Thursday, September 22nd


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In case you haven't heard it today I looked down. And no one noticed companies thought enhancing discovery of the championship show starring 841. So girl problem. That brainchild. Of Warren. Jenn hobby and producer and we cheap well we if you don't understand what it's like to be her. We saw things you know we line then dies due to our. Things we can do an hour day is if you get ready for the day get started. What within our mind. Checklists. It's just a lot longer and you. Do you know why I don't know what it's like to be girl as ammo ball away. And we're glad that an electoral. Citizens hash they grow problems as Burke counties. Pulls up and hash tag on the twitters and I'd gives me some of the best ones to. Read it into the world and it's and to understand what it's like. This is everything and the and let me say usually girl that our problems on on Twitter I found land sea ice you know too many clothes that nothing Blair kind of thing. The girls came out strong and then stacked on son your commentary. Hash tag and girls problem. Pay now being able to Wear dreads in this way there because I've got to shave my lay eggs. Hash tag trickles Mickey. Hey girl drop bombs. It's obvious. When you want to lose weight that you decide to hold large defense sounds amazing and I have. Hash tag hang gray hash tag PMS at pegged all brown. So it's. I. Checking my make up through my own camera just to see if I can take snaps without filters tonight. Ash I don't have a. Oh man it is in your pocket Mair. Oh man and and that filters that the little butterflies on your head and the gala. When you paint it throws in your pink toenails almost nonexistent aegis. And now I'm. In hope for the match. Ash tag as little piggy is naked and go problem. When you accidentally dip your concealer brush India or bronze or in swayed it and here I. Has stayed called problem. Even the what does that mean in a. Thought I needed tell everybody as advisory means he's around his shoulders that bar and asked me. Yeah. Yeah whatever that means that the bronze is gonna look like a dark swipe a new year I rather than lending and you can make that you'll look like a football player and can't put on the blacks that and eyes reflect that light. The moment of terror when you get stuck in an address you're trying on in that bidding referred. Hash tags suicide make coat hanger hash tag business outlook and add ankle problem. When you zip it up in your eyes on and I can't. I am exhibit eyes now thank you admin and a weird arm and the back. I wanna be sweet and I understand it but I also wanna be evil and mean. If you cry at any moment. I also went eat all the meat balls. Half that period plastic wrap. It. Speaking and again. You ever have those days Regis can't get when your wings right as ago problems here eyeliner going. A link on the here and I'm. Is that we're gonna let that I finally on a million here we're gonna get Jeff didn't do an island I don't think that out. I. Why does the bathroom go up one million degrees and you're getting ready to go. Hash tag Tampa make up on this sweaty face passionate dog rattle around. After you eight and you just lie in your bed and floor big round smelly slug U. Abroad. I love is on. In fact. If Manuel highlight it doesn't arrive I'm just gonna have to look like an unglazed donut from the how. So sad girl problem. My temples feel like. Hey girl and you go somewhere. Troll because my friends brought comic Ricky. At stake eyebrow that. Are ready for law and thanks for waking up when Japanese yen.