Ghosthunting with Justin and Julia

Tuesday, May 16th

Julia left halfway through the date without a word, but when you find out why you'll probably be cheering her on. 


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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One start now before one and try to tell people the list goes CPU one. Don't tell. If this is your first time listening to go signing it's quite as simple kindness and a member of the demonstrate and show family causes out. Instead I got deserted and for me. And explain it could be former co worker Caribbean neighbor that moved out. And we do a little research Arie ended track that person down. And we reach out to damage and ask them why they disappear. And today. Just in it would like as still work for a woman that he had half of one day it. How Padilla had just end. Yeah yeah. So how do you have half a day with somebody. Since he had to try to meet two armed. She used her Opteron in the middle of dinner time. Yeah I mean it actually is that I'm not I'm not from paleontologists know working in Atlanta sir a few months and a project. Armed and so it staying at this hotel and there's so. This woman who worked there it became he's trying to do attend we're endeavour's tank. You know I just casino hotel amount yet but I thought she. I am a little bit. On originally and that it's this huge huge turn into armed born and raised in Atlanta. Economic guys that would love to hang out new. So. You know what you're gonna return. And thinking you're going all right and then in the middle there she checked her phone and said just that side who's in the work out. And benders like last content so I left in man what is motivating you to see. The senate hotel I didn't I didn't see obviously it's only CNN has been wondering where corporate bond play. Copenhagen. I had no idea. Have you texted her and he she responds. Or ambassador but I mean no response in the capital so goods if you called her well. No I mean I see age was restarted accentuated. Under a call. Did you have any weird conversation on the dated some topic come up and made her uncomfortable. But not admitted thinking about it daily news it's noise small chat. It's spell you know and he didn't get do good teacher goes through I think he talked about it project little bit but I mean we're golden chair. To sell surface level very happy to yeah he's joining a mutual friends in the city of I. I mean that just kind of thing and did you know anybody that CN. No I didn't I didn't know anybody she knew besides. You know they're actually looked sure to tell at all. So bizarre aren't alliger I'd be upset and it looked at and it. And before you left the hotel did you have any interaction with the woman who introduced the two view. No I didn't hear I was looking forward but I it time now and enough I think. As you are. Our is it possible that a woman and I'm asking Kelly and him as is so superficial. That. His. Physical description didn't match. What her friends said so she do. Okay I'm guessing you know of only in the middle of the day just because you like disappointment. With Simon is willow yeah. I wouldn't think so and I would think that her friend probably shatter a picture of him before they went out. I mean with FaceBook and everything else like well no yeah. And nothing we can't like did you have they would let their remaining in the half and in the hotel that may be your friend would have seen in my warned her about. I mean honestly I I was just kind of come back or not you know how to get our data eternity to warrant at a good little. I was aren't there. We see no but I had. It is you have to your room while you're on the Dade and you left one of this tape review movies callon. Yeah today. Well it went in early and I pumped up. OK so just and when she gets up from the table and leaves it was that abrupt she looks at her fellow yeah. And then says. I'm sorry I have to go the bite and that's it yet. Did he. As a real food out caller have ruby and roof you have before you did that hit you guys ordered are eaten any food up to that point sentenced to death. You know we ordered that this who hadn't I hadn't come yet to Brett. At my house that is out her on tray comes and he's had an amateur through voluntary box box that I'm farming here. Alerting. You gotta have a hotel it's probably got just a tiny fridge I know I will sell her box is that I ran into drama men and you're trying to work. I was wondering if maybe got later shrimp cocktail that they've had put the phrase you she gets hot snakes. And I got to go it alone in. Disease is Colin Hudson. Oh I'd say. No thank god thank. And all of it. I write so I Jessie Davis 24 hours and while I ask you Julia she's going to come out within us and if so and this time tomorrow we make a phone call to Juli out while you listen name. And she will hopefully be completely out of this about why she mailed. Yeah I would degrade. In the meantime we want yours theories on exactly what happened and so has a bomb paced back and tell us you know for bragging rights of course. Why you think that she bailed on middle of it. And then tomorrow after we get her time and I she she confesses to it to what the reason was. You get to walk around all day and say hey you know that go seven thing and the different and show and it doesn't matter but I was right. Feels so good to be wreckage people cents a settled if that's why pretend to be re all the time. She's running Dennis. All over it's yeah. It's very common overlook knocks. Justin. Let's discuss some of the theories they came out of yesterday's. Ghost honing in before weekend. Her on the phone what do you remember her name then he would it was he Justin. Justin is his name okay and Justin came on when this. Because he was on a date with a woman who got up in the middle of the day. And walked away from the table name is Julia. Never came back and never