Ghosthunting Sophie Mica Part 3.mp3

Tuesday, March 21st

I guess those high school relationships just don't always last...


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And young star ready for a one. There's no because as she wants to be a part of a ghost thing. We call my guy on her behalf whose fans. The first minute of her conversation with Jan pretending to know anybody names of the ever. And then as we're getting off the phone there's a little bit of an outburst. Basically said I'll never be friends with somebody who. Claims and told her friends I her hooked up with her ugly a boyfriend. Hey so for me. Hey did you spreading rumors about my care that maybe we should have known about. What. Did you hear you mean. Better late. Into a okay did. Yeah and camps are confused senior heard mica said and that's obviously she was at the reunion she was avoiding issues that army friend. I actually ridiculous I ain't. Really. I would call. It's been forty years so whatever rumor like we know that perverse about it quite a bit like looking at you really think. Expect her as to why I don't remember that he took I believe that. Aren't. Did she sleep anywhere prince. I now I don't think. And if they would be rated tracker doubt that she had lately that the. We years. It's clear you know how that game but she has been hanging on to that for quite brown she told Matt. Armed police say a. Yeah. It but I. I. Really I got a leg I just I can't even like it spends. Twenty years and I know why I tell people that she struggled lately and an eight Bill Clinton went right so. She's not talking about you telling her of people malady she's talking about it twenty years ago is when you were in high school. So it. What I would be trying to track down by about it publicly Blake you're gonna have and they play. Does somebody told her something that you said that you didn't actually ever say and that false rumor. About a false rumor. Is why you guys are friends anymore right. It sounds like really down and be there but we talk all the way a graduation we talked over the summer so I don't LA and coming around and I am. Weird. You know IR and we figures night I want nothing to do that aren't sure who read it obviously right. I remember if it was a waste of time it was entertaining products. I thank god you're entertained now I'm just angry. I'm sorry well it was twenty years ago and now they are great and I. I think. I salary to be candid honest Ariza could be. Though the we just got hung up on twice. And all I like to share that conversation continues lead jet engine on FaceBook.