Ghosthunting Part 1 Christina and Mike

Monday, September 26th


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Tracking down that people who have goes debut on. So we don't tell. Christina welcome into the adjustment and show thank you open. The name of the segment is called the coast timing. And that we use this segment to track down. For people who have been huge. How did your life and you have someone Christina and desperately to find. I feel. So yeah happy you've got to stick to your. Well not really that summer and I stopped briefly. At a. I went to wedding. In Miami and I saw him at that wedding I had a different you know I had plenty but I didn't know very well one group Len. And I mean I didn't really know anybody there and I just. The most gorgeous man that I ever seen in my LA would bear. So where is he a single male. Was he. Hope. I don't know what median number of rain on our you know a lot of guys don't Wear rings and I mean you know late. And are scared court I mean I I'm into a lot of the Turkey call back. He didn't happen pretty. You know I could tell that you know he just kind of social and talking to people on. And I had my eye on him you know the whole night I or not period might be of course. I think that the popular. And all I know Obama. Are you. Alan science so great so you wanna pseudo goes sang for a person. The you have never even spoken to him. Yeah because. I know his name is my I know of anywhere at the same bank. The groom. And there. Pat about it I mean I. What do I meant when it great man that I have in leading him I mean I don't know exactly what their relationship or not what do you do not want to buy. Team you said you works at the same faces the groom. Yeah but I don't which MS though that. I'm assuming that's in Miami. Yet you live in Atlanta. Ray. Rock so why they are saying about Mike is really hot it's half of your day so. You're saying that this guy is so physically attractive. That you'll. Call are asked you tried to find him so bay you can possibly gave him long distance. And I mean you know I mean that they are close enough you know we know it Lou that something worked out I mean that I'd like obviously Smart example court yet. You gotta find out so OK if we go ghost hunting and get him to talk to last. Then what you we won now. While most importantly I did want to know whether they both are. And available. You wanna know if he noticed you're at the wedding. Well yeah I was thinking that I would let you know looking at it. And of course they get it here would be into it and you know dating someone billed. Sutherland and the same talent. But she did a great person. And that's you. A great person and I do and that. Yeah you know people travel all the time and meet their right land I mean like I that I had never seen someone. As important as where I mean I'm a black and the whole lately China creeping back. I'm smile. I mean I know they weren't immediately. So are there other things that weakens say to him about you. That led to. Bring about because he's obviously just at this wedding. His body that he works Lance and he used. You know walking around hanging out in the room but he might not have his antenna out for years so. What did you Wear that you know that kind of thing so I can describe Yale. I mean look I know that guys. And don't know that things that we're literally and I it happened yeah wearing. A really gorgeous. Lid back and address and I have really Erica my hearing is you know I mean I'm wearing my. He'll Atlanta legislature and in Canada than usual color so maybe I had it. Listen guys are getting noticed that. Are you are you very hot. Well I do get implemented a lot and I you know I mean I mean really could save BioWare Cadillac you know people compliment my mild. Can't but it. She could have noted to me are really. Is here. What colors yeah I have Brown & Brown curly hair blue eyes. And I'm he and that BioWare but right Neil. The girl things but yeah I mean actually looked really good bad ink. And here's the obvious way that he's in and tell you why are you said that he works with the groom. And you or date was friends with the groom. Yeah what are. All right so is a mystery might well mystery might narrow. Your day eight. Yeah. My. I'm not sir I mean there's some and that that. That's that's how a guy throwing from a guy's point of view that's how a guy is gonna remember Eric he's copping go with that back I act. So what we I mean. Yeah I think maybe they're they know other so I'm hoping that or remember what you're gates' first name might it was a great. Are you and Greg like dating. I mean if there. We were than I wouldn't be making that call in China and the other guy I mean. We predict an aspect that just some of the wedding and I mean we had a nice time apparently no. Are between themselves. So it would be inappropriate for unit called rag and ask him to introduce you demise. Well that would yeah I mean even though we're not that we have in them that I didn't want to go about it that way. It. Well the way it works is we will call. Mike at this time tomorrow morning you get that listening. And here the entire conversation we have with am and and welcome back to you'll get your feedback. Create or. And it's actually dependent on whether or not we find him because this is the first one we've gone along time we don't have any contact and. Okay I have faith in you guys saying they're. Tomorrow morning we make the call. On behalf of Christina. We call mystery man might from Miami magic by magic and mystery Mike from Miami my old man. Tomorrow morning this time jet engines star ready for one thing. Star in 941.