Ghosthunting Lindsey and Kelly Part 3

Wednesday, October 19th


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Thanks for making this way. Indigestion yes. Yeah on starring Eddie for Juan and we've been ghost hunting for Lindsay tracking down her old friend Kelly Kelly's daytime Lindsey's brother. But since the break up Lindsey's like I am. My brother's girlfriend back and I'm going to be Franzen there. And we set to Kelly and she said you know what I'm not over it it would reopen the wound. And. And birds dumb I really go there and we did you think that that might be part of the reason. Idiots pay Lindsay. I. So what did you think when you heard her. I. And I'm angry at my brother I. It. I don't really bad I mean hearing her voice then. Clearly she's. Owner Ed urged him and I don't even really know what happened but it was obviously. All from him so I don't feel bad but I'm also believed that that she doesn't. She doesn't want to try to reconnect. At that. Well you can. You know understand why would you not mad at them right. Not like totally understand client I would probably feel the same way but I cannot get paid and respected. Chapel at fair about it I was just trying to respect people's space that was in China. You know like ignore her. My neighbors broke up so that kind of bad. The gap is an awkward spot to be and because. You have to pick your brother side even though you don't agree with them. Yeah. Like I don't think that excitement and it has. He it may he made it sound like you know just leave it alone and so I was trying to do that and it initiative leads stats ever in an Arab by. I that China be respectful. Towards. So at this at this point is that dumb guy question probably at this point can she reach out to her and and sandal like at notre something. And saying hey sorry sorry went this way tired edition in the middle on. Kyle do. I think he could but it's going to be for closure. On your part. Not open he or she should do thank you that's selfish. Like Kelly obviously is. Did you send her message that you really think that Todd screwed up. And that he's a picture and he's an idiot that he like go to the best thing ever Philip calling me Kelly field. Yeah I mean I have put it it's like I kinda wanted to be and I just. I want I want her to know that I wasn't intentionally ignoring her and that I do think he's an idiot and I'll put on a lit with camera. Yeah. I. Kind of denigrating their jobs large and is that good look at the rest of your life. I loved that thing. That they'd gone with tank your guy. If you ought to be a part of ghost hunting send us some say it's a stunning 41 Atlanta dot com slash ghost hunting there's a form right or did you ever enjoy ensure star 941. And Shia stood on.