offered an excuse because we've heard the excuses before yet he just yeah. She just got up and and walked away now here's the deal doesn't actually calling us from out of town. He was here. Four worked for several weeks and a woman who worked at the hotel set him up with her friend and ends. He just wants to know what he did wrong his mind is completely blown. I heard disappearing acts and Janine has been taking guesses on FaceBook for the past 24 hours. Yeah how we got. Tiffany said I think she got a better offer like another guy she likes or her ex boyfriend that would be so jacked up and yet to get a text in the middle of dinner and jet. After the root literally get up and walk go ahead. Chris simply isn't a good she says my guess is a real emergency actually happened and she just didn't have time to say anything. What is their time to say there's an emergency. That take a second and a half there's an emergency. Enjoy the really interesting theory should and and thinking she might have been a working girl realized he wasn't for John near term for me. So left I know it's disappointing that may be different at the hotel helps her find jobs especially a guy just passing through for work. Izod now. Letter I got that same area real yeah. She is a she needs for higher should pay money for dating and when she realizes it was medallion to paying the and area I have ever heard the term John before I have been listening. I have my theory is. Just based on my experience being a man. That he something did happen and he just completely overlooked it. So he said something rude yes indeed did it brought up the topic that you should not broached on a first date right and she was like. I'm out right away and it could I mean we reader apps and I don't know if you notices on FaceBook coroner charged climate. There's a lot of energy and passion and different sides of different debate the and I think like he may have said at some point during the meal well I'll tell you what I think Donald Trump is doing an outstanding. Job. And she just got and that was as if she's like. But police trump supported got up walked out and he'd he does even occur to him. Yet it maybe because he's oblivious eerie tale and it is is that a we're gonna pick somebody up. Give them cash money and then we'll get Julia on the phone. And find out why she bailed we'll do it next after Bruno it and sorry for. Open championship the Arizona where they do go home and he didn't. Now back today. One story and for want tracking down the people the list goes Steve deal. This week on the Jeff and thanks so we are guess hunting up words just. Did in the middle of things and he didn't even get a full day it was a date from and he wants us to crack down this woman and find out. What happened because he's still expression has had gone why in the world yeah of the month before the food even got there yes. They just sit. OK we have tractor down. Oh great yep so she is willing to come on with us so the way this works is as long as yourself cooled to this. We'll up the John Holden you listen and as we talked Europe and. They're non technical and the addition pink donuts there. At cant hang out. A ya I opt. Opt opt out. You have to talking. Well who may buy it because this guy. This and I never been a rule before Apple's latest. That's how appeals Jeff just made up now. Kaiser's Julianna. Yeah it's ruled age really it's the jet's engines show calling Hariri now. How are you know. Day I don't know I. Hey listen. Calling you will be kids you have. Gotten very lucky today you get to be a part of our rate radio segment called ghost hunt. Firmly in hand at K so you know what it means egos said Friday it. Yet saying no and no ghosting and. So. We got a phone call from a gentleman that you were out witted and he said make a month ago. And news in the middle of the day you got up and left. His name is Justin. And he said that he is sexy give you times. He who have never responded to his text messages and for the past month it's been driving him nuts. About why you you failed so we are hoping the you'll give us complete honesty. About why you walked out in the middle of it. Is that all she OJ is. Our dad yeah yeah I mean he said that he had been in town working on a project he's Islam and Atlanta and is set up with you by way. A woman who's a friend of yours who works at the hotel. Hey. I'm. She's lining. And so when we were on this state. Term I got a so called expressions X China used thanks to you had sapped. And it really saying. You know basically had done. But that era which is engaged to be banks. And sensors are. No she didn't know that when she's standing me how. And she found out. I. Only finishing her and I'm not a home wrecker I am not looking so we have been dating somebody take. So. I guess I latched. I did not want to bring that split and Christian and I don't know and from Adam and I don't know her reaction I studied dashed at. The battle. How old are your so Smart how did your friends know that he was engaged. While you're on the date. She basically just kind of investigated a little back no apparent that out. Mike looked him up high and social media and stuff. Yeah I have a question you want to do it's it's a Brady parents don't want. To necessarily get on at all. So was this horse out of as a friend day though or was he abilities are around the compliments like comment on TE economy Mike could you tell at a list. Crossing a line like Sunday. It was not a trend gave this guy who has definitely into me which is. How would you grade and I have been to hand you know it just. Am needed. I don't like he would do that I hit it through another one name. And an alleged Armenian and not be a liar you know yeah. And seriously romance. Salaries and how many years that you did not pick up across the water and thrown on the eating regularly and it came at me. All right Julie looked at me really. That's like a punch