The Girlfriend That Hates Mother's Day

Thursday, May 10th

Vanessa is PISSED that her boyfriend gave his baby-mama a gift. Does she have a point?

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Think championship and show. Mother's Day should easily holiday right no no number this guy you're about to be introduce you because he got a gift for his baby mama. And his girlfriend is furious about I Vanessa welcomes it just and then show. Hey yeah sounds like we should wish you a happy mother yeah yeah I think yes. Time he animal. God. There are chemically as much about a little bit quicker hunter's old I remember and eat. Yeah. Well. I'm glad to pressure he got her. I get from this day. OK so here and this woman have a child together. A guy and he got her against her Mother's Day. Right and your man about pat. Our man about like liked against kisses. Well it's about what good is it like. It's like an inappropriate and you know he perished with me integrity. Like a relationship with her shoes and. You buying her against. It or money their holiday I don't give money to your birthday or whatever like you don't do. How I'm how old is the child. And how long have you been rhythm. Little over a guy so. They have a baby baby together yeah. So and so. He's probably buying big gift like on behalf of the baby because I don't think you can get a credit card and told a year and eighteen months. Okay yeah expert obviously and but say that I. But they didn't care about and get whatever it's armed. But didn't your boyfriend diet on behalf of the baby and they just had this Childs. Right out Torrealba now. Yeah you. And I. I can't some kind of. I guess what many they do have a relationship it's a baby. And may unfold and a matter. Let them if they like each other don't Leahy each other there's a relationship there earned an eternity. Yeah when I hope I'm an answer we'll come right back here and at least eighteen years at least ten ho Tim Penny do that costs. What are you I would. I wanna NASCAR. He is no valid then I need to run for the hills plant. Not correct that he need to get her mother they get every year for the sake of the kids the kids need to be getting at. And it wouldn't either don't you want the bill might I can't get out of responsibility to be giving a woman again. Now did I run devil's. Devil's advocate here perhaps maybe. Now eight month old doesn't need to be given a gift to mom may be that concern is that there on Ers stay on being devil's advocate. This guy the nice guy if he deserved a better girlfriend and that girl who's no gala. I'm an essay and maybe are you a little jealous. Now that I mean this announcement that the bear. Eat dirt and you know. Good idea to go there and that's K can keep the good amount bumping whatever then I I. Would like. It's happening. And yet here. But like he shouldn't be going out to get hurt incident an appropriate. And I hope. Adriana intelligent really given the phone number out yet. He didn't. Adriana and college aren't totally understands urban masses coming from. Probably don't understand this kind of broke it may be equity eight point oh yeah and benefits they might. So part of all are in the underworld and do you really think he over the girl. And I'll yeah as being around her Mother's Day and that but I did average out. You don't bump. Not like we're a day are not debates what you want about it thinking nothing mixed in to get it don't matter right. And while I question and did it Vanessa did he tell you that he got against or did you sign now I sing RC. The act. At least I told you and I feel I need to would no older than anti gun sting Boeing united let me in on the body of him but it. Your can't worry. It can work. Turns Mother's Day it okay great won't she won't have spam if I don't give a game and get her car don't find our hundred dollar. A little wave as a Lotta luck it's got personal. From the baby. Answer is from a guy that maybe that L bananas and I'm Italian he would haven asset who is he gonna spend time with. On Sunday moved. I don't. And I'm not I ask somebody better maybe not many left her. Well sees maybe not I'm busy RD given her the locket. He may deny everything and I return hanging out there on Mother's Day I am Rebecca and Lawrence tells them how to Vanessa. I'm not that bad. LA mad about you and you're getting your NQ when it started dating a guy you don't know whether or maybe the human bowling carted eating count. Didn't hurt our Mother's Day. They mother. Had a divorced and I searched in my eye and my child at stake in my taste and other gave me another big president's. How wouldn't in the world not and I a lot of time not because. We're still weak and we don't really care each and it comes from Kyle. Your big trucking on and kids Croats and is it ever. And it RA 40 Ford sees 630941. And good luck getting through how would you feel. Is your boyfriend got his baby mama a birthday