A Ghosthunting Request for a Son's Prom Date

Tuesday, May 9th

A dad called us hoping to find out why his son's prom date is ghosting. I mean, should we even agree to this one?

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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all net. And tracking down the people who have goes Steve do you want. Goes chatting I'm in the jet engine shows getting in interesting this week. Really yeah who was posted five guy named Robert what is the any time and so. Out Roberts. Was goes about a woman named Dolores. Janet I would thank you to say hello from tig Gary. Okay that's really scary is Robert's father. But go ahead Gary. General it. Did a deck and I am curious to find out how you are involved in this ghosting in disappearance situation. A little bit back here double reachable undergoes a what that my son. We didn't. Be Ito's. This girl Lauren to crawl. And now. She's already graduated uses senior. It'd extreme right. You know. A good fit. They work together. Mutual friend so forward. He spent a lot of money is state do nowadays on prompt as. The do that one knows my age but I. So I was already a little tentative because you're spending so much on him w.'s dues pretty hot on this girl and then after. After the problem I haven't heard anything in. Weeks. And it's starting to worry me considering how lunch so he was talking about it and then. I'm so him you're worried. Have you confirmed with your son with Robert that she has bailed on the relationship. You know articulating out. He's these are so okay Obama's father you know but I know something's bothering him he EL and been quite the same. And you know I I I need to get some answers because I can't I can't go along with him you know slump around the house and not a responsible I have I have a feeling an apparent crunch this is what it lists. So do you think and I and an all that it's strange. That you are. A dead. Who wants us to call. A teenage girl on behalf of his teenage son. You know contact. Bloomberg close relationship masonic. Normally. I Michigan so they did that might be weird but to be honest review we have we got a relationship that most fathers son don't have. If I can't understand Trout this way that I have to I have to go our way I doubt. I can't have a not talking to me I can't have him not doing. All of us are worked to keep up with getting into college and and what he's put down crap Lennox so I mean minutes. So he's pretty depressed after this. Well he's certainly not our enemy. And did it depression distance you know I would feel a deep you can tell when you sun's not been. Himself and I have. Every bit of confidence that this some good situation here cheers. I don't ride and I believe we should have a really great time together but this is. Whatever ago. Did your son know that you're doing this. No no no way. Now. No I you know I had a good restaurant you know that they're bitch that's always been the world outlaw it you just made good. Wasn't in the right place we've never not I don't see here are really don't see any problem but I. You wanna see you called this girl. And say have you gusted. Robber. Or what happen is you're you're pretty big. Yeah I'm looking to get an explanation for. If if she doesn't come up. Between myself and nice conversation or last few weeks now and some don't. They use she's gone on to didn't somebody else servers you limb to go to prominent. And they have this expansion dine out than just kind of disappeared on him and want some answers. You said she's already graduated. Is she a full year older than them. Right out of how did you sign. And she says she's eighteen or 191819. Can see oh yeah I don't men. The scandalous older woman and high school. Well I mean bitch yeah I guess so renminbi allure of B the slightly older but. You know big day had a good time and did they are closed up an agent pisses me. Issue. I just can't figure out. Why everything is just completely. Far to face and happy go a great time ago. The Aussie Gary I don't feel comfortable making this call to her I'm usually the one who asks the questions and ago sending but. You'll feel like it's over how they feel like you are really meddling. World can only when we call her to phrase it to get some answers for you but. I mean but if you're not a good sign up today as I feel like it be one thing but. He doesn't even know he's do it sure committed PM piercing his kid. He's died and you seventeen year old boy okay he's not a man yet. And if you watched two if you want to play in the adult game. There's going to be some embarrassment I'm whose father. And I just wanna talk to me. And he doesn't wanna communicate like he has been delighted we have been achieved so long that I'm gonna take care of it. Myself so. That's right I know that might make you comfortable additionally well I got Conchita get the answers these. RA so. I thank you Gary or wherever you animal for a semantic and Tara I hope that. Are you thinking that we do not do Disco setting this week it feels a week or does us thousand person and I'm so glad you said something. I mean I think I mean I kind of want an LIC dosage to do. But I feel like that's between light if it were Robert calling us and saying a I really like this girl I snookered a prom we it is super expensive plan and save in a furlong time she's now goes to me after prom I'd first caller. Do we put a I feel we allowed it. I we have two options shall leave flowers that think about this rag and try to get you know all the information on her and tracker down anyway right. So we just think about. Respect. Our time make you make the call took a well it's not about me in the call I don't want to embarrass the kid seventeen freaking years old and now. His friends found out of his dad was meddling in his life and then we are part of that. Now I'll be on everybody's side and only to be on the parents' side urges the kids sized. You'll meet you Al. Can feel it will be teaming up on too much team parent. I don't I don't have high school kids the sorry I don't. Lola. And let lingo welcomed British