Ghosthunting: Has Enough Time Passed?

Tuesday, May 17th


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And gen John we go to the ghost hunting is the weekly segment where we tracked down the people from your past. And Heather Watson is to find one of her old college classmates. And I welcome the show Heather. OK. There's so why did you guys lose touch. I'll only see it. In the hearing here and we are graduating. For that you can't it's brilliant at looking track and and reference for all four years. Can nearly general around. Where you know going to parties that hey how anybody is it. Girl. And a land trying to find. Her boyfriend Chris and I days. And that making out. It was bad it was like just let it drunken college Spain. You know and I found out complete the picture like that night she. Or bout was that the lake we just completely understandable. But it also it was ten years ago current credit has gotten married they have chants like they're doing really well. Senator. You know late. I feel back we had a really great friendship and that's something that like never forgotten about you know I. On the negative. I'm so other you say you have really shouldn't Jim may no other boy friend who she's now may do. I'd. I don't that would like it was so long ago it was like ten years ago we're excited very clear about. All of. Can't that would that will stings. But still I'm sure is a soft spot. And that not only did you make out with her boyfriend right so use that somebody took a picture of it she actually had this CA yet that's sure. See you. I looked angry I'm not saying you know that like I totally understand you know that's how I am being cut fat but it. You know they clearly like we're able to. We rekindle. And you know backpack and I. Did you ever apologize. I I did actually IA that definitely happens I'm Jo apologized and solidarity here and it. I yet but you know I'd like to think that and I howl at and that I have actually Ed. I don't know gluten cash flat and it actually they are. So obviously you're reaching out to us to make the call because you know she's not gonna take a call from year. If you know that she's married and you know images keynesian all this stuff. You've seen her on social media which means you can find they're. I mean I feel like it. She would be less likely to hear from me that I don't happen that you would be narrator I have some hope that. She would mean you know we're excited to hear it. That's usher shall be excited but we can definitely make the call I do have some friends who. How to guide between now neither one of them are with that but they have rekindled their French. So it is possible. But she's still married the guy so now tethered. I like not quite sure Aaron Blake era that was my question had very you currently in a relationship. Or not. And was it did this happen during your graduation weekend and I hear that right well yeah. So. Her graduation. Always has an asterisk on it. Let one of the most monumental occasions in a person's life. And hers has a little asterisk next day. Well I feel like since sentient probably had a lot of momentous occasion she got married Czech Greek kids like. They are really nice how the flake I would like to think that maybe graduation weekend at a little lower on the totem well. Outcome all right. Well we can color weeping mother will call her at this time tomorrow you get to you hear that conversation and we'll find out if what's your name and a if and now wants to be best ease with Heather and she wants. Golf. I may be forewarned.