Ghosthunting with Travis and Amber: Part 3

Wednesday, March 15th

Travis and Amber dated over a decade ago, now he's divorced and has Amber on his mind...

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Star in 941. Travis called a that he wanted to ask you those kinds amber did you her seventeen years ago. We just talked to her. And she explains that at that time of her life. She. Was entertaining a lot of different boyfriend opportunities. If you live in the dream in her first department. She not remember trap she called him the Dunwoody a partly years and he's just funny guy and he's. No recollection Travis apologies. Yeah I was up. That would as well well well well. And it's fine. It just sounds like is so long ago from her she's so young at the time and obviously you know immature. All that well we didn't even fine now like if she's married now or anything soon given that. I was that was kind of does get away get. That's no problem thank goodness I can provide I had posters done yet. I have a good luck with everything thanks Travis an avid tennis. Anti dinner. Icons bag if you are honest and find your prime date. And another successful episode of ghosts Manning and the jet engine chance. All my share that conversation continues league championship on sees us.