#GirlProblems: Gameday Edition

Friday, February 2nd

With an event as big as this Sunday's game, you KNOW there's gonna be some #girlproblems

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And she I'll star. I love being a woman is the real life hash tag girl problems helps everybody else I understand how much thought. Goes in should be an a woman and every single day organ and tried to help you get it. Which the hash out girl problems big game edition. When the opposing team scores and you slam your hand so I. And the cable and match and yeah acrylic now flies out hash tag of around. As a dedicated fan right there. I'll cheer for which ever team has the cutest boys as they got around Latin. And as Sammy does have two full. Fine quarterbacks. 180 is can that brow I no way he's been they'll look and the Eagles on given. Alison once is a ginger that's right I'll loaded ginger. When the super ball starts an hour but there's a sex in the city marathon and eat hash I guess I'm Montana has another. As a gay man that Brandt and Charlie fed up. I'm sharing for whichever team's colors are easier to find an outfit to coordinate wins had to go about. Well it. We Umar said of her passionate puppy golden hash takes a glove I got. I now. Kelly. Every time. Saying it. I got my period during clashes erupt party and had every time my stomach was hurting because they need to many chips and wings hash tag I wore white pants hash tags of certain that I had to take about. When your man introduces his friend at the party but Q Ari slap at him before hash tag mystery there has to go right. Okay sags. The flat and then at Atlanta. My mom gets so excited during the Super Bowl party when a team scores that she'll snap chopper Wigan thrown at the TV I'm at and I. Overhang. Well amen and yeah. Thatcher about you but if it's big enough I'm gonna Wear my team Jersey elected to dress as I got about a matter. Oh that is cute and comparable. Exams and interview real confident your way he's tough and our outcomes that are obvious scene has found. My boyfriend talked through the entire last episode of this is us. So why don't we wait and see what I do to him during the fourth corner hash tag revenge. Hash tag putting meat balls in the crock pot had spent. When you're a girl and you actually like football and people are like. Way you know Bob Bob Bob hash tag all guy. I'm listens to hash tag Castro. It doesn't matter who wins or loses. I'm dizzy ever buffalo chicken dance. Crown prosecutors that real MVP had. Music store make it this way it's indigestion just on star not before one and.