A Ghosthunting Request: Justin and Julia

Monday, May 15th

Julia just got up and left mid-date! Justin wants to know what he did to scare her off.

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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One start now before one and try to tell people the list goes did you. Else. If this is your first time listening to go signing it's quite as simple kindness and hey member of the demonstrate and show family causes out. Instead I got deserted and for me from an explain it could be former co worker Caribbean neighbor that moved out. And we do a little research Aaron ended track that person down. And we reach out to damage and ask them why they disappear. And today. Just in it would like us to work for a woman that he had. Half of one day it. How to do yet he'll just end. There. So how do you have half a day with somebody. Since he had to try to meet two armed. She used her Opteron in the middle of dinner time. Yeah I mean it actually is that I'm not I'm not from paleontologists know working in Atlanta sir a few months and a project. Armed and so it staying at this hotel and there's so. This woman who worked there it became he's trying to do attend we're endeavour's tank. You know I just casino hotel amount yet but I thought he played a little bit. On originally and that it's this huge huge trend. I'm born and raised in Atlanta. As an economic guys who put up an out group. So. You know what you're gonna return. And thinking you're going all right and then in the middle there she checked her phone and said just that side who's in the work out. And benders like last content so I left in man what is motivating you to see. Different hotel I didn't and then she obviously it's only CNN has been wondering where carpet bomb play. Who haven't had I had no idea. Have you texted her and he she responds. Or ambassador but I mean no response in the capital so goods if you called her well. No I mean I see age was restarted accentuated. Under a call. Did you how. Have any weird conversation on the dated some topic come up and made her uncomfortable. But not admitted thinking about it daily news it's noise small chat. It's spell you know and he didn't get do good teacher goes through I think he talked about the project will fit but I mean we're golden chair. To sell surface level very happy to yeah he's joining a mutual friends in the city of I. I mean that just kind of thing and did you know anybody this year. No I didn't I didn't know anybody she knew besides. You know Barack Obama who worked Shamu to the hotel. So bizarre aren't alliger I'd be upset and it looked at and let. And before you left the hotel did you have any interaction with the woman who introduced the two view. No I didn't hear I was looking forward but I it time now and enough I think. As you are. Our is it possible that a woman and I'm asking Kelly and him as is so superficial. That. His. Physical description didn't match. What her friends said so she do. Okay I'm guessing you know of only in the middle of the day just because you like disappointment. With Simon is willow yeah. I wouldn't think so and I would think that her friend probably shatter a picture of him before they went out. And he with FaceBook and everything else like well no yeah. And nothing weird came out like did you have. They would let their remaining in the half and in the hotel that may be your friend would have seen in my warned her about. You know I mean honestly I I was just kind of come back or not you know how to get our data eternity to warrant at a good little. I was not there. We see no doubt. It is you have to your room while you're on the Dade and you left one of this tape review movies callon. Yeah today. Well it went in early and I pumped up. OK so just when she gets up from the table and leaves it was that abrupt she looks at her fellow yeah. And then says. I'm sorry I have to go the bite and that's it yet. It really is a real food out caller have Libyan roof you have before reading that. Hit you guys ordered are eaten any food up to that point sentenced to death. You know we ordered but that's who hadn't I hadn't come yet to Brett. How sad is that her on tray comes and he's had an amateur through voluntary box box that I'm farming. Alerted. Gotta have a hotel it's probably got just a tiny fridge I know I will sell her box is that I ran into drama men and you're trying to work. I was wondering if maybe got later shrimp cocktail that the Internet but the phrase you she gets some hot snakes. I gotta go. We and he is Colin. Watson. Oh. They have no thank god thank you can't act a little along. Died so I Jessie Davis 24 hours and well ask Julia she's going to come out with us and if so and this time tomorrow we make a phone call to Juli out while you listen and and she will hopefully be completely out of this about why she mailed. That would be great. In the meantime we want yours theories on exactly what happened and so has a bomb paced back and tell us you know for bragging rights of course. Why you think that she bailed on middle of it. And then tomorrow after we get her time and I she she confesses to it to what the reason was. You get to walk around all day and say hey you know that go seven thing and the different and show and it doesn't matter but I was right. Feels so good to be wreckage people census echo if that's why pretend to be re all the time. Yeah cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.