A Ghosthunting Request: Alicia Hunting Ralph

Monday, April 24th

Alicia wants to know where Ralph has gone. Did things really just...fizzle?

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Czar not before one tracking. Della people who goes Steve do you want. Goes to any kind of that capture and Jan show and today we welcome gonna show. Our location. Who went out with a guy. Hey Harry you know. Eighth forgot who it out with a guy a guy named Ralph. So Ralph is now posted early show C band before. On the you know those three days and I thought everything went great. Yeah. Cinnamon to Janice really cold I these analysis couple times. I didn't have to gain control of rely on. I was I am divorced I had a child and served really hasn't come my Papa Bear all that much and that is really the first time that I you know. When an app someone out and yeah sweet I thought we got on wonderfully and then I haven't heard through an off. So how many times did you guys go out to hang out or whatever. OK so three different times and things seem to be going really well he did he knew you or a mom right. Yeah yeah I'd literally I would stack you know my daughter the most important person in my mind I definitely wanted to keep up. Up from someone. Right okay. I do you recall anything contentious or anything strange happening on there in the third date. Not I don't know I think. I mean it will that we. Everything that aren't. So even talk about all I. Wanted to get married and are having more kids out you know and like scared him off nothing. Knoll or not and I'm oh. And how did you say that you Hazmat. Unit in him tank and kind or so you haven't really dynamic. I haven't actually gone until mid. Mecca yam what I find shocking because we both you know it will go pretty regularly so. And now you feel like he's avoiding you there rob that's. I quite a question free about the they're jam did crew. Asked to did you ask him out more. If he asks hey. And I can I can float a theory I have flowed a possibility that kind. He could've been so stoked. At a woman asking him crowds. That he. Said yes even though he was a really like interested in dating all learn. Might have had a different situation. You know they said that's a dream come true for attack totally because it takes all the nervousness and anxiety out of their Treo that I am married in a form and ask me out I would probably blurt out yes he forgot weight height you there. I don't your wife. Right if you ask me I'd be like yes. Our youth continue to go on a couple other dates because if they went on a few days it's you know what would you know after mania the first on line and I really interest in. Yeah I mean there's a smog check I mean that a small chance that there's a possibility. That he's seeing somebody else through you have sand. Baghdad's that's an option and he went out with the U a couple of times because it was easy. Matt you were easy but the situation was easy so leash yeah I texted after all have you tried reaching out I was like the last thing you said tell him. I did terror attacks and I haven't heard anything. And it was just I guess hey how you do land. Yeah I know he did lead you know a normal. He had it timer Pelé you know yeah. I and I mean. I had a good you know we we had consistently good gate so I don't know what the problem. I have an important question. Hot and the last date was there any boom shock rock around the ha ha ha. We now and I know personally I think that if sometimes I've heard you guys get double shot I'm. And then they just mail Kazaa all they rafter was they'll bullish on hot. I've been involved this is it nice figure saying it like back home shopping cart path Harry Harry's vs say gen. Say hello Kelly saying bone Sacco aka Lisa you just say it. No water yeah. Oh. Yeah this is first I did oppose divorce or you'd just get mad now we're okay. Yeah I haven't really got my phone out there at all. All right so and what we call him what exactly do you want me to ask. Well I'd be I wanna find out. I didn't gonna sound weird but a minute we don't go out again we can find Ricky meaning that not a big Yelp like needy cop. He kind of what I look what I did garlic not unnecessarily critique of the deep public what. It amateur putting myself out there it unity and even doctor Robert and that's trying to get I don't want an album due to me on. So I believe we're getting teacher day. Sure you're just looking for areas of improvement. Accelerate the time I've well we can definitely. Collins keeping get some answers Soria that just give us 24 hours here I get permission from him to come on the radio that's. And then you get to listen and while he made that phone call. Which we will do at exactly this time tomorrow morning right. Karl thank you jinx early show. All ill and per usual if you have a theory. You can head over to our FaceBook page. And share your theory FaceBook dot com slash Jeff injunction. Yet your opinion on why he goes to an if you could tell something just from her story. Any give Brennan writes if you get any guesses Kelly geez I she seems really cool she's a mom works out recently divorced that you tells you on some put herself back out there and she's not sailing talent and now like what's wrong with me at my just skimming and critique what I do wrong. It seems like it down to earth Canon chicks I you say what is she's what she did on her. Jam predictions. I'm just it's just no chemistry there lake he will you know what now for three days like Kelly said she is really cool and down person he was giving it a shot. But he just wasn't physically. Attracted after the three dates and justice was rude about ghosting. I think she was lying about the abortion are backpack. David. Lid. Is on a disabling shots again shine I. Macedonian. Of course that's an area on its lack. Wish I have. And what did odd why she got got listed there based that conversation continues. And you can get ready nights if you predict irregular while what was that he had just head over zero bail. Head over to our face front page and share your theory. As to why she bells and animal we have her run her where he down and we have her on tomorrow have him on tomorrow. You give bragging rights here right. And young star ready for a one.