#GirlProblems: Makeup Edition

Thursday, July 12th

If you're a girl you'll TOTALLY relate to these makeup struggles. 

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Star in 941. Sandra problems because. As you just can't understand what women are constantly going for a but Jeff is your attempt at trying. You put a lot of pressure on me yesterday he said it really have to channel the girl problems Boyd Smith let me tell us girl voice OK. And added that could have closed as they ever. Had Baghdad on around you it never does he make up edition of girl problems. Well I can't wait late heartbreak you feel when you drop your most expensive make up Alec how wide and low. It is plagued by slow motion. And it's not owe them all and so I falls and so close and you like moves slowly Obama. Did it breaks it brings they're very expect. Yeah exactly what happens. So if you if it'll crack and all the different pieces and make public all the different squares and Scott you're blessed and where I shadow Lamo cracking crumble and then it's. Useless gone forever and it's powdery in the powder it's all of your make a value be trying keep an instinct says disaster. And it's been a waste a huge huge waste of money she. He has Baghdad lands make it. Indoor lighting. Guy around. You may get with this is. I do relating. We need to talk about that foundation event. There's no bigger reality exact thing getting in a car. Morning and checking in May have hoped that the ever dress casual but can you make up terms that's good you got to change your whole. Well as hey I got crabs. Lady that knew there. Well she'd start when fake eyelashes there's no going back there and make up is never the same without them had they got. Aspects as a measure passes as chances are Guinness fake eyelash length. I'm glued only the permanent ones almost had like fallout after six months did you have face say to my. My eyes and eyes at some very he don't last that long they say they do the faint memory is six weeks at best halftime our problem cash. Your paycheck what it. An about face magnets of Amazon. Oh I have to Graham and they say well I am. False eyelashes that one on the tops was have a magnet is this connected to one on the bottom looks genius and their videos I could never figured out I just look like I had a fly. Stuck to the edge of my eyebrows like a bug in their I think their. It looks like a butterfly landed in the next luncheon on your face it's him as there always some money down. We knew about face and figure stays put and make up off the Internet you end up looking like yeah bugs I don't say heck yeah. I had not problems that doesn't Wear mascara work today do not romance but do not romantic. And they go round I think I would ever. Got a face full make up this morning about this afternoon and the humidity had been looked like I read it up there it. Ha ha the bank so I had permits to pass. When you always got your cat I eyeliner is it even better than you got the eye doctor and they tell you the your eyes aren't even. I am exactly. Yeah I'm fine. You're always sat out. How excited to get to end of the summer until you remember your make up my manager Dan and I got to go to a foreign you know that changes readily kind of bad guys and you make up. I. Just stared at it take my makeup Bob like they're good girl. But and I get this guy to make ends are Graham and now I'm back in bed with full makeup still I don't. Pat Day. Star in 941. Instead. Sandra problems because guys cannot quite. Comprehend how much it takes to be a woman how much thought goes into everything it. So we may Jeffrey. I got about a minute to bang through. Five of these I hope they're dead heat and this is the makeup edition of hash tag up problems. Thank you know this first when means so help me out. It's a mascara in my eyebrow tent today and I take out half my eyebrow hairs trying to read about the jetlag watered from mats in the past. And and if you use that suit outlooks similar like in the case saying what I. Hey like can I Wear our route ten some eyebrows look a little darker and a -- and no real holes spots but if you put in the mascara and and you rip out your eye lashes is mascara eyebrow hairs is masters and ending a whole session as waterproof mascara DaJuan this and their like the little brushes they just brush it on your eyelashes or your eyebrows you know see exactly just can't understand. You know geologists were more low cut shirts through an even notice and eyebrows up and I'm. As. Is when you leave the house in the morning but then you see yourself outside and we got to talk about that foundation you clown. And sag national black aids BP and god who needs it smoky eye when you have dark circles that give you this payment yeah. Tanks fired a app has signaled. No make editorial needed for that don't come and absolutely yeah. When he puts a prime time before your foundation and you forget about Randy Shannon actually started kind during Ashton or tactic probably. Segment on base you are not a cabinet yeah. I in his last 2 and I am right there with the UN and I've idea elegance and eventually happen to me outline again. When you get out diplomas some lane and their make up is we scratch that. We thought I read somewhere and gives up your own that you let them use and their make up is although very your screen. Oh now exam my phase has figured I was asked hey let's powder had they got out. Thanks for making this way it's just it's. On star not before one.