in the gut when you got that text message a massive knock the wind out of via. My hands are shaking I don't know how he do it frankly I. Think I have need to go out need to go. And stereo you active for any area. Diet and you're a huge early thanks for coming out with a as the days yeah. I season and he seemed chicks before you know one oh let me ask you this gem and that causes out on the radio like cattle you know from here. If he's Asian married a week on the radio and do this yeah but is that something you feel like tearing him apart because I'm armor and watch you do. Celtic Kelly's thank permits a committee yet except I don't I just like there's got to be another story because why would it if you engage remarried. Why would he put his stuff out on the radio to try to find out why she goes to them. Well the sooner we stop gas say in this sooner we concern right in the madness and I look at I look back in three minutes will pick up Justin. And find out if Julius L is true with the that three minutes from right now and the temperature and show Sarajevo on. Star in 941. Well it does time and Julia shock us. Please tell what she said about why she guess it just in the middle of the first day. Just in Andy and Julie were in the middle of dinner she looks that are found that stands out excuses herself and school. Leaves the table leaves the restaurant casting calls us to find out why. And what she told us as mild so I gave. Whatever friends do in research and just in China they're using gauged this year is that where that with a taken man. And she got that text message and that's the date said she wasn't sure how he'd respond so she just a blast which we were really high by governor about. But what I can't figure out is if he's engaged to marry boys coming on the radio. To find out why did just today that you have. Hey Justin welcome back. Hey guys yeah are you gate should be married to somebody else. Yet and I am engaged we're all out recall. What. Liked what he did it but. Your act asking why a woman on a person date with you pay old and you're engaged to somebody else but he did it and. Number that would look like at eight Dayton that would break. Trenton getting together like it was never. It was a lovely day she'd ever you before. And you're. Very well but the whole reason we got he got whose districts because I wanted to see Atlanta and her friend kind of somebody you can you can delay and it's got its iconic I need to go out that girl I could said that it would heal damage to their I know this cute girl who would love to change the Alabama. He's here with that sounds like that sounds like some male lion like a guy yeah I went beyond. Did your fiance and then I went to dinner with acute girl who's gonna show you around Atlanta. Calm down. And I mean no well it kind of became so he took her everything that happens you know I that I I was gone for a while Moroccan election alert on a creepy held. I they are such are about hold out and admit just in here's the thing because I was trying to see if there's a way agitate you're citing got to be Edwards a prop. But here's there at the flaw. And you are the chink in your armor if you will you say the cute girl they give you urges meeting up with somebody to show you around Atlanta. Because you've only seen the inside of your hotel since you Benny air right. Then the physical appearance doesn't matter that gender nothing matters. But if somebody's describe if somebody says hey I got a cute girl I want you to meet. I'm like that's really nice but I'm married yet I'm saying like but if somebody goes hey I got red. A girlfriend who can show you around and I'm like oh cool. Yet and you definitely mention and just somebody that your engaged like you Akon. I'm just. I mentioned that we were engaged to could include would come up and I wouldn't try to it's reveal a debater he had more discriminated. Against her just as she's cute like huge extent. And my girlfriend yeah I would of. And then come on yourself all of that you call the adults because deet. If you mean are good at it wide ranging aren't likely go in the eyes of the eighty to date it's romantic intentions. And we calls the deed if it's not a date date. I'm sand but it and you earlier Leon day and you itself but that's OK so why didn't you tell your fiance then. You know if indeed likely be good to bring some jealousy and I don't I don't. Meanwhile what does worry me jealousy if there was an ascent. Because she would she might think we Uga under assuming right now even though like you know. Yeah because you're edit dude it. Going out on a date with a girl. In a city you don't live man and you're not telling or any other fiance surely she would have some questions you're dirt bag. Only six she won't find out they union wouldn't bother. Are you. I think that's that's a numbers that don't. Are you gonna tell her about this race here. But I know why did you tell her about it this link to be more. I think for the benefit of keeping away. What is it. What's that. I don't now. I don't I am. May you. Couldn't reach far enough across the board here to do that congratulations Jan your first chariots of firing. Let's stick to hear his voice unlike. Now he's a worse it feels good doesn't it Yang areas of firing someone. That's a go and it's got worse things go like what is this works is music but I kept us all like it here is. