Ghosthunting with Jesse and Monica: Part 1

Tuesday, April 11th

This Ghosthunt got a bit crazy, did Monica fake her sister going into labor?...and did she actually have a good reason to if she did?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. And tracking down that people who have goes if you want. You can be certain when something disappears out of your life you've got to figure out why so. We will track them down for us. My Medicaid disappeared I am Jesse. Halfway through a date. Jesse welcome to go senate what's your story. So I you know I don't like on public or later but it too like a alien like all the get out you know like ten or at all. All of that stuff on and it's been pretty good premiere met some girls opened really panned out on salt far. But just I guess just recently I went out with a car bomb all her name is mark products cheaper high. Really cool girl mom Odyssey was like going super well. I was like this one is actually going good you know I had my heart my eyes out like really excited that I thought you get finally met somebody. Yeah. Hearts in your eyes turning to in a mode yeah. Your I didn't get to hear that I don't like these. In order it's seem like she liked me I liked hurt you know we are tracked to each other you know right out you know and leap to conversation orbit date. And applicant you know. To adopt a friend call. And she came out that this crazy excuse that. Her sister was home alone and what's going into labor and restore to another month so she had to rush you know it was like this big cute decreed by the out of nowhere she. Just took all Donnie and lefty at he restaurant. On because our sister was literally going into labor com. So they knew. How could you tell it was a lot I. And there was some tricks sold. Out there Ellen and she's just put. Can't agree with children can go for a movie to a record low internships or course Owen and all my gosh oh my gosh and like she like. And up you don't start ups and really caps commuters this was going to labor as she was gone you know sort of aren't text wrapped current. Consulate and you know how your sister her baby be trying to like play and talks on you know it's trying to get her to like you know serves up to me you lying to you or something. On and I guess like a piano do italics you bummed me out because like I keep getting you know I guess it would hapless ghost it. I mean she never responded that each member said like that PDs greater reliance Ari. And she's just like was to move on and it's just haven't been a lot lately and like to be honest like I I. It's not just stoop direct bummed out about a girl that went Apogee when it felt like I don't know like a kind of had a tough week in a couple weeks over and I'm I'm. It's just like super upon the products extorted brawl. On top guy hit now just that Tennessee had Gemma let me ask you question before we go further with Jesse. Is their friend Karl really I think. Like he called it their friends call. Is it's deeply do you have it rearrange back when you're dating Jan. Was it prearranged that you would get a phone call a certain point into the mail and seriously ugly out every time out of her state. Every time I ever save but if you're unsure about how that dates gonna go our ages. You you're not you're a 5059. In out or this might be good and if you call me and I don't answer our don't call you back exit on guide. But commie anyway to give me the alchemy to say. And so if you asked me to make the friend call free you hug or when you arrange a site. To is that girl on the other end of the person on the other end. Asking you how where it's going so they. Like. If you're in front of the person in order they'd truly call you within emergency. The you can respond to that make sense yet today play this year indicates failed to they'd played apart even though he can't year. I guess some friends that my friends never did it was just always like hey is it going good is going bad you know call me back if he needed help I'll show up. You know a way I'll keep calling you or architects CO whatever. All right so I would have to do this charade on my end but they weren't doing it on there so the first call so friend's phone call we're going to be the draw on the date you be different. Okay. Okay see definitely need help you wanna get out of there I need to yeah I've yeah I mean. I just blew it and I thought I got a. It's part of what this raid go when you're in Long Island India Canada again I suspect that's I sack so don't go on a day with me just. Singular view it through so I just he's on the I think that you know the frantic call is a real thing I'm just wondering. Did mum is the show. They really are not terrorists and being. Really terrible. I teach you know I mean I honestly do. It was just so help their you know was like in sort of saying like oh my roommate you know with a bad situation or Robert would like my sister's pregnant she's having her baby a month premature and she's a loan and her two desserts so all biblical you know it and you know. It's like unbelievable. It's almost like that or. It's almost like the perfect storm of I needs ago. And play it could be my sister locked out of her apartment in could be my sister's home alone she scared. It could be my sister's pregnant you're going to be. Whatever but she's like thrown at all and nationally in loan. Pregnant the baby's coming early. If the baby's coming now she knows you're not go on whether. I guess you were locked out of her apartment you could be like luckily you know yeah. I'd so we get a hold of her what's her name again Monica. 24 hours hour from right now will call her out while you listen. And and will get honesty out of her right. And then it won't come back and we'll talk to you for kind of a debriefing of our conversation with her that have go sending works okay. Thanks Eric. I go to great great nagging go to our FaceBook page in a way in and whether or not you think that's. Monica actually had a baby in the family or was totally. All right so what's your theory on the ghosting is she telling the truth was she not his she. She needs to get a better friend call excuse. What do you think really happened. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.