Ghosthunting - Jeff and Rebecca

Tuesday, May 3rd


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And Jen shall we does. Just something it's only tracked down somebody that's complete. When we disappeared out of your life we've had romantic relationships we've had co workers we've had friends people have moved out of neighborhoods are right where they know. And we tracked him down until little strong arming behind the scenes to get him to come on the air with us and gives you some answers on why they disappear. So today we're gonna do some ghost hunting for Josh and he's gonna tell us exactly you are looking for. Because I think my disseminated he'd dated while he was separated it. But now he's back with his wife he. Says US to go sign an old girlfriend even though he's married I'm a little conflicted about let's take Josh. Dario it they're. So tell us this story Phyllis fill in the blanks. So I'm unmarried and lived there for a couple of years. And be MetLife should be separated for a while. And we need you to have a RB. Or high school sweethearts. In had always been together and political rights recited Ritter takes some time. To dispute about each other. And do you move out. I'd moved element that you. Public. Ed. I ended up beating this girl and Rebecca. And shoot a meeting and reactor started. Dating. During the separation in my waist. And Rebecca Miller were let me in my life separated or divorced. That we had kids yeah. Just I understood you correctly so she knows you are separated but were not divorced. The you're just having a heart attack. Yes sort of look at all the work for a divorce reports sort of went he divorced no particular order from each other. Ever backed into a recent that you believe Hewitt was okay were all of this shouldn't. Made it sound like they were solidly she's. Was excited and and that you put their comedy that was red pepper and now it's interstate because Adams. Meehan my wife actually ended up getting back together. And I didn't. That's usually usually happy or are you saying that. You know look this is the good include guys you bird you know get up so there won't be hard to others lectured so Rebecca said. We were going to be friends for life as well because of the connection that we days. And now that in my what we're back together. Over that there's no word out which the tool that answered my messages. The contact were based well. Which she got a day like you viewed your life back together and you have kids and your family whatever. She's like okay I'm out. Bill would opinions are that we had as a special connection that would make sort I don't understand what she would do that oak circulate. In some ways this kind of used me because. All right. I've missed so many questions but the big one is. Does your wife know the Rebecca was even a thing while you guys are separated. Change you know I that I saw other people. Who are yes Hugo's Schuettler Albert Robert they're so OK CDC know that rate now you are upset that Rebecca is an act. Responding to your messages. Just you know. So okay. I should she knows Greg what little it's worse you know. Actually me get after personal accused Britain. You know. There were so. So and so okay so did. Jazeera wife believe that Rebecca was just a friend of yours or does she know that Rebecca was more than different. Cheer that region that we need. All the problem. At. And she's. Well served as you OK with. So so guys sort exhibit that bullet that. Well let it should have. Pictures you're all you have to do what sort of judge you told me ever to score on our separate ways to go to their part but. I think that that if she told me that you care about being recruited these others life liberty bell. That was Robert dude addition it in the hole. They can talk to my kids in my relations are good Beers and she'd never do so all right. So. How did Rebecca find out the EU. But did you tell her accuse the aren't getting back together radio wife. Yes you are super duper. And insecure out of what I bright light and see it's not returning your calls and she's not getting back to you via text against. She wanted to move on and go live your life. I know I understood that there are people dude dude but I will let you know my wife we don't. More of an open it got a relationship we talked to let a lot of people in our past lives or liquor. People relationships we've let it took so we your view contact urged. I can I ask you requested. By yet are coming ask a question delicately are you hoping that there might be a relationship among the three of you. And makes sense I'm saying yeah. Oh yeah I'm beginning to Clinton sort of there. And a dream world. It got. Out it blew it I hit. I know it happened but I thought we could refer you know. Are just trying to figure out why like why do you wanna be friends with this girl so much why. Is she so important like the friendship thing a year just open that. Maybe if you keep the door open and that there might be something there did she ever indicate that she would be interested and that's sort of an arrangement. Are you beard. Our day. So. Brit Brit the fact that she's not responding to you indicates that she's not an. Yes. Politically and hold okay well actually we'll just say you go rate here. And will try to discuss this here for another moment I think but. Will tracked down Rebecca won't caller but I think everybody's pretty sure how it's gonna go. All right so thank you for sharing your story where this Josh and now. Will be back into it to you tomorrow. Where will call Rebecca. Okay. All right hold out. Do you really want to do think oh yeah it's. Okay yeah blow him off she's gonna relay dude no. I I just feel like I'm typically on and teen girl and it doesn't feel very teen girl. Well it is. Don't believe him that his wife is totally opened it and find minute dad is his problem that he orders. We actually do this goes on tracked on the woman what does she do if she Jane really marriage they just saying if she was open to it she would have responded to one of his calls. She would have responded to one of his. Note whatever. The whole thing just feels he can you do it. Jogger out there. Jesse James Giles. Ellen star in 941.