Ghosthunting Trip and Sidney Part 1

Tuesday, October 11th


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Tracking Della people who have Goss did you want. It's slowly and don't tell. Time to go go stunning the jet engine show goes setting a very simple concepts we chased down the people that disappeared out of your life. Find out exactly. Could be high school. Willingly done date sweet. On again off again relationships. Now who are we talking to today today is tripped and he has a romantic relationship. That is gonna cry. Area. I've got to manage it help me solve this year we do. Okay well. About six weeks ago I would sit. Target the end of all places and I I met this girl. And we started chatting about the Amir and they can each and I actually on the spot that she wanted. Grab a copy of it yet though little Starbucks it's like actually in the start non Barbara. And a M. Yeah and so lately Latin set out an ad copy in. DNA should care at all it up about each other in the late totally random and I can we exchanged information and then. Then we had we went out out we will now I guess and Judy they got better because I. That was. Sign and I am thinking how I get the get something done here we cleared. Do the same thing we go to dinner we pick the Irish at a upped the ante a little lady anymore. And yet another great dated that ended lull in the and then after that. It just can lead radios. Ready. Ate well and I did something bad happened sooner or later it had like completely getting ignored and I hate you feel lake. I've been anti American and Legos Britain doesn't like me and I haven't you HI Mike I know like Eric fine I'm not delusional thinking back. I'm just like completely scratching my head over. So at the last communication that you had to use and her attacks story called. I think expect there's and they play great actors managed just nothing. From the point. So you do I don't know I I think did you say that other than the coffee shop at target date. Other than that was is only two official dates. I yeah they like about a week a partner. Yet you happen to eat each time. So I think that. Is we've seen in. Then below off window. That's within the permissible ghosting. Yeah they are both still are we can still ghost. Hunt. For you and try to get an answer by it even answers her answer might be. Just not into them and I wouldn't come down on her for that. I would recede architect Eric. Yeah I'm saying like I mean was he says it should give us an answer by it so we canceled record sounds like you feel like. After. That third day she definitely like this is the gray area but I wouldn't think the last emperor if she'd just it was a legit ghost. That at this melee that statistics on paper that we went out to an halftime and I doesn't colleagues are like what happened. Substance with Danny they've had me start my I agree you know they get a lap 88 year or so I'd bet. I am not a I'd had that happen before the night yes you. You know that he is pretty cute little different. Trip was there any physical. Stuff. I did you go in for the yes. And it went like it that it narrowly she laughed and I like. Keep my leg and it are we end up like an eagle there. Asthma and that's independent eyes that it has to do for us this. Well bad ass yeah definitely I think that. I did that I that I did you guys guys yet. Call. I it will weaken definitely collar him and get the answers for. I'd never give us 24 hours to get her. OK with coming nominee this and everything and then we'll have her on the show tomorrow. You'll get to listening to that camera station and then welcome back rate after that that your thoughts. Perfect that's goes having works that's how we view it on the jet engine ships. She I'll still are.