A Ghosthunting Request: With Jordan and Brandie

Monday, June 19th

So Jordan already ghosted her in the past, but now he wants to get back in touch. Is he apologizing? 

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You listening right now are gonna have homework so you have to pay attention to the next five minutes. We have a quick camera station we've Jordan. Outing his relationship refrained. You need to listen to that entire conversations. So that after it's over you have your theory. Honest why she ghosts and why he goes student or how they'll behave. When we re connected to a if he goes in her place a reverse those times yet this week. That's why I'm so confused so listen to the next five minutes of radio. And then you have to weigh in on whether or not. Brandy is gonna be receptive. To Jordan's approach. When we get her on the phone tomorrow it is this week's episode of ghosts coming on the Jeff and ginger. Let's people who go state yeah. Jane this week goes setting as they've ever reverse. We're proud to talk to Jordan yeah. Ghosting brain these six months ago. And wants us to broker a reconciliation. Ol boy he's still guilty you dad ghosting candles. They Jordan welcome to the show. Okay oh god go forward. Hey we are good I'm interested to hear this story because typically we go hunting for the person who coasted into. Not the other way right counts. So. Yeah understands. So basically. About like. Six months ago. Opt out of mutual friend of mine. Introduce me. Two brain and she wounds you know shoes really naive some we kind of all harm now in a group from its own sort of and it's really cool and she's really sweet. And then we went out together you know all those I was as you on our church every additional day. You know until unfortunately. Or admittedly I would say you know there were a couple of girls and I was talking cook I'm much and you know so would then be on that album on the Tristan has got kind of wasn't really sure. So. You know admittedly she tried again torture me and I kind of just. In our blue cross you know I was really ready for any kind of relationship or understand much broken corals and most talked entered. You know but lately you know. I've seen the pictures are sort of you know to mushroomed and subject my kind of just wanted to which you know and see what she was up to and see about she hopes I don't know what in the gym and another shot maybe Lucius Q now bad timing. You know whole world you know reduce mean your sound like that was not figured that dark. Chief target chatter up again. So Jordan is this. Second try gonna come with an apology I mean you know on the ice for ghosting. I mean. I don't know. I mean I don't know didn't actually really needed an apology here you know Ali as. Excellent V Cindy thing. It's. You don't need. You don't think meanwhile you owe her an apology is that my hearing that right or are. I mean I'd I don't think so. I just you know what clinched its normal Rivera wasn't then speaks you know I mean I just wasn't. Looking forward and don't murder. If anything like that not all here are just kind of wonder she. You know war is gone unobserved in an arm. Unlikely to enact such. He went second. Yeah absolutely I'd be remembered. If you notice how many times this guy's saying you know yes this is how high thanks downing at that. Oh my god I'm about to lose I. Sure it does to. I don't know if I want a ring connect them when I'm reconnect it was made and the call already yeah. OK let's sit around with him quickly because I'm about to punch pumped again and I debt. I think suffer hanging on their Jordan we are gonna go ahead and and give her cry all. And see if she remembers your day in CC's open to them. Re connection. There are sounds great thanks for Eid so we'll put you. I'm hold we'll get all her information and give us 24 hours to get the OK and at this time tomorrow. Will reach out to currency which is asked. So McCurry. I will be right back with an Alley while or did OK let's have the arm and Italian. I don't sending a continued you know this time tomorrow you know I'm the jet engine and you know OSHA you know hallmarks. Start any shorelines you know. We're all local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.