Friday, May 13th


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Lots of choices in the morning. We appreciate that. Starry night before one. But he suggests out of the studio because Kelly cheese and I are just fed up with Jeff. Just mocking our gross struggles he doesn't get asked of Kelli proposed that. We point out all of the girl problems and print them out front Twitter and actually make him read the hash tag girl problems tweets. Attempt to get him to understand exactly what our daily issues are as girls okay so Jeff he'd come back and. I find that. So yeah. Kelly wanted to not OK so since he. Are making fun of our problems earlier and now belittling them. I decided to turn off all of the funny hash tag that girl problems tweets and I could find yeah and now you factory them. Just to myself so I can understand alone married them allowed to everyone's so we can all now laugh that you didn't get there where there aren't even real you know they are as they're absolutely not Rihanna and AR. You understand to have to struggle Israel via. When you keep candy bar in your drawer. Just think he she gate cranky. Passionate angry passionate Snickers nest egg girl problem. Is that legit now. I would but we'll. Putting on a sports rise like trying to step too angry about it and humiliating. Santa cannot stand passionate girl problem. It's really true yeah well I don't have a problem analog hole and enact them. Like the struggle to end it yeah. Olympic. Gymnastics meet oh I am G pony it's now induced. And eight cent a hash tag Ariana Ronde hatched a girl problems ya. They get that her an icon you know he's anti. And I literally pulls back you're paying why would you do that. Will concede your hair back but it does cosmetics and got to have a nice tiny and I tight ponytail being a girl it's. Fine sometimes you that six months pregnant because your body just decides it wants you there. It has take the load it hey at passionate girl problems aspect not okay crashed like five guys. Yeah I'm. John I'm so hungry sentence that could. Well burger belly you have to. No birdies and sell for around. Is certain is that which you already is Nordstrom beaten. Nobody called minority yeah due out it and pay that the retail. Minorities and so for a kind of my happy place. And a black vortex that sucks and in four hours picks me out hash tag no money at stake girl problems. That's exam. It. Thanks able. Staying home today computers decided this that made it happen. It's been around anti air flow has take all problem. Not wearing makeup is wonderful. It's the accidentally turn on the front facing camera and realized Derek trawl. Plastic golf problem. When a simple yeah on turns into a full line to our crying session. What is my life even passionate and that's had to take hormones take up rob love. Yeah. I would add has said I ever want to and that's how I feel him handsomely. Why does everyone. Likes him I knew I had an eleventh. Walked into target a cat food and left at 300 dollars worth of body products. Hash tag Ollie smells like popcorn and started acting no problems. It really does always smell like Popeye and I don't know that girl playing Helena Davis says we're always and there. Always solid it's. Strapless bras are great because by mid day they double as my waist trainers. Now on my neighbor and I gravity hash tag go problem. Does anyone else have the most impossible time figuring out which side of the tight is that Bryant. Cash regular depends technical problems and make them and Dimitri Nance. Yeah. Pretty get in this day and yet you're really intimate acts now like I like your girl boy. And it won't regret my my favorite Roger strike that stat needed to actually happen that it has steak under fire from Al plastic golf problem. Like you contending in the girl that is where they ask. I love rejoices in the morning. We appreciate that it's a starry night before one.