A Ghosthunting Request: With Hannah and Louis

Monday, June 26th

Hannah thinks she must be missing something, they had one great date before he just up and ghosted! What's up with that?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the now. The people who have goes CD. Standing on the jet engines show this week for a who had no one day when listening veiled and totally disappears. We need to find out what went down hey hey enough. I know this actually go in and they had a great time and I haven't fared well so is truly a one day ghosting situation. Yeah horror as we'd prefer to call that a traditional standard ghosting scenario right TE ST yes. Our thanks and her. I hope you wanna tell us about that date the US and first to you wanna tell us you know Louis first. Com. I mean what cyber so we met. Two weeks ago I developed my friend from Cuba has friends and. They're talking and Mike we checked in that eight and the next game. I repeated action that we. Well. He came here and he didn't like my neighborhood and Mexican it and we haven't been happy I even. And then to not think. Did you text him after me and he's just not ever respondent. Now that's lonely is that I am. You could look at it he's our you want those three dots is just start coming out here and they don't and they down and they don't. Especially if it's somebody knew your dating can send a text conversation chain is very short Jan rabbit and her. Chris that night I'll. So I mean after college you again how Hollywood just look dear fellow there was so much as they did hear the crickets jump ahead. I. Zell NA did you know him at all before you met him that night out it was a truly. At the first sandy has ever laid eyes on each other. Now yeah that was the first time an edit. Time so the so the only clue that we have is something happened during the dates. That made him and never wanna communicate with the area. Where's Jen would say it would make you just stare at your phone. Or going the only person totally unfair. Laying the senate and nothing came up on the Davis Graham always have to ask is that I mean you didn't say anything crazy like a one and ten babies CNN. I like to talk about politics or religion or anything that would like personal way. Now nothing I I'd been. Searching you know it's racking my brain like a light created and that it blundered there was nothing weird but how and that loose. Great comedy show and. Not know on suddenly awkward like weird first kiss situation at the end. A little weird at all attack did you guys do it at the end of the day. Was valid point. It's. Been did you go home to separate house's. She'd deal that's a valid question agent on the first day you're definitely interested yet maybe Ed that's dollars and four or it. Mine and orderly. No event or a day if that happened it could have gone very importantly you now. Okay so how good sitting works is we're going to track him down the next 24 hours arm and tomorrow at this time. We'll call Lewis and see if we get an insert. I'm quick question before we let it go today have you done any social media research on him is there a chance that maybe he's right. Marrying game seeing someone. I'm there it's definitely a Unix book and so there's not really much of wait till like. Yeah yeah our social and eat it all but Aaron. I mean. I don't I do not believe that he is married. Org and on but yeah I get added a possibility that late after our conversation I just don't think that'll. This concert is tomorrow. Yeah and we are of the same mind congress oh okay that would be an issue of. MS it was a double espionage tragedies not of the same minds. All right why tomorrow morning at this time what we call him in the meantime. Everybody who just heard this conversation. Has homework. This is just yeah do come up with a theory. Of why he's the key guests and any give credit writes if you get there right we will start the conversation right now on FaceBook. One star. And ghost hunting on the jet engine show got it started for Hanna has to figure out. What in the world have. And why lose visitor. Season has it all figured out now fresh hay season. I switchers theories. But theories. Eight. On that hey she. I could be married eight RR. And great on. Air and and it brought our act at the age. And error and and then. And he needs. To get an attack on our top eight Eric Robert you. His so annoyed with us for not figuring that out and how they judge you have to call this guy got a mess. I love that's it Susan you've got bragging rights but I do wanna challenge you like about our statement that what issued Iran because even if he was married or he did that a girl had did have a girlfriend. If she was at Hanna was really a good date then he would have to worse his wife for her but she wasn't so. I think it still goes back to. Wrong besides Iraq. How app get you hurt you every Andy. Somehow I Cilic who struck a nerve with you what happens when that all along you wanna talk about it since the it's hot sauce and pop turner something they cease fire. I aces and at this time tomorrow will allow will call him and we'll see if you're right. Yes yes. You are only if you go live phone lines will be open for you to claim your bragging rights. It's bank uses. I think the bat I hit it. And pound. I now your road to your push nexus. Though an audience and that's okay. Susan and offer our negotiating skills the she's already got it figured out what if you would like to weigh and how and why it Lewis ever talk to Hannah again he can do that our FaceBook page. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.