GirlProblems: Holiday Party Edition

Thursday, December 14th

Between the winter weather and the smokey-eye look, it's hard being a girl during the holidays. 

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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole now. You cannot possibly understand what it takes to be a woman and the thousands of things that we have to go through that. What was your mind. So we've put together hat check girl problems suggest can understand. It. Little empathy for what it's like to be a girl of course it puts it together today the holiday party addition. That awkward moment when you're introducing your date your coworkers and you realize you don't know have their names. OK. You do it. As they go around guns. This is an all caps peoples as well. Honestly someone tell me what kind of shoes are cute that you can Wear in the snow to holiday party please. Actually got problems. Has sagged chunky heel with CN. Hey I'm real flag that track the mud in no pain help us. Forgot to put I'm motion before I walked out the door. Dressed cued hey apps but my legs look like I rolled in shocked us. I said grandma legs. Passion today as she is and hash tag it's my winter white had vague no problem. Unless our ceiling and you can receive practical skills. Are on your hands. And you're like god lions look ninety I didn't have him. As a guy problems due to. I. Try to rub Kelly's back last night and just went around. And I got hung up on a beautiful this sucks yeah. 'cause I mean cares uncensored Karl. Wearing the same dressed in my holiday where party that I am also engineers leave hash tag dodging the camera on night to have things go. But does go through your mind either under the club that you are really earlier that I Wear this last. And did Iverson and stamina and. When you're on the end. Beaver word insane just. We're and you period at the holiday party and are you on it is he'd an entire trade they can ramp tramp land the floor and cry all night has saying you know. No problems. I said so it's. I said over served me. When you truly hair for the party that it's raining so by the time you get there you're just straight Huggins. Say throw around us that's a. Corners. No way to have good hair and rainy days or it's not it's snowing when he got the perfect snowflakes on your curls and in the picture it looks adorable but the second you walk inside it melts. Men men but listen precedent saying you know in salaries in haven't showered him how I think kinky and hair's everywhere. Where John sued to the holiday work party and loved it until I had the then handed up and the one stop wearing head to push my third against the dirt keep it close out completely naked and my boss talked to me through the law. Cash they vulnerable hash they go problem. Attempted a smokey I live for the party. But now it looks like they have two black guys cash I don't. I'm just a day so we knew how well. I don't when you're betting on the powder are on the highest and that falls under your eyes and then you have to wise if they already have your foundation. Smears you know are then by the into the Nye EI com man can't legacy are good my makeup still looks and everywhere and. And I always liked. I think they were trying to compliment me but they shouldn't have said. Wow you look so pretty with make up time in his FX. Hash tag co workers as a backhanded compliments to cash staggered girl problems. For making this alleged. It's indigestion just one star not before one.