Wednesday, October 4th

Fall is here and so are more #GirlProblems! Listen as Jeff channels his inner woman to understand the struggle. 

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Star in 941. I'm really here and that brings on a. Old slew of new how. Hash tag go out how bonds and Jeff you just can't understand what it's like to be a woman so we give them a whole bunch of these that he has set. Freddie has girl problems totally change in the fall. Signal problem that all this. So it doesn't. That means there's a whole slew of new girl problems that we have to deal and now that it's all things are changing yet. Boots that's all we wanted to do. Charles I know you feel me on my. Sweaters. As her ring on a Baghdad doesn't understand that we give him. Though problems in the container channel is inner girl and really understand what we go through. When you're trying to tire here and a pony tail before the light turns. Hash tag three lakes later I had thank god I. I think SpinRite letter that even take longer than thirty seconds. Getting great. But you Jennifer years. There's some awkward bomb that looks like he you know acquire an. Always awkward time. Lenses are so cute with all stars. About my vision is perfect hash tag staring at the center on purpose because they don't rob. Isn't already. Finally October's I can Wear my blanket start. But it's also Atlanta's surged eighty outside and sweating this. Hash tag listening hash tag still appeared I have to go round. And I hear neck is this so. I still analyzing the guy. So true. Put on that dark red lipstick for follow my teeth instantly. Fifty shades of yellow. Ashtanga from news. So yeah I just read a magazine article about like Berry is the color some very unlike. And during tonight's top. October is here temperatures this same let has hot coffee. After I filed flavors mashed and pans out and takes those wedding had to take up. And hairspray in my eyes and now it's so lottery I don't know making even have mascara on had to know about. Source or when you inhale pair sprained arm. You taste it and as I cloud of in your mouth off. I monster monster may Summers ago and now I'm case DNA at physically with the a new foundation here I can hash takes a far hash tag went away have to go Obama. Why. Do you upon rebound you. Unlike the entire PNC onto an comments after Labor Day at their winter why then. Any fashion. I drank so much pumpkin spice latte gourmet cheese smells like pumped. Is so true you know. Hey that's crazy. 32 more. Follow love my easy but once that time it never comes out hash tag and there have made no bread no doubt the I have to tenure often may have played around. And the last one. When you got them cavs so fat that the person pair of boots while they. Hash tags still squeezing. Now I understand thank you so much you guys here. And you get us. Thanks for making this wedge. Indigestion change one star or not before one and it.