GhostHunting With Kristen and Trevor

Wednesday, May 31st

They broke up 5 years ago, but now he's back in town! Why won't he return her texts?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all now. Lets people who have no Steve you want. This morning a police say hello to him. Kristin I'm Jeff and can gel but wants us to go go signing before and Trevor welcome to share understand. Thanks hey thanks for jumping on the ghost hunting bandwagon. Cool so I tell us about your relationship with this guy named Trent. OK so yeah. Really you know terror was placed about five years ago. And like I like I have this experience I. We did add. Her right here and CE. Got a job at tackling it head and shall wish you can actually I couldn't go with ten. And so. Like we eat we had 100 and change or why or how cash and eight irregular work for awhile but and each is currently art and so. Lunch can we just kind of escalates to a rule literally commission today you're late to change and that I represent my job and she had to like each tie it back earlier to sell it. And added that we each dot com doctor Marshall friends and every present. I would eat like kitten senator. And I found out that he back insurer. So on turtle island. I have a question so he was gone for five years. For for work is that okay. And you found out they he moved back to Atlanta six months ago so I so over the course of the five years and you guys like. Faded out in communicating. Her company parent who would eat. All winter long and even extra shocked and shut. And then after that penetrated salads and it's an addiction he. So he never called me and says I am coming back to Atlanta or anything like that you found out. Out in any playing in the majors are a lot of urban children look at a C which back. We don't care. Have you tried contacting him since he's come back to Atlanta. Cash so I tried calling him push and Chris what architecture him and you know my response and then I called him that it was actually try. What are outdated fortunate to do you know we haven't checked you're going they'll. And you reached its primary. How do what I am I just can't stand the monsters you do that. It's just think commanded to set up their voice now. Now I can simply because you don't you never know if you reach the right person I. I went through never said that because she never wants placement. I did that all I did that I've been so I started working. Yeah and then I Diana sent numbers on them but I this page and move to newly displaced announced. If nothing else. He didn't always indicate you know the only bigger monster than that is the person who leaves a voice around and send you text message that your voice now yeah. Okay now. That's a. OK so passionate person that when you looked and seen us on sesame and did you see anything like he's got a girlfriend or maybe he's engaged and and that's why saris Mac Dina. No I haven't seen anything like that I mean not really active on promotion media had I known as early check. Her solution or eat out. On a second hair even it and time out time out here is intent on time time time. Are aligned for second kid this is goes sending with Sony disappears any life he necessarily disappear. You broke up. Like five years ago right. But they remain friends. And then it and you did. Out of like a digital makes that aren't attention Iranian into the minors that's like. Three cannot protect it and now and he had not responded and. So tomboy and moves away. For another jock yes island is thing doesn't work out any break up or he's slowly breaks up with Theo yeah it was there at any point you were heartbroken over this relationship. How late. Look at it finally clearing and Mary in direct conversation about it. You know you wish you can eat couldn't keep that I'll click in to work out. You're heartbroken. Fast forward to four years later he comes back to the city where he was used still live and doesn't contact you. All and those aren't on your calls and attacks or maybe he's changes in the brain or whatever but. I'm just I'm trying to figure out. Why we're tracking him down because he's ghosts at her. Insert coasting yes is it then break up five years ago. They were friends for part of the time I lived at a town he came back to town meeting reach out there she is reached out to him. As far as she knows they're still friends he is go sit on her friend. It's. While Chris and then what would you want us ask Trevor likewise any talking she ill are alleged I'll be interested in. Going back out again as Al you're trying to get from the assistant tennis scene. And some. There is now do you think a lot on location yeah. Okay car wears installations in selling naming. So I was I was torn down YHE. Had clinched the demonstrate your current and it completely random. Woman in the tank played out Republican like we get our relationship and I wanted to know like why he's not playing like I have evil called loop. While there is very little mystery here it's me. I'm not happy. To make the cut a hole on your behalf. Chris and tomorrow at this time we will call tremor and we'll Syrian figure out why he hasn't reached at