A Ghosthunting Request From Melanie

Monday, July 17th

They've been on a couple of dates, but what happened on the last one and why'd he bail?


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Goes Channing way that Melanie is she is on hold US's crowd James. Three days to win games and then he vanished she wants to know why it's always awkward and uncomfortable listened to which is why you don't want to miss a minute. Coast spanning. People who goes yeah. Hey Melanie its jazz and in for Jane Kelly she's. Melanie let me Luoyang. And so are you ready year for us to go go setting on your behalf to find and James. Yes please I need to go competed for who I normally got. I hear the story so. So we had been hanging out for a little while you didn't really cheap serious. But after a couple of days I decided to have to meet my friend is good friend senator far. You know I didn't think it was a big deal going in an apparent hurdle. And my friend is actually an excellent so there was some pretty close obviously don't look up anymore backed. Hillary scientists. But after hanging out with them. James stopped calling our Internet attacks so I'm like it's just freaked out that in transit and I expect it he bit jealous or Christian right back a little. Well and get involved it's anti cupid challenged that seemed Manning just wanted to know. Why can't. Calling so do you want to rekindle a relationship. With them or do you just want the answer so you know for future reference. That can rekindle. Equality and Martin. Did he mention anything when he met your friends. And Garcia had concerns about anybody else I might have been their two that it might have been off playing for him. No he didn't like. Saying anything that would make anybody sick of are you. It's trying to hear anything that Cyrus sometimes or stock car. Well as your ex school when I met was he. Was the only pleasant an ear and it was a weird like norm flirty or there is no weird tension there. You know I mean I don't think so. I don't think I'm clarity that ten. You know well that's not to I don't think is not a senator. Right so and my credit mess I'm asking a lot of questions I'm just really entry that exit exit Spencer Travis you've felon for Jenna. Chief interrogator exactly so did you tell him before you met friends say you're gonna be. Like today your friends are the exit you kind of prepare him for Saturday you tell him afterwards like can a guy that you just shook hands us that's my next. Yet he found that after any time before him but yeah yeah conversation. And I'm glad you mean yeah it's. A long time since backstage at night I didn't even think that it you know watching them against what's a long time. Eight years and years and I would have appreciated extra. My dad doesn't matter telling him. Not telling him in advance is. He had a like a clown and our dad like somebody in the room knew more than he David Livingston new relationship him I'd be like and any deal on this right. Adults all had more right. And while I was insane that's just my opinion which for the most part is worthless. And so you get those 24 hours we can pick up the phone. Convinced him to come on that's an edit this time tomorrow you'll get to listen man as we ask James. Why he goes to you after how many days was it again. My. World. I'd say it's three successful day it's something where we're at the fourth when he disappeared. In game right. I'd give us 24 hours to get James and and we will go go signing free and Melanie tomorrow morning and this time on the Jeff and Jen champ. He didn't. And young star Eddie for a one.