Ghosthunting with Travis and Amber: Part 2

Wednesday, March 15th

Travis and Amber dated over a decade ago, now he's divorced and has Amber on his mind...

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Star in 941. Tracking down that people Lewis goes if you want. So we don't so. Yesterday morning at this time we Max Travis he is just the thing this week for the Berkley it's a really unique situation because. Even hampered dated and seventeen years ago. So she was eighteen and he was when before they dated for a short time she goes did and then life happens. He's now divorced recently and can't stop thinking about her actually said he thought about her that entire time he was married. But now he's divorcee once it tracked her down and finder and he hasn't been able finer on FaceBook or anything. So he needed our help track her down to see if we can get ahold of her and find out what I think like. I I Travis we have locate here. Which reads we will be calling her just tell us again how long you guys dated for. And also applied science. And everything was done great and then she completely went. Went up the radar and you know. So horrified just 45 date a guy I let's call her and. I didn't inequality in the business partners excitement. There was something I mean there's something really. All right we we got you I'm gonna bring you and we're gonna bring you on hold we're gonna call her and you get to listen in OK. And every doctor her welcome back to you in New York. It. Well. And please ticket there. Yeah. Amber it's Jenn hobby from the staff contends show and just here to how are you look. I'm I'm doing my own Arnie I believe are good at it hey listen we are. I'm checking you dam today to jog your memory there. We're gonna ask you some questions about your passes that cool all. When children when asked about well let me explain. What we do on our show here. And star 941 I'm not sure if you're familiar but. We do segment called ghost hunting where basically. We talked to people who have had someone disappear out of their life in the week tracked down the ghost purse say. And find out what happened and and than UC about. Reuniting people or. Just gonna get some questions answered. I only. Okay well thanks serving Hogan's I know it's definitely a weird cumbersome case and you know more so we're concert in music is yours egos who disappeared. Out of all I know someone that you knew what when you were eighteen. So that's why that we're gonna jog your memory. Dining yeah I now a guy named Travis. Who you went on so all dates and back when you're eighteen and he was 24. And I'd died and memory or thought do you know who I'm talking about. An ultimatum to the I don't remember Izzy and eat a good guy and friend. I really bad. Alone won't let oral and neither should go to badly apart that he did. Do you know the difference. Is that what what did you column. Would normally equipment in. Dunwoody on par. A year's academy he is all day yeah he did say that you guys met. Is your work in Macy's at the time. And he said that he you know it felt like there was a real connection and the spark with you. And fast lord all these years later he's recently gone through divorce and just had you on the minds and so wondered. If you remembered him be what your life was like now also. I really don't remember the veterans at so bad that I really. Absolutely no. The idea absolutely none can beat anybody. I feel like. Manila police investigators gather pictures let me know about my other Caribbean area that a lot yeah I really don't know. I really don't. Not yet I. He never lets hear what's life like now. You know I I got a gimmick and it really wanna get in Chad my legs now my. What personal style and look around and just a private Christian. Sir got I'm just in our are you interest that at all in and talking to him like. Would you want his number. No I mean that not only do I not remember you know buy it again it saying that that I'm a violent task on I don't. Don't really wanna go. Actually at all in her. Nobody loves him sorry nobody in ice nobody wants to revisit the Dunwoody of army years. I learned a little. What happens and then he did he get all the I. Well I value I and yet Sandy Springs same idea so I'd talk to you later. But I can't believe she's actually not knocking it huts Q Peter I away cleared people. Sorry I can't think you've for a talk us appreciate it and I welcome back in three minutes. Pick up Travis and general gently break his heart though we're ready burst the bubble yeah well I'd come back and think about it Travis wrap up. This week's episode of go signing and the Japanese and channel three minutes from right now. And young star ready for a one.