you since coming back to town okay. OK okay. Star in 941. The people who goes if you want. This is on record as it goes Manning again doesn't think there's a dose Santana. Finding people who visit here. And like well when we first talked to prison yesterday I just didn't think that Trevor. Actually goes to her they just broke up a few years ago as Tristan let me ask your question did Trevor used to be in your life. OK it was Trevor in your life at all after the break out. Yeah. As a friend and I being polite and has Trevor. I disappeared out of your life since that friendship. All the makings of a ghosting. Stay woke christened. Well I don't does the bridge it's against. Why does an amazing on this planet you guys are on and they stayed intact even as just friends that. And MIC takes on his bird they have bird hey Merry Christmas K I can imagine whenever gas and he's responding and then he moves to Atlanta and all of a sudden he's not responding he's ghosting. Well and that's got to be a reason they're broken up and he was only being polite all of this time in ever an engine. Kristen gonna put on hold British China and called for her while you listen man okay and good luck and godspeed. And Steve woke pace and why you keep saying that it's so weird and you learn. He mimics and then let us talk about this goes hunting maintenance tech and our eyes are on Meyer's home. And on Venus. Pain in the hearings. I may please speak with Trevor. Hey Trevor this is to end and Jeff HM page ever. I. Hey listen we have we cab did mayor Wharton did you stay well. And now. You know I'm I'm not. Awesome awesome great charities or join in as honest Evans and show we do a segment called ghost hunting on our show each track down people. Who disappeared out of other people's lives. And you are the disappearing act. According to Jim Henson Kelly had. And someone named Kristen okay Jan notes tremors so you knew Christ in the years ago all right see them Pharmerica girlfriend viewers sale date like after six years ago. Eight yeah yeah we heard we were seeing each other. Al-Qaeda and then you got a job and you moved outside of Atlanta are right. Yeah. Got a job to me across the country. I had the new. And what happened after what happened after that after you moved to. Another part of the country. Well I mean it was inevitable that we had to break out and needs we we tried the long distance learning curve. A little while it is just Cinemark just to our. Yeah say you broke up at that point. Yeah yeah yeah and then after you broke out though you remained friends for some time despite the distance. Yeah I mean. We. Had a pretty good relationship there it would Bernard it is completely letter. We stayed friends and. Would you characterize this friendship on the other skills closeness. Tremor which you say. You had a ten which should be than most close Oro one. Somewhere in there where we can't understand is like penguins mating for life yeah line is one of those spiders they've eat their mate. It's me it's it was a to make. I don't know OK okay say you use say and close friends that despite the death or distance. Yeah a visa temporary living now are you back Elena. I am actually I'd move back. Just six months ago. So Kristen has been trying to get in touch review without much luck can she feels like maybe you have coast and here. They. Lol yeah. I am I just. I hadn't seen them one sure. You have tears now. Isn't serious. You know what I mean she. She moved because a country it would create. Term. See where they live in girlfriend. Yeah well yeah. Yeah really we've been together for a while so. I don't I mean it's cliches so. Yeah he day you don't have to yeah I'm. Since this summer and early didn't think this is the dosing but Christian is an eight. And your life as their reason that they are afraid to talk Steward now because maybe you still have feelings for her and now this girl for many years and all across. Cross country are raging in trouble for challenger Kelly yeah not your. Well yeah I don't think yeah I'm in a trade talk to whereas I just tried to disrespect for a true. You know would now I'm very I can't ask her to move with me and then 600 and the dean and it completely new CD. You know be talking to someone that our aid. Solve you know our area. And that just doesn't seem fair. Have you gotten Christians messages. Okay has he yeah. Yeah. Let's you think about maybe just telling the truth and he just. Tell my. This is listening very young us okay. They love Jesus and yeah. Side Trevor thank you saying he's ever. Yeah welcome back actually gets yelled hey whose work because you're attractive Chris and the Droid X how meanest stuff I miss hole. Kidding I was skating tremor and that's an answer synthesis of a don't answer and just take a look there's you know everybody has certain. Thank our and I imagine a nice man that means percent. I won't come back. Re heating circulate it just me most beautiful woman in the world can't. Now I welcome back to three minutes and will pick up the phone and Lowe gave Christen the closure that she's been looking Clark and his problem go signing. And Jeff contention