Ghosthunting: Jake and Kelly

Tuesday, April 24th

Jake is on the hunt for Kelly not because he was ghosted but because his brother was and Jake wants to know why!

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The people who have no Steve you walked. Jay he's about to join a jet engine show hunting down on someone he set up his brother which adds. But his brother doesn't know that he's doing mess. They Jacobs plowed into the jet engine show doesn't import today. Wells for LA's. Actually. This. I have no idea why should I wanna see my brother and could expect it to them on a date. Yeah. And federated is that one basic incident. So you're asking for somebody else why the ghosting happen OK does your brother know that you're doing this chick though not into law. Would he be upset if you're doing this it seems. A little bit invasive. I don't think he'd be so bad I just do it right. You know are right there wouldn't aren't we the people are. And I corporate Sudan would would you know you don't often get along. And he's got no reason why this happened nothing weird happened on their date. I hear anything weird happen. What they do on their day to you know. Chance on so scandals. What's I know they win excuse generic and grabs can be heard people I don't wanna know that but I know they could live. OK I don't let your anger he didn't sit report back then anything's strange happens. And now. You had a good chance he got hit you know it went well. Does he even care like you inserting yourself in the something that he doesn't even really care about. No I think you scarce or did he cares for sure I get I think it's one of the I just wanna see him you know dating more important being with someone who I think it pistons. Did it get it he had you know and then it's on. Maybe if there is a reason he could coach him on not doing that again I think he did something weird. You can you set them up another time and this could be helped. Lou. Assure her hero when I'm problem back. So it's it's an educational experience is what we couldn't get than that and I were just straight up PBS right now I'm. Not well I'm a weekend we can help you Jacob had his catalog goes signing is here floor yeah. That we tracked down people who have disappeared out of your life in your case your brother's life and we find out why it. And the way we do that is just calls them directly to get answers so I don't feel awkward about giving them in front of anybody else I. I'm the type of person who has read voice that people just want to open up to and and I always say Psycho therapist really as fast as spill my guts to them because I. So I reached out to Cali I had a conversation over there and there's a very clear reason why he she bounced. Okay that bad news is it's kind of a personality flaw and that line of these and the need change. That's interesting okay. That he can you think gaga caveat any zanger Jack governments or rather they would do he would scare let me know okay. The tenacity is up. But I know. Did he get anything out of my hand. I'm curious what Kelly saying that I'm serious bouts. So are in 941. I spoke with Kelly she'd. Why is very forthcoming she explain exactly why. She vanished around but the bad news Jake is it is I don't know air. There's going to be hard to hear error because I think you probably already know this about your brother. And I turn over some that a person can change. What a little sounded pretty good and bad okay I'm I'm ready years. I hear you get down. It's even the most boring I have never met I swear like talking things and look lake. You know bailed on a chalkboard. Like I got him a question after lashing at but I couldn't come up with more than like a couple words for each question that was it ripped. Too much. Those are the worst too because you feel almost obligated. To keep them entertained. My got back. A little bit on it anymore. Light Sheen. Your own round. I may be. Eerie. They have it could have been mad. I acted he bike right. I could keep portions of that I actually just totally went out of could possibly bring it out of a little bit that he didn't open up a little bit more direct. On it sees is he just super shy. TH RIA yeah sorry. All I ate I knew that I'd I mean that did dearly she could maybe pull it out of them a little better. Others another arsenal boring day. Well he's in LA comes solely thing over here come on help me out man that question is is this as something like this recoverable. Hopefully there would be someone out there that would be okay which banner holder. Or are you feel so comfortable and around the that he doesn't have to be actually on Hispanic. I'm known. Maybe maybe like guy lay an elderly person is that really where that anymore. This is. Why yeah well literally died and he he could just read books to her home. I it's full fuel. Eighties saying claiming he's going to strike today if that person to. He's gonna. Honey I think that he's gonna work with them I'm getting. Less shy and just open up about himself because his seems like maybe he's locking up. Angle on the date wit them but I it you can get more group. Things like double date or something. That's the idea sneak Nana prayers go out of yes we're very good old school. You know I what's it called late any year mine and our. Because really that was a thing in every ninety sit com where one guy to another guy and whispered in his ear what to say men something you won't have. Happen and you'll spot hot water on yourself and you got. And they know. And validate. That laugh track will be playing in to be funny. Digg is so done the F. I have a friend. Hi Jay thank you thank you do in orbit so I'd a lot of if it. I drag. I'll not let that get answered trying to help out I appreciate it. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.