A Ghosthunting Request: Morgan and Shannon

Tuesday, December 5th

She gave shannon a birthday gift then she never heard from her again. 


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole now. We are going to go sensing this morning on the jet engines and that's where we tracked down the people who have dosage you completely disappeared out of your life and you can't figure out why it's. And this is just driving me nuts and we need answers well. We tracked him down and find out what's going on we are gonna talk to more again today and find Atlanta friend is toasting her. Now we say hello to Morgan Morgan welcome to go stunning tell us. Hoosier looking for a. I'm well and you didn't guardian Shannon. And I. The donor for me and I already here a year and a half in the our current president and chief bingo you can pick up for the birthday present. This so we heard. Oh I don't understand that you heard. I yeah I think probably her clothes than I could harm me turn from her leash. How long ago did you take this birthday present. I want it all and was it something that would be like offensive or weird or strange that way. I don't think so that you can run windows. Casket since. Popped off if you will. So would. One what does she say when you gave sewer. Wish you say I need saying she didn't enter her door I mean I know issue it's. There I'm into her apartment to drop it off techs that are so there are not come and. And she says. Knocked on the door and she didn't answer. Nobody you're a 100% sure Susan Sidon. Yes like did. I figured TV also in mid continent that is their mineral another person. And I me. How are our current partners they use. Lights thereon yeah. So more did you guys have a fighter something before an argument. For Herbert yeah. Not cool I mean we've never had an argument. Also her to end and what about my guess thank you even a text message turning ballot read that you received it anything. But now nothing about that may not even me I got it. I'll men that is that's stay inside that only you know white women are brutal that way now right yeah I'll just made that decision that somebody's got off. Hearing about it talent he does need itemized I wish I could be that way and send you nicer to line I guess. This girl's CNN is not calling you back or texting you back to hang out or do anything together. So are you know she's fully guessed it have you heard anything through mutual friends. It's about this go Shanahan like why she's disappear you the only one that she's done as do or are. I haven't heard anything food I mean I had. I had. Seeing that went before that the pregnant I can nerd party seats and human could go. On and Q these ignoring me and bit and leave her diet. Maybe I did start slowly releasing the pension and learning some things shuttle IE figured. She then he's got a book. While Margaret I'm sorry that you're going through that so you wanna sit tracked her down and find out what in the world happened. Yeah I'm really confused. What will do is give her call and see if she's going to come on whether there's any if she is at this time tomorrow morning. Will have a conversation with her and you get to listen in on. And ask her why she never a big knowledge your birthday present and why she goes to do you completely as a friend. Yeah it's hell happened this time tomorrow she agrees to join us okay. Okay. That's some good thank you. Thanks Morgan it's. RA my guess is that this has everything to do with a guy the fact that she says that there's somebody in the house or in the apartment when she went over there. My theory is a man related canyon I guess. I my theory is that Morgan was talking behind her back and she found out about it just because she'd ordered a party. And that's the one of those things that you wouldn't wanna a dress your friend about at a party but you're just so annoyed with them you can't. Would you like Morgan was saying saying something about about her Shannon heard about it and now she's in dosing or percents are. Any idea if you have a theory you can head over to our FaceBook page space for that comes cabbage and sell and leave your theory about why you think. More game and Shannon and alana France and tomorrow morning at this time we have Shannon on an all you really get a bragging rights. Aid that's exactly two. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.