gifts. December ended the jet engine show this morning we're talking when Vanessa who is really upset about the Mother's Day holiday Vanessa can you tell everybody just a really quick like thirty seconds. Of the situation your deal last. Chemically. By his acting border. Unlocking it I would like a hundred dollars a Mother's Day and I think it's incredibly inappropriate and a tender Armitage. Honestly think he needs and I need some people about her and I'd much now it's so. As a boyfriend has an eight month old. Where is his baby mama and Vanessa and him have been together for six months. If I just a few technical questions not that they manner. But palm did he actually date this woman that he had the may be where there was that I own one night stand or works. There are currently they were generation. A guy therein relationships and he knows her so it's not like me OK so. Aren't so he knows her. And do you and him having children together. Now where you just said that if he buys her a lot kids from his child is and a son or daughter that he has been there. Sun and as heavy guys a locket from his son to his his. Acts that boy's mom mamma rag on her first Mother's Day on her first Mother's Day he needs to awesome by UA gift and Mother's Day even though the two of you. Don't have any kids together. Incident occurred I could it inappropriate and send Obama and they're back to our back. It sends the wrong message to NATO. Just can't hurt to like make her think that there's maybe. They're addicts and Blake. Just in general like you know Bart. Oh yeah her card. That would have been on either I mean we don't buy or get an art but it it's not on the baby the baby again how. It's Samantha welcome to the show. Hey. I'm sorry that I'm in that I am and the girlfriend am amazed at how another woman and should hurt something because it he's a mother. Here how are. Together. And they're. That's how I respond the bill and and the father got out. Politically how it may be. Another hat alright but going into Manhattan. I Stacy and thousands are Kara stays in Dallas. May child believes he can do it got her a lock it. Fist pump that have paid days a dollar line over the wall and every hospital gets a job. In front of a case that tells diamond. Not bad. Jay gave you a baby you're eating dinner I'll want to at. The highest mentioning company around in those spots. If so why Tom changed she gave you a baby and you give girl Lockett. Diamonds. Jail analog and her show. Hello good morning are about an hour ago has several feet in the back corner. In May end and we don't know what you've supposedly no different at its top of the patient so we give him something on the base I I hope I. Not Pawlenty a whole lot. Hey would you are you expecting anything from the baby and baby mama sue yer boyfriend I'm father's bank. No would you be upset. The dude looked upon to do elders clean drinking but we're happy with child. I you know I and got eighteen guides are great to Vanessa yes I. You know abernathy is not even about the amount. About actually and I peak in mid iron and steel can be an adult and they'll be a respectable responsible adult and how they get beaten and have a relationship. There aren't diaper issue is that it here like if you need to grow up Andy because escalate in Oregon and again thick black. Got a long way to go to get eight yeah yeah a better ability now quiet and kept locked they get back. Because he is gonna be an out I think that maybe you're not going to mean later. And yeah there where they're elated I get there I think it'll help what it's a quiet. He's been there. Would you re not we but the baby comedy at the patent deal. I think is a myth is Vanessa you might be the first woman in history mad and Amanda. For doing the right. And it would be out of our have several week so I'm. A runner. Guy that's true because I don't any it like I don't think bothering. At a street. And I'm absolutely pretty good movie they're Regan could. Have. An answer to that. We can't even take any more phone calls every single phone calls and the same exact thing you need one you need to grow up to he needs a damn beer. In three your jealousy is gross last. Are still accurate and I can't yeah oh there. I can move she's not mean girls right there. That's it. How I might have a strong urge to punch her any help me if I'm Tom changed. She pushed something out of her uterus and you should put something around her neck. The birth why it's. Only change. Sergio jumping gently along baseline and here you know. Yeah no luck can't do you have greatest and I'm. I don't even think an ally did you have dollar what I know kids there near future Donny Jimmy amount they get behind us during an hour and seeing what. Business but it is a special lot a special locket with a diamond crowning out of the scene. Notes and and I hope you know. I all like to share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook.