Ghosthunting With Rebecca and Austin: Part 1

Thursday, April 6th

They had a spring fling over break. She was hoping it would be more, but he's not answering...


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all now. Tracking down that people who have goes debut on. It's so you don't so. Pitching on just engines and we tracked down people who haven't disappeared out of your life and today we are ghost hunting for redneck just say hello. Hi Rebecca how Oreo. We can carry out there and we're excited to help find the person who is banished from your existence. But staying. Who it's so due to rain do it yeah outlast. I tell us what's the first name of the person we're looking for. You name it our current and Yahoo! ID you know Austin with the nature of your relationship. Or your past relationship with him. Sir at Dell our I go to the University of Georgia. And it went on spring break with all my girlfriend that he would comment yeah Atlanta with Icrc are. Earners and the first thing we were there we were at that party earned that each. And I met him at that guy and down and he was there on spring break you he could to current state. And we need to totally flat hat and he's just like. Cute and me and we had to we get an attorney right away and round with an all night jockeying and down. And he was there a kind of hit iron on the New York currently. And there are certain that creepy. Hi is that you know he didn't like by the that I I wasn't really loving them that he would he would think creepy like operating EP that really cool. And down. We get we get that god and then. Bed rest that you have basically we hung out and I'm together. And then we can go I NBC's numbers. And I came back aft end and I called him right away is he didn't pick up a priority in going back and then the. And texted arm and then it accident again and he did they are running. 88. Norton and. So it sounds like to me he had a vacation ship. Yeah and knows about it. We really like he liked being like we really. It would mean special like I would turn I know the difference between. You know like a hook up there really has turned in real life and he even he really like I really like tanner and and it would. Secret I don't I don't understand you know why he would like ghost knee after he told me all the army. I only know his name Austin and they know it it's clear that they. I don't remember. And it eight litre area code which is still bad guy I know. I know that Paulino but I know it's him. So do you have you have no social media information forum. Mirror and I looking you can search on paper and looked at Austin and they tried like it and school and I think I mean there's like 800 Constance. I couldn't I couldn't find and I don't I don't really need a brand name like really now I get out like really basic and I don't. Does the stress and even Bynum and tracked him down or we have the easy thing I mean sometimes it's easier for us to call. Being the radio station has an act comes up on caller ID people like us. Everything Imus over free shares some loopy pass. Something like they hear I'm Bernie here right now last name. Know Andrew is it than usual for you to span several days we is a person. And not get that are social media income or their last name or anything. I guess so but you know we're sort of like. In a different world on vacation we're trying to try to I was staying on my own and he would not only are started on fire. Again to exclude anybody could be felt you know like you're at a bar were like oh. Look you out you know and inspect or anything we are we're really to connect to each other so it. I get the new jolt but I I liked it when it was happening and sell it to me. I think I mean from our I'd. I think it's odd that he didn't whine like you're. I don't think it looks good for you having a longer relationship in this. That he didn't ask for your social media and focus of a guys India. He heard he wants to produce hooks him like everywhere arguments that. Value Line snapped chat and and double tap on a few points to Graham pictures yeah I mean I'd actually are. I mean we. Can't we didn't know it. I'm Rebecca wondering about his friend you described as France's creepy would mean that. You. Sort of like in a typical per. It's like eight they. They were definitely there like curled in the dirt like how much you know like when they stand out like they were just sort of get CPA and now like creep Kirk and Elaine like sort of like doing it the typical thing even expect like a Portuguese dedication to be held off looking like. Like you didn't seem like he is like when he was talking to me he was like talking to me what are we looking brother Karl are like checking anybody else I never thought Hanley. Anybody Al. You know like Alec other guys are sort of gross but he didn't seem like at all. I well if you give us 24 hours we'll try to commence him to come on with this and then you'll get to listening to the conversation we have with him and find out why. He has responded to your phone calls and your tax although I mean I hope is I don't. Or you find and we have his phone number like that sent the. I can't believe I guess find out what Elena. I figure out what the problem is. I think you should brace yourself for this just to be what went to and Colin vacation chip. You know now well I'll be I'll be ready whatever happens I'm hoping that it's. You know he's still the ad is that I hope you know if nothing ill let you little including. Yeah I. We'll talk to you at this time tomorrow meet the phone call to Austin it's the spring break addition. Of stunting. And the jet engine show parity for one will talk to you tomorrow okay air America. OK okay thanks Rebecca. It's a vacation chip this and easy they slam. Doubt we'll and I am thinking that once we call him he's not gonna wanna talk to us because is on his girlfriend. Back to college to find out. Well if he's an FSU she has no idea I shall never find out Brian. Polian saw him on that and coming on with that a kind. They even if he doesn't come on we still have the answer for her. Right I mean I think we he get the answer I'm just saying this is the most seems obvious to me right here it's not another relationship that. Because if he didn't. Just the way a guy things. The fact that he and ask her snapped at Amsterdam face but nothing right right means it's he doesn't want her asking him back. He is and she adds hammer like a couple of his pictures minimum right so OK I have this time tomorrow will make a phone call and we will. Find out why Austin coasted Rebecca and the jet engine ship's journey for one. Star in 941.