi. Star in 941.