Ghosthunting Part 3 Christina and Mike

Tuesday, September 27th


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I just a couple of minutes ago we get a phone call that the Miami. We asked my age about the wedding that he just attended and he's. It was a great thing. Odds and the only bummer about it is it is lovely wife wouldn't be able to it and beef issue is known taking care of one of their kids. They have a soccer tournament have though mom was a coverage on the map with the kids and dad was able to go to the learning that he is. Married with two Kansas. Hey Christina. And so and I'm so that the Blaine and I and our primary so badly that. I mean. They're tracking and now I get married Rick you didn't mean. I'm not here he started being summer this guy. Does that add add. The bomber. Just finally it was time fantasizing about what could being since she saw him. That means that the girl. And you know like I'm looking at the world. I thought about it a lot I imagine like going out and it doesn't only mean. If our control wolf. Is starting up the good news maybe go for a all right Greg maybe grab a get a second chance how. I think you went to the wedding way maybe hope. Yeah. I barely remember him you mean I don't need a couple of you get over that you are even look around for me now. And. Sorry Chris and thank you go from being a part of. You know welcome Brian. It you census and I it's I am I'll be OK we have the power back. I write thanks you're seeing them. On your welcome being. If I will be a part of ghost tanning you can do that just by going to you. The direct link on our website yeah it's done and once in a dot com slash guests NTELOS doce yeah and you can add your heart broken on the radio. Just lakers in we did Jeff and and you know. Einstein and you for line. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.