Ghosthunting with Jordan and Brandie

Tuesday, June 20th

He wanted to hang out again after ghosting her way back, think she'll be into it?


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Edwards and you listening right now are gonna have homework so you have to pay attention to the next five minutes. We have a quick camera station we've Jordan's. Out here is your relationship refrained. You need to listen to that entire conversation. So that after it's over you have your theory. On why she ghosts and why he goes student or how they'll behave. When we recap the to have him. If he goes in her place a reverse those times yet this week. So that's why I'm so confused so listen to the next five minutes of radio. And then you have to weigh in on whether or not. Brandy is gonna be receptive. To Jordan's approach. When we get her on the phone tomorrow it is this week's episode of ghosts coming on the Jeff and ginger. Let's people who have bills did you. Jiang as we go setting as they've ever reverse. Whereabouts adjusted Jordan yeah. Ghosting brain these six months ago. And wants us to grow for our reconciliation. Ol boy he's still guilty you dad ghosting candles. They Jordan welcome to the show. Scale and going out forward. Hey we are good I'm interested to hear this story because typically we go hunting for the person who coasted into. Not the other way right counts. So. Yeah understands. So basically. About like. Six months ago. Opt out of mutual friend of mine. Introduce me. Two brain and she's wounds you know shoes really naive some we kind of all harm now in a group from its own sort of and it's really cool and she's really sweet. And then we went out together you know all those I was as you on the church every additional day. On you know until unfortunately. Or admittedly I would say you know there were a couple of girls and I was talking cook I'm much and it's you know so would then be on that album on the Tristan has got kind of wasn't really sure. So. You know admittedly she tried to can torture me and I kind of just. In our blue cross you know I was really ready for mutual relationship or understand approach broken corals and most talked entered. You know but lately you know. I've seen the pictures are sort of you know to mushroomed and subject my kind of just Mormon too much you know old seat which she was up to and see about she hopes I don't know what in the gym and another shot maybe the issue is do you now bad timing. You know whole world know reduce means some like that was not figured that dark. Chief target chatter up again. So Jordan is this. Second try gonna come with an apology I mean you know on the ice for ghosting. I mean. Oh mom and automotive necessarily mean an apology here you know Ali as. Excellent V Cindy thing. It's. You don't need. You don't think meanwhile you owe her an apology is that my hearing that right or are. I mean I'd I don't think so. I just you know what clinched its normal Montero was and then speaks you know I mean I just wasn't. Looking forward and don't murder. If anything like that not all not just kind of wonder she. You know war is gone unobserved in an armed. Unlikely to enact such. He once I can't. Yeah absolutely I'd be remembered. If you notice how many times this guy's saying you know yes this is how high thanks downing at that. Thought oh my god I'm about to lose I. Sure it does to. I don't know if I want a ring connect them when I'm reconnect it was made and the call already yeah. OK let's sit around with him quickly because I'm about to punch cubs a can't access. I think suffer hanging on their Jordan we are gonna go ahead and and give her cry all. And see if she remembers your day in CC's open Sudan. Re connection. There are sounds great thanks so. I'd so we'll put you. I'm hold we'll get all her information and give us 24 hours to get the OK and at this time tomorrow. Will reach out to currency which is asked. So McCurry. I will be right back with an Alley while or did OK let's have him arm and Italian. I don't sending we'll continue you know this time tomorrow you know I'm the jet's engine and you know OSHA you know hallmarks. Wow let's start any shorelines. Star in 941. And the people who have no Steve you. Yesterday at this. I'm on the jet can show we met George and. I feel it's. Jordan airplanes using the word. An interesting dosing this week because we're actually tracking down a girl that he goes did. And now want to see if they can make a real connection so it's disappointing in reverse this week on the jets and show Bob Jordan back this draft. You know. They were going to ask. I she is agreed to come on with a shoe doesn't know why we're calling but she has agreed to talk with this so quickly you wanna hold. And call her out and find out if she well. Communicate review after you ghosts in her six months ago. Appreciate amendments or comes back as president of. Iran holds will be re back with the rest we talked Erekat and so we'll go hole on a friend. It is. On. I. I. Yeah. Oh brandy. Hey it's Dan and Jessup concern any for one how are you. I don't get how are you know I didn't think serving only to come on with us today I know that's kind of a weird place to be used to come on the radio I'm not really be sure. Why we wanted to talk to you all so. Yeah. So we talk about dating and relationships and our shadow and you are part of the segments that we called ghost hunting. I now. Usually we tracked down people who have. Go sit others. But this week it's a little bit in reverse someone. Who in New York past has conceded you will. Wanted us to