Ghosthunting with Jesse and Monica: Part 2

Tuesday, April 11th

This Ghosthunt got a bit crazy, did Monica fake her sister going into labor?...and did she actually have a good reason to if she did?

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Czar not before one. Tracking Dell people Lewis goes CPU one. Coastal. There's something on the jet's engine showed you a little awkward and I'm guessing that's a bet that hasn't happened today because. We are ghost hunting and towards Jesse. Have tracked down Monica. Does he told us yesterday that he and Monica metal mambo really hit it off and had a great aunt and adverse state partial birth thank you great half from first to react in the mid. All of dinner she gets a friend call it was actually from her sisters who she claimed was in the labor. Montero going. And then she bolts from the table. Never takes him back never hears from her again and he's like a minute. And finish the hold date I don't find out what happens so. Might get a little bit awkward but we're gonna find out from Monica what was it about Jesse that made her do that. I Jesse ready to listening as we make this from Karl. Just sign on Larry it's not it's not more whose. I'm not so yeah unquestionably terribly. Well at night we're gonna put you wanna hold that won't call her and then after we hang up their welcome back DO can't. I hit good luck godspeed different. Yeah I. A and have to call on her court acting skills and if. It's funny. Hello hey is this Monica. Yep hey Monica it's different and how are you. I'm doing very. Yeah -- well thanks for coming on with us today we're excited is that you on the show you look. Don't know Moyer coming on the Europe part of this segment called ghost hunting. Can oh so so basically ghosting is when somebody disappears out of your life with no explanation. I'm so we've tracked you down to talk to you on the show today because Monica you're the ghost. Iowa right so we are at Colin on behalf of Jessie. Who you met I'm humble all. And he said that he thought about really why you're in the midst of your day and then it. You're germanic friend call came in implant a friend calling put in quotes because he said he got a call from your sister was in labor. No I didn't. And he's like yes she made this big really big deal this blown out deal and I could tell she was acting in taking NN. She left her in the middle and it's never coming back. Well and it. Dead into it happened we we're in the delivered me and my sister started hurting actually and little. I heard how lose and it can only and she called media and and so I had the lead at a book out. But is that really what happened he got the feeling that EU. Didn't do such a great acting job and that was not what happened. And that and also urgency now that he has reached out to us to get the absolute truth because he's looking for. Self improvements but he's looking to know what would make him a better companion and the next day he goes I'm so. He wants you to be completely honest. Well one thing that are making better would be if you had a little more closed security here charged and I eat. Can Levy. I played it was not a bad day. It was whether it. That we were having a good apart in the elegant didn't put aside but he has completely turned me are sent back and because I did complete lack of in the back and I'm telling them that's true blood sister combination with having contractions. I picked her up I took the north side and now I have a brainy. So years sister really did go in the labor. Yeah I have a brand new adorable little leaves things the may have she is cute and I'm glad I was spared our rights are certainly are able. You know. Beat air and and share that with her but I have to say that. Jesse I mean I don't know I don't he would bring light to a lot pastoral life. I eat a huge. It past the point of light really you know Kama. Q a one goal. Near in my psyche by the media takes a picture of me at my pregnancy is. After. Well that's oh so my fears searcher you really didn't just make of the call to gather the date you really do get a little. I don't you know I don't you guys don't start to meet you. Honestly there was nothing wrong with that eight I would do its own but I don't a ball over. Having an ice trying their conversation. But he clearly flip the script that witnessed. Completely insecure place. Paranoia going. Here so his text messages after the facts were actually what turned you locks. Nor are. The kind Iowa thanks for coming at what's your niece's name. And let me. How would you mind taxing us a picture you. With Samantha says it. Standing dreading something that identifies -- house on Hossa has the dates and and we see her birthers and again as I did just that little thing they put around her ankle he's an asset and. But. I probably the issue that helping local baby girl being so Arabs stick out move in out. Here's the way. You sincere guy and he's doing great and she literally like and I can beat her record as saying you know like it's my brother in law. He is a bit and networking encountered an extended period that's around and sell it just it. You know she was hilarious and he did not think the baby was a week Saudi would need to act or baby was born back. No they need someone daily Arab. Where is he back in time for the birth thirty missed the birth. You know he gets a bird how we got Boone got. DL wouldn't pictures and captain and actually he will be home. By next weekend so I'm. I. OK okay we'll Monica thank you so much her talk with us we'll. It tells Jesse that he should've bleaching of I was gonna call you got a bad acting job with the blue. That you. No no I'm pretty straightforward that I mean you know it's if I didn't have a guitar and I would do it. Sadie county didn't think it worked out where he has let each brand their side. Not on your idealism now. I thank you back here OK it this year and send us those pictures at a bank might. I thought I okay by you believe her. I I don't know why would she like it was an act like she's gonna she's a straightforward person and bright. And she has just told him hey you know I had a great for save but it didn't really work now she wasn't afraid of that conflict. Right. It would be somebody afraid of conflict that would bail on a date in the middle with the fake sister and labor call one to 100%. I don't. She's completely. Elizabeth enact and. I HIV. Actually did Ly Q do you blind dates. One time I had my accent call about an hour into eight and army act on how to eager. Generally I can't get out of the gate. And on a practice that we had when I got in his charge he had blunders and or Mac. Pop pop pop we're attempting to Dave thank you shoot that well. I don't have any evidence by guys that person and only Brian Gay actor went on. And we where to go legitimate needs. And I. I understand so what you're saying is it does happen but did you hear this conversation do you think it happened in this situation. You an idea I believe our I don't I'm. I don't believe we'll. You know what makes you think she thought he and Adam and I just don't think on the truth I Vijay too many details I think she over explained things. World's largest I wish her restrict smoking no she's like that thrown out the way the hospital and then all I mean I know we ask her but I think she's. I'm not come from way that she over talked under percentage line world war 2630941. And that's the phone number. We wanna hear from new world war 2630941. Jen called it her lie detector but is your lie detector go off. We don't wanna hear from you well yeah. And she I'll still are far.