out. Day. OK I should say go quick you don't need to make that call any deadbeat. About. It hit the final word parent got back early and he wants you call I would be absolutely curious. Rice said they don't have to their daughter I'm now I would be furious I want. I call her parent AD and pluck it and. But she is. Related don't forget this she is out of school and she is over eighteen. -- different. Now what. Cassie also columns from Marietta have what's going on. Hey good morning thanks for having me of course I'm not I. I arena and that he got it wasn't because. That it's something creepy at prom night and did I had anything it would mean does it lead talking about he went. It on to be an adult at any gonna treat it unlike a little kindergarten airline because I believe because he can't pick up I felt like. I think they needed something Arabia Iran and I'm taking it it would. We like creepy you aside her leg just stared at her dress a little too long. I don't know anything like that maybe he he said something like overprotective. In overbearing at the signing she would I I'm. Out batter maybe. It was just like her. Are plugged your old seat time in failure and suddenly the man and you know resume and superb pass this. Yeah I am. I think it yeah I think he hit the wealthy overbearing look ever protect issued a I'm eating it here today. It and the guys probably know that I let it burn them at 1 o'clock in hero. Column and not any data. So this time it's caught alleged that says I'll just nailed it showed you think because here's a wrote we're gonna post this up on FaceBook ideology and share your theories so if we make the call you get bragging rights have cast he's theory is bad. Just looked that. Prom dates you know dress a little too long or maybe made a compliment about. A form fitting it was an Zhan overheard it as like. And now I wild theory filed. Jennifer and Laurence Ville high. Ain't right he adds I accomplished a dry quickly I agree on thirteen dollar and that Catholic girls are a batch. Are at a doubted that he'd turn. First Sharon content now but there's Elaine our content which but he can not call. That girl that is really very high end and the scandal be marked I ended. Play a person and it sounds like hey wait a respect and pounds which essentially weird. It's weird. Anti air all most adults. She's an adult he's almost she'll only an adult but she still went to prom. And I get them saying what she's an adult as in she came she can serve on the jury intriguing cast a vote. But she still went to prom the seventeen year old son and I just think that's. I don't know hill don't know if we make this call Leann and make Donna welcome to the show. How are you guys get a variant. I want to follow this guy Eddie needs to go on match dot hockey good health. Such and it looks so well students aren't you somewhat hole and. Like that machine my best friend I just need to know. So go to match dot com. Seeing the end Dawson bell. Hey good morning an aunt and I haven't I'm a parent. Other tooling here all in at sixteen year old Kelly. I mean and now I personally pretty bad. You know he's being a bit here it means they singled and may be. He doesn't have a white to have a good respect their mind or even aunt dot net pitchers that he is trying to be a good spot there at dot. You mean he doesn't have a wife to slap the I've thrown out of his hand MB like pale and mellow you're not college. Well I mean I am I'm Nina the mom I mean you know I think that they are and I sometimes. Meddling whatever you wanna call it but I'm being dead here I 9% of the time might yet come back and they're like thank you I appreciate you doing. I'd send you about left now let me just run this by you. How old are your kids. I have a thirteen year old a sixteen year old and a twenty. All right as sixteen year old let's face at a pattern of the dishonor Donovan let's have your six year old be a daughter. In two years would you be OK where they grown man calling her to ask about her dating life. It anyway you guide you on that I wouldn't have a problem because that I direct direct conversation. Yeah and I am I Jen hit yours that pedo buffer. I I'm because I'm Solomon yes let's three VP I aimed at all what I had to say hey girl out and I don't. You can tell me that and I ask you a question about your prom. And an first tell me what you war in. I'm back home from Rio Kohlberg Gary we got a good suggestion on Twitter where they sent from Ashley Simms says why don't we offer to call his son and ask what's a law. We do that everybody listens to their show is smarter than all of us as a collective good but it's a leaning Covington. However I. Which I don't think it added up over a bank in its prom nothing mattered after high school you go to crime anymore which is tax. So you say make o'clock. It might every people are saying make it. Aaron when last call and then I'll we'll we'll let this continue on face Jason and alana what's up. OK I adore. You know they Coca. Yeah what I chipped it up all you compare the play not too bad. Neat way his son's gonna get embarrassed and this. Scenario and what if that's the case would have Jason's right in chief ally and she's like yeah we just went as Franz. Indiana eighty only when the kids and grab me and our op. Slept as Andrea member and then kids embarrassed heavily. Rights. I had this conversation is gonna continue. I'm faced are gonna face but back com slash Jeffrey -- show will post the audio sue if you can share without your friends and listened. That'll be up by the end of the show we can start the conversation right now. So are we over thinking it. Do we make the call. You be. Sun times prom prom dates to find out why she goes stated. Make Gary's son. Or do we. Have an obligation to protect his son and just back off not either way we able to make a decision over the next when he for hours and you'll hear it happened here on the radio tomorrow whether the caller not column tomorrow morning on the radio rate at this time. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion changed now one star not before one and it.