reach out to you and see if there could be a reconciliation. Are really more like a real connection. I think they know where their two cents ahead he hits and guess this would. A million bucks so there. Okay. Are you mistaking maybe Jared for Jordan by any chance. Well. Are around kind. Remember I remember just. And you remembered getting toasted. By Jordan. I do remember getting detected by drug it. A tag old Jordan. A great chance US and said hey this is really you know not great timing at this time that we man I really liked her passion is nice but. There was some other things going on in my life and basically the timing was bad so. Fast forward and I think he said it was about six months ago that you guys had one day he. He let on about race and he says the timing is better now. For him. Anyone can now reaching accepted that Latin yeah it's absolutely a although I mean this is now I think I'm. Glad you're laughing about it are you currently dating anyone. I am saying no and kidnapping theory about him being so you're smashing Bill Bennett. I am. Although I am definitely not injured ABC region acting. Have a good time we knew we. I really did kind of let him but I reached out. Like shortly after another cave everything's okay Blake a dull lives. And I got no response back even the potential to did you meet. And I have a bureau go to ground really I don't gonna glide up front month and a lack known in and week. Thirty seconds he did you hate to think I'm being billed as the last I'll let time go by and then to see how it by now due to reach out. Lou yeah I'm not injected any at all. If free not a well I have. Thanks Oreo friends. Yeah deputy Benin to eat and again and rub it could show practically up at Hendrick thinking you know why it happened. Rick I'm at exactly 32 to think hey it may mean I didn't I would love to reconnect the feature. I would respect and that they checked meet me out and tired I actually had a really great time. And so I think you know he didn't let that category had no means no not even yeah it's not at all. Sciele that was under. I don't know. Well yeah thank you Randi thanks Randi thanks for coming all of us we appreciate it. Think at all. And again if you're listening I'm tied George and if you're listening. The major checked responded taxi damn thing he did it did happen to other girl they're going to be the same thing that I did and it. It didn't and I had police and. Every day and I. We'll come right back and I just three minutes and pick up Jared Jordan and eyes and see what he says his thoughts on her. I'm sitting thirds are doing. I just three minutes remaining habitat contentious or anything like. The jet engines show every. We just until brandy and yeah. It's painless there reverse this and this week on good. Yeah aren't normally the way it words AZ you get blown Ozzie all eyes. And walled track down the person in the lead off find out why Clinton. This week's episode. Is a guy who actually blew up some money and wanted to news reconnect with them six months later says I don't reversed. Right goes hunting weekend action thank George. And mind to reconnect with brandy wheat is called Randy and she said. She's like I got to know cussing policy and Ohio works in dating you can take three seconds to send a text message so she is not interested at all in re connecting Jordan was. Listening to all of that while it played out so Jordan. Is back on this now what do you think it was a noble after. I'm sorry I think. Blew the whole arm sorry brandy. You know such that's further refinement trio letters original I was. I was just checking to see if you know we can reopen the lines or whatever shut without money is no big deal. And do you think it really bad. Because of a deal would association where we have such sort of seduction of the way it is. She was. Doesn't have said you were laughing through the whole thing. Well you know she do that sure. Rory wrapped election and more. Or mom or my name Jared Jordan good lord like you know that it was you know. Eric told there was some tequila and appreciate at least remember my name. And. And I we went out 16 months ago right. You can't and you does it hurt and you blew her. Can be mad at her because it's slightly rude. Shudder oh you are issues lap saying. You know it is it is what it is I guess you know. I guess she took a little more taught them and I thought. And they're not expecting it and you know a bestseller. Under percolating this. Yeah you know Jeff how I am not you know not guns ansari that in March Madness when there's any efficiency and stuff. Yeah exactly. I had to get Ryan thanks Jordan. Thank you very much closed just for. About Cornelius and alana welcome to the shaft. Ayers or they'll tell you. This yeah I did yeah he did it take rejection you thought you go to that little black book and its. And every game. You know they learned it in a bank include an alarm. Where are so he's certainly one of a black little chart that backed out. I didn't study is being cute like show labs have idea on the radio shares religious fanaticism girl showing. Well I mean and she was confident I police just racquets since. Let me guess you didn't know it yet because you out of light yesterday so I'm not going apologized. I live I would imagine thanks Cornelius Alexander I'll tunes are gone out and I'm in Scotland. Let's go to a moral. Not a us based but he crossed on the inside he did they are now you're an idiot. Dad bags and I'm. It was an easy one cut and dry in cinders of karma race. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.