#GirlProblems - July 5, 2016

Tuesday, July 5th


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Are making the switch. They just show shall certainly aren't in for Jeff to really understand and to really wrap his mind around what it's like to be. A female is the fact ahead. We'll bring ham hash tag girl problems and producer Kelly cheese put these together. And digs up the best and the funniest yes added from all the tweets all the widows hash tag girl problems is there is a real hash tag. And it's women just venting about the existence for well or it's like when something happens helix. Girl problems and then you get a sweater to events and most people go to Twitter to events though when users hash tag girl problems with. Tackled and you just a couple sound Catholic are you starting to feel this I don't understand. Now I'm the poor guy truly I have more confused than ever. And I we can help explain why so I'll start with you can explain this and attack Kerry and a third. I just shave my legs I got the chills and now mileage prickly again have to take cool things testicle problem. That is the work is the wires because your when you get figures sponsor grows real fast in this is like Beatty trickled yet. Which is the worse thing morning literally shape only half my legs because I didn't want the baby prettals touch in my. Paints it's knowing that war. Be that doesn't make sense. Sees do you think as you get goosebumps here shoot out your leg. It. If you haven't read it. Like the 4 o'clock shadow that all I have I have I don't know I and a currently president. And stuff. Many ads like evidence that they think of the 52 layers. 9 I am confused Edison and I love what it's been two hours common thing here. Then by the time I'm down with the top layer of the bottom has already fallen out cashed FM Al. Take a problem. The fifth. I would miners are it and that it's fallen out because of how long it's taken our habits on out because. The actual curling iron is hotter as he continues again and it's hot as it is currently waiting did you. And it wasn't filing out means you may like her hair falling out of her head she means that curls falling out of it if she's curled the bottom. By the time she's finished at the top to bottom corals are holding in place. That's which means ashtanga yeah. Take it along showers I can plan my future arguments and big problems. Of dollars ages of those sounds. The actually future arguments that's an aside Monica Malibu I think. So you sit in the shower he made about stuff like I detect future arguments and he had a they arguments here having is with people they February 11. Your boss I ask for more money school lunch hour. Yeah laughing yeah exactly yeah and knowing you mean like really than yourself visas are an honorable hotter and eat for evil heavier he's count for a minute again. Jasager problems. John did. So complicated. And you find that dress we'd go wrong price so you get cheaper. But you got to push yourself to lose ten pounds so it'll fit. At stake girl problem. Get out. So you'll buy something that doesn't it. Because it was on sale. I'll address I am today by Atlantis. The wrong size that you bought it anyway. Why she wants to lose weight to fit into my who manages find an address in your rates rise because agro problems yeah. I'd underwear around my hair to always go where ever they are there San Diego. Choose its content. But if I am moderately and mind of him as well. He never Wear my hair and a problems I was having let me. And cramp struck now my boyfriend hiding downstairs because apparently kind scary and have this kind of mind. Cash I'm angry passionate rub my. Have to go. Anger is an automatic thing. As best on the weekend I'm like I haven't eaten by eleven. I anger and I think it is touched tag or buy back. Works well with. Graham's. I and I will take this in I think should be afraid Arab mad at me for share in this so I'm not afraid status. Might fiancee Kelly gave its Hungary's lake mill running. Like get out of her way all you have perfect like what will I mean it's and she'll say it I am hungry rate. Yeah collider eyes shot to death. When my attitude doesn't make them about the cash and angry. Ego problem. Didn't really get some valuable. Yeah I am heavily colonel Ali is going at him as it is later than aiming now heard has lately like toddlers don't let him get hungry. And I feel like driving in heels should be a marketable skill on my resume. Hash tag to hash take. It is really talent especially if it's stacked image accidents are sensitive because it is really difficult yeah it is you don't feel I have pulled it and many of those valleys to enemy like hang on any department she's not driving barefoot. For fear that I would drive really poorly and stacked wages as me everything's so complicated and. Patched today and. Ready for law and thanks for waking up when Jeff again.