Ghosthunting with Jesse and Monica: Part 3

Tuesday, April 11th

This Ghosthunt got a bit crazy, did Monica fake her sister going into labor?...and did she actually have a good reason to if she did?

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Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to besides in these welcome to the Jeff's engine Jermareo. You can carry it did. Cedars are Monica. Jeff Faine error her sister having a baby you think she sang to the images line. I personally do not think should sign entries. I think is you were immortalized as on satellite. Didn't someone say she is the baby coming out early just barely at all waiting I count on our early and he Canada thinks I'm date correct about her that she she acknowledged. She. Derrick strait to the story I that I don't think (%expletive) aren't straight out. And the steps at the end about the husband not being around for her. Legs and not coming around like that. I did that the best defender Bullock babies in the military or whatever but it's all it's almost like she threw that in as an. Afterthought. Coming out yet it unnecessary. All right that's kind of like the rambling. Lynne day and Marietta welcome to the show lying or telling the truth. She can't climb. He's. The Arctic are the earth or we won't cure they being zeroed. I I wouldn't I'd week early and be right back around and brag on. It would be I think she is pure. Talent around. You eat poorly early our doctor with the state like that. Christiane in Atlanta welcome to the ship. Out and I thank you. That she really. Eager but I don't believe it happened anyway and she cried she can't. But. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe a couple days later or another I dream and I think that's going on that day. And I just I the only person who really matters and all this is Jesse we're gonna pick him up here and in a second. Brandy aimed Kennesaw log onto the champ. Hey Larry I'll read you believer either just fine. I I'm elite aren't aren't that I am a huge commitment that bad weaponry that like a week. And then Kelly didn't leave our Ali Maryland thank you that you're not where. We now that I kind of went that it on the day. I mean the tablet like even now Mattel working so you don't call that playing right now that it greatly. I well let me say the only person who matters is. Jesse yeah he's gone up Elan said Jesse. Do you think based and that conversation. That she that Monica has herself a new brand new niece. I don't know I I honestly don't think I'll see. Now I mean I get it is that same thing but why didn't she sent a picture. I mean I can be pretty sure shot eighty cent a picture and I I think she I think it afraid occult or anybody really bummed me out because I learned probably pretty much helped out they're but there's no way. You know Samantha how much he became the Canadian and not husbands. Wait I mean why hold as he has each he just way to reach out quite a dominant up in my mind Eric it she's flying to. She's nine years I mean we don't we're never gonna tough this is massive theft who died well. I was weird that the husband wasn't home immediately after the baby news weren't like what's more important than the. I don't even have a sister. But if that it could be a what if he is internationally. Like if the baby wasn't due for a month. He's in Egypt priority traveling internationally Horry has some connection to the military. Ray. I guess it's possible but that did send YOK listen hold content why would she made bad detail because. But why wouldn't you say everybody's doing fine but why would she say that yeah ha. Now that you're like why didn't I key keep going in the adjuster workhorse supporter so much about a relying. The notion on the radio or plates or should we probably you know. She believes there imaginary sister she's probably on the phone whether it is. Great now let's ask you know like things are going great surprise she told you I would have gone now with you again. But you were overly paranoid about her beer bailing on the dinner. And that insecurity is a leader not wanna go out here do you by any of that. Like I said she didn't answer a simple questions I mean if I say oh that's great you had a baby like sending a picture or your sister had a baby like. You know my brother had a baby I was sending pictures dollar to record she couldn't picture of things aren't so great here is like a story to share with me. A picture of a baby. Birds open the jewels germ. I George is compromised I I honestly I I. You know. I asked or even yeah one day I was a little bit like. Annoying about it sounds like some pitcher like a senator like a check every app are out there shortly picture like god I deserve the right to know why she left the eight. You send her a text every half hour hour how long. I was around October I still am content stoke tension on. You know this is just not cruel it's not quite a large outcome on the electric closure something does get a little lie. But it. Let's put it it's not another lie what if it's the truth. Then send us a pitcher like you got her number two doctor Tariq you'll send me the picture. It's pretty prove that that's crazy I call the hospital ornate state I called out on the call early in no hurry to. You'd have caught as opposed to. You can't do that what is your rest for Monica is a certain kind of. And I know our. You know Monica's last name her sisters Mary do another man. Allegedly age. All right Jesse. Banker familiar thank salad but I don't think we've really done much output RA. Thank you. Are telling us. I bring in Dallas him. I'm pretty content on the trip that you guys are a little like elk and you can tell how. Really. It these people uptrend on eight but before they're going Al bumble and tender date. Like. He would be a Buick and they're like 400 have a packed powder light. Stock in people look regal why it took them. You can avoid situations like that it's. Thanks very I think I certainly would condones and cyber stalking right there I hate ice still saying that. She was lying but I think now I'm cool with relying so I'll be kissed him. He asked how he called the hospital late. It's. How I've looking to find out about Monica's sisters baby. We just go to the maternity ward in yell out hey Monica. And seeger turns around and then go and see if there's a baby there and thanks for any Caspian area. Hey Aaron I think it's just partially telling the truth I think the call really what are actor's director called and cut her. Brother and I just went to jail and you have about how her baby. Interest she needed someone to go. You don't want to let her and that's question fishy about the extended period. I'm. I don't know. How that's a great theory okay isn't really angry at around Smart theory the mines that are traffic. Traffic don't think an. And I went thank you for listening guys some incentive for contributing to the crazy thing that. You have some listeners that's so true is if she was shady about the deet tails. Maybe it's 'cause he was an incarcerated baby daddy maybe it's because this guy Jesse is a virtual stranger yeah did you swipe down her. And she swiped down hams say they went out for cheeseburgers. And halfway through the mail she realized this guy is a lunatic and wants to Wear my skin. He didn't think maybe he's like. From the pollution in the basket he's at what he's a pass the gadget I think I have a little. I carry in ball ground. You know I can't my. I'm not actually he was four and a half weeks earlier I think they'll wait eight pounds of ground. No actually you don't say it creamy baby hey you got a lucky break and get out early. OK you have given Andre twelve Urals. 800. Dream about that now but gallows within. It can't happen. I absolutely don't blame her her it's not on him because he's sound like about oh yeah yeah. Yeah that's an understatement. Monica is going up to this are Monica is is Jesse's Monica. Learn know and didn't get your money I. On the everybody that I'm bound books they need to and swipe left when they see Jesse. Because it keeps backing her and calling the hospital and Colin are every half an hour. That's something you don't wanna get into it. No that's actually a 100% accurate but we're joking about it is that notre that's so that's that's a level a crazy. Disease like nobody leaves me on T confront heat. Jan in Fayetteville. You believe her. I know I do so. And again I had my baby slow week early. And my second 108 pounds I did not have jurisdictional type either saying I had no immediate. Neighbor came very aren't out. And remind them traveling depending on what is now I have. A month with a lot at time dot commitment you're trying to get bang bang your quick court had a baby shark. But. I don't and then she a lot of creeped crazy. Yeah I mean these are these crazy lying or telling the truth is definitely got the ball. It took yet there are. I thanks jam. Them all like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.