A Ghosthunting Request: Alex and Julianne

Monday, August 7th

Alex thought their date was totally normal and respectable, so why'd she completely ghost after?


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Okay Terna Nande. The Japanese yen shell ol' ball. We tracked down people who have disappeared out of your life would no explanation. Find out exactly why we are about to go hunting for Alex Boone got total. Those city. After just one dates and. Okay here's the dreaded H word on the first day school for somebody. There's just what we did you homework with this too there's a reason and you need to listen to the next three minutes because we need you do some very important national. Yes it's very end to predict your theory on why the person god go sit and we ask for you that on face spoke. And it takes a while to formulate that theory so listen closely. You can figure out why you think he got tested. Look at people who have no state you. Hey Alan welcome seed and attention now. Are we goes hunting for a two day. So I I if I want to pay and you guys help. And goes just basically set. And steadfastness. He's saying yeah I hate it I don't understand why can't I met this awesome girl ensemble so I. Skidded off so I decided to go to learn a date palms first date. Right only 81 date. Until it Pete says the alert battery. And she said she'd never been over that area yet the short. And no sooner do we keep says it was it was and in my time. We had a good conversation last. You know pizza and beer. Great first date don't understand what happened nothing went on. It was short and sweet day maybe about an hour armed. Under at the end of the night you know no we didn't catch any animosity that is your read and or something I don't know but it was very respectful date. Went our separate ways in even captured later that night and had a great time do you have loved music and seen boom and go to. Nothing political religion is a polarizing came up on the day. It's not Singleton. At all nothing religious and political not a net would have been my deal breaker and he was very light conversation and very fine very. Just stepped up. And and snatched back slide this is dragging traded and I can understand if they knew we had different political views or something like that it was just a good day. And and that's what's messing me up here. And so after the date disease sooner or text message or call her anything to follow up. I did after the data center attacks and said you know hey had a great night. You agree accompanying loud to hang out again sometime. And me and not I get nothing. I don't understand like it doesn't make any sense. Was there anything that you maybe had on your fumbled profiling now you're six full are all our tea. Hires them maybe don't look like you like maniacs is 511 and in mab is like pictures from seven years ago or something homeland what's wrong with I'm eleventh nothing's Arafat eleven melons tomatoes either six or any show and the time eleven. That's problem. Got it as financials that are important yeah I. Hey not every inch counts every day and town. So they'll know I cannot. That's no that's an asset valid point and now I. Picture on my profile as. It's from a month ago you know it's not like outdated photo right he came in now and it's a matter I don't lie about any thing it's not like him. Tell them like some crazy muscle Jimmer and she shows up and I'm like 300 pounder you can normal pro finally there's not it and about it I think it's just normal. So Alex how long ago was the ghosting. How long do those sit well it is right after the date. So I mean I don't know what to do and we can have two weeks now. Archive. And just be ghosting is a purer. Clean break it ghosting you've had no contact at all that we have there. And then that we find out that the person with Kanye as I I go semi sent a message is that it's not gonna work out they just weren't receptive to it. Right all right well what we do is I spend the next 24 hours commencing hearted moment as in it this time tomorrow you get to listen and while we ask her what's her name again. Julian well we asked Julie and why ain't she goes did you. So give us 24 hours and we'll talk to you tomorrow morning and the jet engine chair okay. So I'd love U guys think you so much. I do your homework is head over to our FaceBook page and tell us why you think Alex gag goes it. Up for grabs. Bragging rights yeah trying to figure out your theory I think of online. I think that we sometimes you just after one day I maintain this everytime we're not gonna get in this today that I maintain an attack you're allowed to just mail. You're allowed after one date just ago. Think that's acceptable. To certain chemistry might just be right in you don't know anybody in physical chemistry you don't know anybody. Just above five. Cool I like to share that conversation. He continues league championship on FaceBook.