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. Like what he said didn't even matter anymore hey amber welcome to the show Harry you are temporary and general keep jet away from the chants of fire fox show. I was gonna I'm. I'm not and I are there and NYU and I admire. It and elite. Well is he when he was doing is used China backed panel on the whole thing. Once you are elderly about right so he was trying to find out leg when he when Mary comes back to town. Take us through again and then. She called him so that he just laid it up like school. It says. Cool. Sarah and tennis. Oh gosh this guy's just and the need for a psychiatrist has done things. He constantly try to kill. Judgeship I or rationalize why he went out with the warm. Christie said no it was friends getting together for dinner did you don't even know her unique is it blind date how can be brand building together. And it just so our agent and eat. Supposedly committed to this one and I felt sorry for the lament I hope but somehow she hears that and Iran is trying to help. Ed I'm guilty he will not be thankful to our. At such ridiculous and how need to rationalize that made it seem like oh no big deal I can't get it. I don't think he lied about a new era and he he's like it's just date alcohol. When he's on that date if you're gonna be up and bring you gotta. Understand the psychology of guys like he knew where wise that's his to his defense of getting tossed it. He knew what I was going into it right it just wasn't aiming his. He just didn't register the fact he can get caught it then bid that's when she found out right but that wasn't even on his radar because some mannered gum. My question are you Jeff isn't what would Cali do in this situation are what would you do they have grant left and even on the cell when you freak out freak out. Would you Jeff and sound freak when I quit tallied three now. Nash she'd probably. It's a Mac I'm. And larger Sanjay games okay. Mourn and Harry all agree are I'm fine that we have some frustrated folks in the studio. I don't wanna him I am tired in my anchor also last week my arm pit there clearly aren't higher gusts. That guy is a dirt bag I can thank you Larry speller on the radios. He ate dirt bag and he men like him Margarito why women had Trent big huge debate in it. What about her she. Agreed to go to gay women engaged and I. And yet all of today I'm telling you that he did. Absolute right thing today that her or I wouldn't I literally you would have picked at the apple water in there and in his eighth. And then locked up at Dillard's lighter bat the bat is it's hard hit are on. I. Kelly Jesus thank Kelly she drives everything to be a made for TV movie do you dump that water OK today included table literally a little bit. Are Smart though to see yeah. Get out there consider what his reaction would be no way any when your have cling gauge you talk about things are coming around my fiance is gonna come next time. I'm gonna take her all these places like a something to be noted and the fact that he didn't say it. But he also said at and I brought this up when we were talking to them the fact that she was described as a cute girl exact bands where the flag goes up that we hear frank goes hey I gotta Q girl who will show you around. If you worrying gazing committed you're like I'll. It's awesome that she's cute but I that's now what I'm looking for the I'm seriously look for somebody to show me around because I'm engaged are so I just thought of as Amanda Logan well. I I'll we're talking about the fact that you lived out of town he does deliver on hair right so he's probably not that concerned and he's that they would hair and she doesn't live here. And he was invited that's all I gonna find out yeah. I don't know so I had asked for listening in now Logan's Amanda and. Where in there if there may get married are guessing gazing married they don't ever go anywhere with a woman alone. There are a lot of guys that have that couples that have that rule that that's weird right. I don't know seems seems like I must. But I there's another huge clue huge huge clue but I just realized that he gave us. In retrospect it's totally obvious accent styles are explained from a guy's point of view. And she I'll star for our. Hi Jason welcome to the temperature in general conference building morning sort Jay Payton. And and a day for OK I love that pass oh yeah Antonin Davey and Kelly I was OJ. Four K one. I. What's our Jason. Oh I'm Debra from Geico but it's okay a couple of days well it does no. You guys need to go cartridges yeah I'll take it is not the first time in bella knows a little bit the last. And senator. Your fire if it did go down sire. Kim Panama and then and then she'll do where's this relationship going and a half and then show eventually caught the bridesmaids replied yeah. Any help break have been it'll be all the feels yeah. I Stephanie and Rahm thank you Jason Stephanie and from. Your morning with sap. I do we look at them and never really come add content and cheated he was really in tax but he mentioning am glad that it was more than just a friend and. Well and say that that's not on top of that Kelly you may be thing is from a guy's point of view Cali you may be realize this when you. When the wind I Kara what was he said that but if you're talking if you're engaged. You talk about year. Fiancee if you're you talk about your life so he's been at a hotel for weeks. Friendly enough with the people who work at the front desk that they're willing to send him up with the other friends. Fracas is a girl correct me if I'm wrong but did I guess and another when you're girlfriend's out of date with a guy that you know like this come and happy safe right now you know anything. Well enough to send what do your friends off with him. And never once did he bring up his. Fiance and so he is totally vinik creepy creep you exactly. He decree pretend grouper grouper is a dark packed. Dirty dirt bag Anderson Hughes and her need to her packers' 33 I guess stuff. Back bitter part of the whole thing that was when he is making all the excuses and Elvis and changes subtly reaches over and hits the button I'd like. Where does that come into. Is talking in my socket targeted don't be talking tough and you anyone I can back up originally nasty. Terry it's a fired security usually just gone and on and on answers you don't get yet. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.