A Ghosthunting Request: John and Emma

Monday, April 17th

He says she dipped out after meeting his child...coincidence? 


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The Jackson. Tracking down the people who goes if you want. We don't tell. Paid Jaya welcome to ghost hunting and the championship Ngo. Big I will say thank you so as a romantic interest you is banished from your world. Yeah Emma is Saturday so tell us about how long were you guys have been romantically involved. Didn't sleep at. Yeah people that you met so mine you know typical nowadays. You're really hit it off I think everything with a great match. And I mean Q now that I though you're right there. Directly talking about spending time together over the holidays knew each other area. I will say I I don't know how it is in in other cities because I've and a plan to refer. You know fifteen years and you've been here and as long but it's remarkable how many people. How often people mention geography. And Wayne mayor dating in Atlanta and although I live island's north the perimeters Odeo. Were ran black let's get married. Yeah if you have a match to somebody online it's in the same little town you're like yes right at that. Because if you if you live in Marietta and you meet your soul mate. And they leave indicator there's a pretty good chance you're like. And again you know I guess I. There's somebody cap Connie from me. I am including. The global that's. Sorry I'm so everything was perfect including. Both of you living in the same neighbor. Yeah exactly yeah I go ahead. Well so basically from the very beginning. I told them that element that. I have a beautiful did you buy her little girl so yeah. Income and I loved her very protective of her. She her mother and I are obviously not together anymore. But I only do certain people. That. I know I'm curious about updating so it takes a while obviously an ever totally respected that she loved that. Well you know what do we spent time together I didn't have my daughter let me. I think well maybe it was a big deal went back finally interviewed and two so yeah. Indeed you know in the late day in the park he had launched. Will be a really like dirt Sheikh that he wanted to play them on later that day. That they have the little lady and you know I think she was nervous but in the deleted off. And who isn't Paris Sophia her Emma are well I think yeah I. I think animal aboard though that the yeah you know. I don't like Israel and anybody that showed me a lot of people don't do a lot of days and. Is that rule primarily like a time thing like in your head are you like if we may gain. For months and I'll introduce her or is it possible that you could feel such a connection that you're like I get a entries are asefi within. A month like how does that. How does that math work. How did you kind of feel it out I mean I am a believer mother bird died I didn't call him up. Right away but in general. Well that I'm around three or four months or so to make sure that she's you're about me and I'm here are. I I there's really are X I leaning you'd have to Zito can't can I just have some credit real quick for not pointing out and making a big deal out of affect the basically just ahead. He didn't fall in love at first sight with the girl. Villaraigosa running would that answer the email says that applicant did pick up on that yes all right and you're right let's not make a big deal out of that second. So after three months Amma and Sophia gets a meaty chatter. And he said it well well. Yeah I would really well I am I think they're a great time doing it now and things I. Well yeah because you guys that they blew pretty right around. The next day I call them a hands you with a little bit. Don't get me and Jim and Michael Holmes in the yes voters aren't that tax in. Oh without a little over a week ago and she coming up what is either you do it why can't get together. She's not saying like hey I want it to you that you're kind of during the busy or whatever. I haven't yet and why that's happening I don't know. And watch here which you wanna share your gas were to answer is that. My guess is she doesn't want it immediately dump it in the incident yeah. Yeah I didn't. You have like maybe meeting your daughter freaked her out. Yeah but I think I think it. Suddenly became a realization that like oh by the way we get furious I'm gonna have a five year old daughter. RIE eight's got it. Yeah that's I mean it was night she didn't know both forehand I should do this whole time that you guys are dating that you had a daughter. One thing Jan you get the hang over the years that you really enjoy is when I compare. Children the pats. And I love that so it. This means but it's kind of like seeing a poppy playing like at the shelter tumbling around him being like. I'm gonna bring that home how bad it's not too much work. And then three days into it you're like wow. This thing craps everywhere. The only way that analogy closer right is that it would be good dose of reality right in maybe being around her well. It did that premise behind those setting this is exactly why we do it is we will reach out to her well do it this time tomorrow. You'll listen man of the conversation. And show. Hopefully be honest and and and and then after we talked are welcome back to you engage here and get your thoughts about it. Yeah I mean I I don't believe dining out assure. I can well. We'll do it John nervous because I feel liquid goes hunting for Johnny Cynthia. Yeah I'd go sending happens at this time tomorrow morning did you contentious parity for one. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.