Girl Problems 10.05.16

Wednesday, October 5th


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all net. Now. Yep we got a academy privilege. That sounds they're gonna Wear things. That act. As happening it's a girl and had no problems. You know Tony just heard art. Arena. Our fruits Vanessa Carleton I always has its jump claims that there's always transpose that to you. Maybe I would ever Michelle Branch and as a European team room. Now and win. Body's normal. I the reason we're playing this Exxon is he eyes. We're gonna hash mega problem. It is the brainchild of I'm these technologies and. Yeah I think you just don't understand the struggle is real often. You love me want to hurt my do you love this so much so many more things to think about and you guys you and we just like this week as makes you realize. While we're going. And I we love village have read that you get to the tone in his lanes and many also and it and they shoulders the whole time. Earlier. That we have on the show are sensitive and I am eighteen and Jeff dollar you guys are sensitive guys are tough outside. Teddy bears and Alison Vanessa Carlton in my car theft and it didn't. Good year girlfriend's. In Najaf beyoncé. The. And. You can leave town and rock and. When the bits he gets cells out of the line a blanket scarf pattern that you wanted. Hash tag of all I now have the past signal problems. When your eye. I'm here yet. Mom couldn't have got Barack Obama time. Hey. When you're on your period and your Republicans face a lot today isn't a hot enough. Hash tag me the heat hash tag yes Al hash tag period PS out I have no problem. Com and. Yeah. Know them and hash tag. It's come being. Hacking of rounds not shaving my leg for three straight month after I got up. Bad weather is the worst thing ever. Only allowed to view that if a single in you're committed to being single. Oprah. No no not you know of thing you know. Made a healthy dinner followed it with ego reads it is Horry and more worked at ago. At stake balanced diet Ashton PMS diet tactic don't run and. Only and it sold there is any Ares can. I. Cash shaggy haired tiger won't go around three times ways to lose when it only goes right on time. I take about it's. I think they add and no yeah. Right lions there's ones now so I have really been here and that is ones now that. Are thicker so they give you a big calls forty pound yeah you have line. Early yen as as these at a time and only. Creases and. Just doing your hair Dyson Everett immediately. My hair and. This year passed next forty Tony yeah. Yeah man that any of our team. And when The Spice Girls. All right guys like him 1000%. Relate to this isn't 100% of the women in my. Wanting to their cars sitting in bed starting and not backing out of the drive bay and thinking oh god damn plug straight now hash tag I'm. Sector and you can expect anything that he. President there has sent my coffee and I think every time lie down in my pillow face down laws after brown hash tag around. Lots of holidays. Right. It. Well my leggings have to my rib cage side outlook and a rustic and a biscuit. As they cause you have to go to. At as tag maternity leggings take care of that he pegged pants and ash tag might still be wearing them at a plastic now pregnant. As accountable. Got dressed before summer at Adam. Address before sunrise and now realize in the late day I can break room clouds and after I got about and then finished doing my high fished outrage because my arm started hurting and the Pentagon about. And you. Lessons. Tried times during May and may go today now I just in regard late in our past that. My main question hanging half. And that 99 Bobby pins and can't find one. Friends who this girl that Jeff is when he gets how back. I'm an anger and. Star in 941.