Saturday following. And Upton and young star ready for a one. Spending on the Jetsons and sound and Trevor just told us that. You actually don't surf you. Eight there are ignoring her. I just feel salty. This that I just like Kristen have broken up when no offensive. But charges six like Suez and he moved back to Atlanta is for. With a girlfriend so he also says that she was an aids was and was was was was until they have we moved Larry air where his girlfriend to discover that he's been commissioning an eight on the side that silicone Alanna and wait this is as low. I'm waiting very quickly I know you would let me ask. And the question and now they evacuees are what all say load can't take this hour. Yes sir. Chris and that's. All right you heard that whole conversation so regardless of whether it adds ago stained. He obviously it feels very. Dean good nice. Positive things about this girl he's dating and he doesn't they go be respectful to reconnect with yet which I would think. Is anybody would appreciate. Didn't really want. Amateur opinion so like not even in Sydney and how he got. So are you talking Jun six months before him this year likely talking right before he made TI was the last and nice as well. Right or it didn't either I don't know you're cheer good. I've been trying to put more I can't. I think she must have. American girlfriend Julie that aren't contacting she really chart during secured term thing lying. Are not like I just so random girl let's go like accomplish and like we're best friends and strangers did not change at all. The only difference. Yang Yang France uses turning it back together with them. You can't be all heard that he's moved on is he moved somebody hears about. All right so Christie new things that agencies girlfriend. Who is prohibiting him from contacting you. I don't think she really insecure at bats. Although it's. Not even a terrible. Is it possible. Is it possible that he is just a gentleman. Approve. Leaves the past and the past and this is your thing right there's no reason anybody's in Iraq's. I and a sure thing so you guys do you have a friendship mystery but before that you're dating. So do you think he's just it's possible he's just likely get passed in the past. There's no reason for me you're involved Chris and right now because I got this new girl whose awesome and just move coast to coast and our coast and. Credit told the that and senate to complete a ghost world. I think Kelly season's world. He still hasn't things for you is your dates and he doesn't want that temptation and it's like right here thank you know exactly. And in my world you're just a crazy ex girlfriend while goal hey lingering in the shadows and my world you know her yeah I hate those girls that I don't think you're that girl though. I just silly you got to detach in Monaco. He moved back here and doesn't really why you in his life he just got Politico you're like Latin Trevor take it too much room in your world. Eco village you know ice castle girl. I prisoner gonna let rooted that you got pulled since it's. Cool. I mean all say I thank you. I was just like ink and a cop for a ticket. They mattress and she's on a child I think. He still I guess. Race. And I can ride. Today. I'm Meghann and how remote from the Asia. I. Did they. Need you back I'll. He loved. It ever got here I'm. Here. Ever. Since. And her. Very much. Add it to recreate it I eat and some out at greater. That operation but don't try attacking him. Get. Your take. Over here. I think she was just wanted to rekindle their friendship there's nothing wrong with that and it's. Are you earn it. The other end Eric. Girlfriend. Is it is it that it cannot tie in trying and I had a CNN Saturday. GRE ES TI and in stone mountain in the shadow. I actually you know. Are they call this thing and they call it when you coach our law which is still feel like it there. Other bit of sand Tim and similar lives and. You take out their relationship is all or. He still thinks it's there. So she's got a handsome boyfriend who. So that I agree with that she'd look at this early goals. This thing has dissipated any it was done the trick or Lee. They went from breaking out of trying even so when he didn't actually Greek and aids eventually it is supposed to dissipate trade away he had heard from the men a year or we will try to land that. All our. I I guess Paolo Milan when you're talking about severing Williams but when she started using words like dissipate in the regulator whatever it. I guess seeing in this that. There's guys way tees are for the Asia. I'm vivienne what's up. Global yeah 080. Yeah. Why are. The low brick oh. No no. I'll be. When you get him. Well. I. Now Paul now big game do you truly. Are our. We don't. You you say you hate those tangle where you really mean is you love to hate goes on it. Don't affect. Oh I. Eat. And eat. So. So yeah I'd. My god oh god I don't. Oh. She's. She didn't. Get those things I JB it goes I think I'll be back you know it's gone for a few days and will be back next Monday at 730 Sarah and son Collin Collison and all local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.