Ghosthunting Part 2 Christina and Mike

Tuesday, September 27th


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Tracking down people who have Goss did you want. So we don't tell. We are best hunting today apple. And solve this mystery might man from across. Half it seemed a lot about it except that he is that only gorgeous. Makers. Tags and spirit and the entire time at the landing. As though she only got a couple of details about that his name as my. And that he works at the same bank as big men. And that he likely knew you heard date. Greg from the wedding party but probably not very well. So we are gonna act ghost hunt my week. For someone he's never happened it's now going to be at. Christina I will tell you a couple things one I'm. We did find him that we are going to make the phone call that's way back and. The rating. I knew you had in mind. Thank you for having. That weren't gonna call him and just say secondly it was a little more challenging because I originally side. When I was thinking oh work at the same bank but as it is the largest sellers at the same bank but they're not probably executives in him. Bank at the time I. Drive out of Gaal when that's when. It. I although we're gonna we're gonna put you on hold and make the phone call to Mike your attic and likeness he's. Yeah. I think you act. Andretti. I have an interest now on hold and picking up the phone and call laying in my week. I. You have an approach right and you. He could just be a little. I. Are rarely go guys Gloria we are gang it is Stan and Jeff thinks her coming on with us today. I have an unknown problem yet area no problem another hot one in Miami. It is suited ticket. Well. I'm calling because. We want to ask you a few questions about this Egypt's. I yeah yeah yeah it was a great wedding. You're co worker at times and aunts and have a good time while. There was at the wedding who's noticed year from both far ends. And just not that you were really attractive. And singletary and seemed like a really cool guys. Okay. We just wondering if you went to the wedding that eats. Her. No. No proud of myself by myself. Are you by yourself. Threes. But none on our merry America have a wife and two beautiful kids yeah. She could make a letter. We had yeah actually dead soccer championships well you know priorities. And I'm president agree himself. Police that I have to go see particular kid and you know. Oh that was lick the wedding now who was also goes up money. Totally makes sense well. Mike just that you are good looking guy and you have they secret admirer from afar. Well we're also good to be wanted it to be looked at the Villa. That's right that's right. Which do you. Think you thank you they take care might thank you for coming out this. I appreciated thank in particular guy. Cookies. Pretty quickly I we will come back in three minutes so they got the follow talked to Christina. If she's even able to speak through heartbreak. We'll talk to her. Three minutes from right now as we wrap Robert goes tanning and the Japanese and start at 41. Star in 941.