GhostHunting with Travis and Amber: Part 1

Wednesday, March 15th

Travis and Amber dated over a decade ago, now he's divorced and has Amber on his mind...

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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan show all now. Tracking down that people look goes Steve do you want. Eight pills. Travis so welcome to the Egyptian Ngo and start from the beginning tell us what we can do for you. A little bit about me so I'm 48 and I just turned forty wants. Recently divorced and I went out with this does this go to we're trying to fight about. I guess seventeen years ago is it looks I was bloodied boys at times she was Q is it seems okay. We went down maybe by about four or five times. And then she completely win not us the radar. I was thinking about this girl. Maybe you want some months. But that was. He it. Right well. I don't know can't speak for everybody but I think a lot of people had that one person whether it. Well you know they got a way alert. You know they've they've struck some sort of responsive chord in neo and it is I think about it and you wonder why. Now ever since I get deployed to the inner reset. It. It's like I K I kick it just go out ahead. And you can't find her anywhere round. So here's 41 that makes her she's at 353536. Okay and you don't even know geno where she'll lose. Let's see here. As ever. Night. TV I guess the last bailout there Rhett yeah. I can't. They've added a corporate attorney and then whenever. Actually a better tomorrow permanent while she was we're gonna reds center Macy's and I have to be going through and yeah and at that telling friends that get it apart. Let about a quarter rev up early tomorrow and we would go we would we would pay out there it's. Did I mean eighteen she's like fresh out of high school that she was she gonna go to college kids. Yeah yeah I doubt it's in the noon we earlier this age difference is actually not a big deal now as I'm guessing it might have been back then. Really get the idea that it was a big difference to us it was a. Her parents have any issue with here did they know you. They know that route I think they got to look at it like that was. Other creepy yet. Like the older dude. Play eighteen to 24 I feel like it's very big chunk but. 35 to 41 to me is now not at all yeah. If you go back. You know as a baby got back and the fact that you know we really really get it up and you know number one wish he had never too. Is it charity can't count obviously you know. Which is America anybody that credit if she's if she's got. And he picked up where he we know that stuff. Have you done any research center and FaceBook are social media or any thing. And I can't I can't find anything. The cat group. Ira I am good friends who reunited after they both were divorce and tank and it was like a very young relationship I think it was even high school relationship. Re you know I can't do you know like I'll hold. I cam like seventeen years Tony years later. And are now together and really happy. It has. Ever really it does happen. Well if you give us 24 hours and her last name we can try to chase her down. See a show c'mon when this and if she will wall have a conversation with her a buy outs. Her real time video yeah and see her life. Sounds. It's great that I've admitted that might have a Latin. I give us 24 hours to do the research and at this time tomorrow. Hopefully we will call her what's her first name again amber I will call. I won't call amber at this time tomorrow. Ands. As great to talk to guys banks. I teach us thanks so I was just like I go look at. Star in 941.