#GirlProblems Part 2

Friday, May 20th


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Jesse didn't show this show Vizio. Conversation at 4047. Now he's four under is sorry daddy hold all. You think about these all the time hash tag girl problems. Whenever you come across something you just we hit tag it. And they're pretty hilarious if you look at the hash tag and so in order for Jeff to understand a swimming at what we're going thrill. We have made him read through the hat check girl problems Wheaton is our producer Kelly cheeses idea and I love its she's on her way to hang out fast and hopefully she is. Listening Jeff. To the culmination of your idea of her idea have you doing stacked up problems. Why are always more hungry after I put lipstick on com high hedge a girl problems. So you can eat after you remove the pan. At that thing well this is gonna him right off and it. It's been eaten steak. And nothing irritates me more than having gotten I tangled. Race has to go problem. If I'd actually head to untangle one of before and I would. I could hear the yeah like you toothpicks out. Trying to get that Nichols as a part I think he never thought using toothpicks. Yeah you're right that little chubby fingers. Hi tech problems right painted nails really our work of art except one hand is a Rembrandt. The other hand is hot to the test program clubs. I. That's pretty funny because it's always easier is that if you're right handed in your left hand is always think it really nicely for your right hand is a mess this. Left handed. See your hair and not go out and know eventually led the fifth. Did I turn my flat iron off hash tag grow problems cashed my check in three times actually checked in ten times after a burning down the house. Yeah we all have second it's like it's like the thought that you have to shut the garage door. Do you have that over and over and over again no because they see you closed garage door when you drive away don't second guess. They hit the button. Trust button the button but you forget if you guys that's why you get interest that button. The button. I just burn my idol it with a scalding hot hi Eric may continue to do my hair. So what's up boys I'm single past April problems. My inability to accuse him outfit. Every morning it's truly. Impressive. And I can only somehow benefit from this scale as tag of rob times. Yet gentle taking your clothes yet but now. The best way to ensure you catch every night is to have your lipstick open and ready to apply if the next. Read a lack has tagged up problems and take traffic problems I think that is ashtanga senator hill. Yep Drake and beer through a strong not gonna mess up these lips have to take up rob. Plastics are not sorry. It salad for lunch gym after work walk the dog after urging him. Then take chips chocolate pretzels vacancies rose got cookies and had an ad trauma expert in fact take up problem can't take back our had taken either whether the gem. And I have some serious aspect thunderbird sweat going on today and has had big problems. A federal problems at may not glamorous after it what do boys. Finally names here Bobby pins there body then everywhere. Until I need a body has been passionate outcry. I don't think. It isn't true love so go ahead. Sometimes they do such a bad job of cleaning my own now that I'm afraid they'll make you stop being an adult passionate girl problems. Drug at that means the struggle wanted to take a nap but not wanting to ruin your makeup real hash tag the struggle have to go problem. The bag this drug. And one last one. I always run out of my expensive makeup at the same time. When I met brought passion take Cordero expect no problems at night argot probably. Now darn 841.