Ghosthunting with Rachel and Keesha

Monday, May 1st

Friends since high school, until Keesha just stopped replying. What's up with that?

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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all now. Tracking down the people the list goes did you. Don't tell. High ratio welcome to go to signing up in the jet and in no hurry film. I'm Mario. Winners yeah and we I guess we're interested to find out who ghost since you and how we can be of service. Oh arms. It's strange I don't know exactly was so how bad I am not trying to Vincent Brothers and Playskool. Manipulation the wrong times and times. I I didn't know where she just. I I would texture you know media as having a part ears I'm playing in which she didn't respond and then and then I noticed who. Good and I noticed that issue just has responded Q. My checks in the wild. And at the back compounded with the fact they didn't get any kind of burst date Carter disputed facts you know like last month are repartee and just nothing to occur and they can get a Christmas card which I get every year shall arched and I just feel like gears a Algeria a deliberate. I ain't happening and I had I had no idea what we are coming from. So you tried to reach out and she hasn't changed her number Ernie hanged. Now whole notion that now I don't think so I'm I didn't do. Rich it took that energy Catholic she there's other ways she she couldn't reach out meaning and there's only wake trichet to some when he stated very. There were connected on all social front and there's no you know it's it's the it is seems to be something more going on. How I'm are what's her name again and sank. Asia and how do you know he should how long have you known her. I I'm nursing school she was laden to actually neighbor my angering not then not. Only do you entertain high school and and now ammunition urgent neighborhood so I I know our earth you know real long payment bleached. I mean Chang at 1012 years. To senior actually tell it's it's it's been a very. Abrupt. Kind of I heard a lack of communication on her part. And do you have any sort of hunt some want it could be an issue going through something crazy in her ally a four or. Was your last I had an area. That's good thing that I it. I have no idea what it is like there's been no roach I. I didn't I am certainly to make it up and my hat that they just within weeks outside newly elected BE. As she and I. As CNN new relationship frank saying you know some friends kinda fallen on the black hole and never come back out right. And does as she did you find somebody like that she's dating are you married turning things. I don't know she she and I get married I got married last year and you know I hate it are still trying to all right single Brandon. You know I don't they don't treat me any differently and I don't. There are consistent. So it's a weird did you you know seat yeah I'm assuming she was at your wedding. Did you use that or was she not your wedding. Well yes you wonder at the wedding did you did you thanked her for your wedding gift to work it gives. Somehow. I'm sure you did and I had a list of everything that I got and you know ice and now last. And buy it before the end of the year. I mean and just nature to thank everybody knew my and then I I battle. So I think errors early. Good about intentionally damaged yeah I can actually did she you know she got me I'm one of the in my place settings and I definitely think I remember. So racial that she started. I guess stop talking to you after the wedding pretty much does that kind of one has started. And yet yeah it they really. They were that I mean that we week I was kind of busy moving and shops after words hadn't. But then I started to realize that humans weight or that I guess it did catch charts. It seemed like you want to letting little aid actually you know getting married or something out I mean by it just to make any sense what what they had abandoned. She hooked up again has been at the wedding. And agents LeBron. There is. Oh I mean seriously look at that it happens. Could she have felt alone and off like you said after the wedding you like move by how often every human contact. It's so much more difficult. Being a girlfriend. Then a guy friends like. I have guidance then I'll go yeah. Years. Without talking to see silver com your best friend is still lies about how much Jeremy and yes where is I assume he's like yeah my desk and a Mike. Your sprint O'Neal talked to two years and talk it out it was like yeah. Gently guiding him met that guy Sanjay as you well Sunday celebrated upgrade yeah if you had a thing where like you guys went out for wine night every three weeks. And then you get married you got a new highs being your move saying you totally. Like she might feel slighted by actors and. I mean honestly. The tissue work like I I brushed my rain I can't hear what it is and invited her Q. And looking you know we had a house warming party and invited her to your back Saddam you know I I eight. I invited everybody mollid including her in whatever is benched. That happened you know so damn it I mean I just don't get. Rachel well hang on and we are gonna get all the information that you've got on key shut. We'll take 24 hours and tried to track her down convince her to come on with us and we'll ask her the question. Why did you know son racial see if we can find some answers for you may be I am DC has re connected. Okay Abby creates thank you up. Okay sounds good I will did that at this time tomorrow on the just check out Whitney draining us right now with a theory hey Whitney welcome to the shadow. Okay what about the boat is this says Smyrna Whitney mains and don't let it. Maintain them. You already know. Our question was once you're the wedding I was a Blackberry which are you are correct because you carbon copy our better client. Hillary X or 800 wedding nick would know wouldn't that got me go right. That should they meet economy. Indefinite. Re mastered that but what we did I did say something about did you remember to thank her further gifts. You know that in the way it I don't my legs and I felt like. If she was a bridesmaid or something she would have said that so I'm assuming that no she wasn't. So your theory is well maybe she was mad at that Whitney's when he has Smart squad member number one thing higher. Natalie in Lawrenceville welcomed in Asia. 8. Am I. A feeling it might happen and he had a good friend I grew up where I am here I did not half and the bride made in the wedding. And I did not think it was that big that ilk and sweep Braly died and many want a year and pop like twice a year and from there on out and the wedding. Are not dead it would great. That afterward we just stop it stop communicate with yeah I'm finally cornered her at Alcatel. It was because she was never in a wedding she felt so. I could get just. Admit I mean which was never my intention. But I would only needing port pride mate elegant and I haven't been at just how a bit at. So I wondered she fell by she's just a bit in the ready. Smart signal seems Whitney serie a Leann and McDonna welcomed the show. How are you this fighting has dragged down this morning I got it oh what can. Carry on that's about a meadow I'll. Word which is theory. How might end and it ain't got no relationship. Maybe we Leo 1 I am aware. So that's right loans. Matt at the wedding or anything that allowed before I shot when it like a little slightly until probably not go on and. Sick person. And you're saying it's just gone in separate directions. Because it's weird because it's it's gonna be weird for now that the married. So I'm waiting. If you would like to share. Smarty rates do Doris Ceres and there are FaceBook page faced attack com slash deficits and shall pay our lease saying damn what a you can be the last on air theory when he got it. Could it be political I know that I definitely stopped following you and these friends quit like. Can't supporters but just couldn't do it. Got its a year obviously. I've got vote for trump. Your friends he dated a little too hyper and failed oaxley elect a bag yeah. Got interesting. I I'll that there is I would never thought have I while the conversation has started on phase of fees for dot com slash jet engines show. If you wanna go weigh in on why you think. That racial and he sure are no longer friends at this time tomorrow. He share will solve the mystery the words will come right out of her mouth. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.