Ghosthunting Sophie Mica Part 2.mp3

Tuesday, March 21st

Turns out that some high school drama festers long after graduation...sometimes 20 years after graduation, apparently.


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Czar not before one that. Tracking down that people Lewis goes Steve do you want. It's so you don't so. Messaging on the jet engines show that's where we tracked down people who have those did out of your life. We've done a lot of times for dating relationships. But this week we are ghost hunting for Sophie who is looking for a former best. Says so see we have tracked down Micah and we are gonna get her on the phone here so she knows she's coming on. Not necessarily why eight. So we'll explain that you are here in just his second. But just get everybody up to speed is Sophie and Mike are best friends. For many years in high school graduate in 96 and Sophie went to the twenty year reunion. And feels like Michael was just avoiding her and really dodging her the whole time. If that was even her. And also hasn't responded to anything on social media including a friend request in a message she sent all that accurate. And I. If you're still ready to do this we will put you on hold and call up Micah. Well Internet solutions against. I gonna put Sophie. And hold and for America's number OK. I Sophie hold on a tank. I ya. Our op. My hair please. They think at this Jan Jeff and dense are you. Her in good how are you dinner edit thank you for coming on with us today I know it feels a little bit weird. But we have a segment on our show called ghost hunting. And as he can imagine from the name that we tracked how people who have disappeared. Out of other people's lives. So Mike that you are the ghosts. Mecca and I have tracked you down on behalf of an old friends. Who would like to reconnect with you if you're open to it. And her name is Sophie. Score. Earned earned. Is he do you remember going to every score the man himself he's. Earned. I. I don't know any LP. These used. She says. She called us and said that you guys were where bodies in high school graduated ninety say it sends. That you just have lost touch after high school all but two of them know connected here. No. Little I didn't go to school and they need to eat and went about like since the no. I. Did you go to our racecar reunion last year. And trailer. Did you avoid any when why you're at the reunion. Owned. No. Nobody that I can. At. Is there anybody from high school who made would have spots. That you guys were better friends weren't may be. Not in your inner circle but maybe on some external circles of friends. Named Sophie and all is hovering about sees. No thank. It cannot. And okay well I. Don't think there's anything else then. Askew really. Anyway there's. Woman named Sophie who really treasured her friendship with youth and it's really sad that you're Ari connected and lines or reconnect with you at the reunion. Yeah. Well I will never be friends with the girl he told her friends at hooked up with her ugly vastly different. See where it says that last part again. I will never beat brand or even with the Dayton in England to help her friends that I hung out with her back. Ugly game to meet you wait for an. Well. OK so so freeh told. Her friends. That you hooked up with her ugly boyfriend. Well. Is eager twenty years to a hitter. Couple of and on dozens. It was a weird cause in the air sushi goes Sophie is OK yeah. All right well we'll to have no it had just happened there right now she was just try to ignore it holds. And then she just like. Asia. Says two gated to a game and talk about how ugly appointment is one. Twenty years ago prom date. So she's probably a 35 year old woman forty year old woman who's mad at his girl. It is because of some rumor that was spread to who many years if you could this just happened and the Asia didn't. So that we just had some high school drama. When asked me to remember anything other than that for breakfast this are right our diet and what did you have for breakfast this morning English often cut out. Welcome back in three minutes and we'll pick up so me and we'll get to the mystery of the ugly ass gangly two way find. I'm coming up three minutes from right now as we wrap up ghost having and the depth and ginger both. Die before the law and thanks for waking up when Japanese yen.