Ghosthunting: Derrick and Katrina

Tuesday, April 17th

Why did Katrina ghost Derrick after a few dates? He thought everything was going good and is super confused!

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People who have goes if you want. Don't tell. That what you need to know going to go signing is that I. They've already talked to do it dormant they're just go setting forth I already knows the answers every question dear me asking him. Just a minute carriages to help him bury himself. I am pleading no it ST yes I yeah I know what weird freakish. Saying he was touching all the rather dinner they made her say I see Richard do Ryan and I no more. Hindsight that. All right he's ready and paid Derek. I got to Jeff and show who are we ghost hunting for today. I really don't study were guarding peachtree. Okay. Who is Katrina. The most beautiful lady that met on matchup come. And we went out I can't look dates she was gorgeous like totally my type. And you know just sweet we had a lot of commented we are nowhere cycle everything from the state TV shows and read similar golden march but that. And have no clue what you just. So what was your last date like with Katrina. Those are pretty decent restaurant and we had that conversation. Are. And it was great conversation and great two legged chemistry and I'm not sure what happened. Was there any post date communication my quiz today. True ghosting where you drop rob at home in and day hug or kiss or whatever yelled duke and then it never hear from her again or was it like. A fade away ghosting where she just slips into the night. Three text messages on day one to text messages and ate it went as it. An immediate get a statement but I don't stick. Now it's. And how many total days did you go line would you estimate. Before this goes thing happened. Are worried about like you know like coffee shop type things likable previously predator or. But that doesn't it burns like actual. Yes and I came dinner date. Cat OK and eight anything physical. I'm really get rid grocery don't think which British kids. The attention far back did you major. Out but there's been there was. Kissing happening. Because you love her McKnight it's going to be particularly wrong. If a man's really get a kissing huh. I'm is that indicative of of him other stuff doing things good. It's not necessarily about it as still as much as it is about how you feel that chemistry degette right might wanna keep kiss and a cargo and and you keep paying out to see where that goes back. Especially pick and a examiners are really bad kisser than. They get fly around my face on authentic human Hartnell and I think that that could be at a turning point there. That mom you guys Obama putt for a. I remove a signature move may Allah groaning just. Cleaner mouth rate. While we do yeah you know that there are young men listening like teenagers who think that that might be average. The real thing watch Ky. I am more apt title at least that plays out and anybody ever do that ever and if they ever do that you brought no way he. And Derek I'll show you how to do the offering case for kissing has any generic down by a Latin and a off. So Derek from was this the last thing that happens so now that that we've gone down that road do you think it's possible that the case is the was the reason. So it's possible they didn't wind into you towards the end I want to George Gordon and don't get grocery you know I can't sort of make out faster than. I mean maybe maybe I don't know I really go to. I love dare you end Derrick. Goes signing. Provides you the answers that you're looking for rate from the mouth of the person who goes to umbrella and ES Alia barrels or what. There is a word said Derek you hear how willing to take she dreads. We know like Katrina against India. I I would love 00 I don't know Riley's just knows because he hundred Danny did something turn and he got some answers directly from her. I don't think you're ever gonna be able to figure it out Derek but think about this. It's a specific behavior. That you have. That I'm willing to back you don't even know that you do. And she I'll still are. I Derrick explained it just a second ago that I've already talked to Katrina. And she has been very on issues very candid about why. Bid to review are no longer together and it has to do with a specific behavior. That you have that you do. Pretty frequently give any idea what it might. No no clue does cold night Kelly and Jenn can you think of anything that a guy might do. Behavior wise that would make you just vanished. My only guess is really bad table manners because he said they had done some coffee dates up until that point and then they went actually additive and nice restaurant for dinner. But he's like Europe and as soon purse stamina and his staters I'm Leah are like not nice at the serve her or something like that because of somebody's just. Has that bad manners I might ghosts and run the other direction. Yeah and you seem really cute hurt you sound really cute and Curtis found back my thing is my neck creepiest stare at that as a duke. You know a desire eating amateur staring at you online. I cannot even listening to either just staring right area even not seeing any thing man is staring him plague our older zapper and. Serial killer pass South Carolina I just love the way you cruncher crew towns like how like I'll like to watch your mouth when. That it's like they're watching every little thing you do and I'm giving up those dates this thing about the battle of. I think in my head through time and trooped up and true to trim time why did you and I love it. Low wiley is and he sounds away Cutera over the phone and Sears national yeah it ripped. A couple of times and the post for kids you've really bad for your wife and I. It's we're Jen you utter corrected lucky to bad things doesn't hide here is. A quick little snippet of the camera sees and I have with Katrina are you ready Derek. I technical Derrick here is Katrina explaining why she goes to view. I had spent eight weeks in which he did market. I can actually. Every time that he can't get paid to reach out and Mike cited in there at eight. At its grad at grad at play. And the Trout lake lake ready Allen dirt on me like an 88. And I it's on has found someone who can't speak your hand up so what romantic and sweet it was. Out at lake weird and creepy like free looks catcher. Pets in the face Derek that's real intimate. Are you blinds. Maybe she didn't realize he has blind in the years. I bought it. Well yeah it seems like maybe it was too much too soon. I mean I. Just hope you know quietly what I would editor based. It is it's to her face. And and it's we hear her her cat. He can't be it's tighter all of its hands rubbing her own face right now and it isn't giving me goose arms in and out good way. Like he's in the bottom of your hand is his stroke urgently arrest this is using. I swear to god I might try to do this if I reached out and tried to stroke Kelly's face she would flinch and don't go away from me. I don't you tell it. You're smack you patented stuff Derek Derek song. And Harris are yeah. When we I don't know why it's weird I don't know but I give it I don't. I would. I am I can see airplane you that's a deal breaker. And we did ask her if she would be willing to see you again it's. Any chance your garlic and again you can't time. Art and finally. Any suggestions as he goes work in the dating world and how he couldn't really keep up friends and so he doesn't. Says it like pat and to and since and it got a stat for. Sorry it was so harsh Derek. Oh. I still I don't I don't understand your shelves are addicted admiring her beauty I don't. Absurd that's her own special problem I guess. Maybe just you know the pockets. That's creepy though to like what do you do your pockets at the low enough that I'm thinking about touching your face up. I Derrick thank you so much. But the prosecution students. Yeah. So. It is that back at his hands so even aware. That's a mom. Yeah. I ain't right. This on currency. And I can see if you had a hand he had a strange man rubbing your face. Would you prefer to that is hands BI and usually saw. No. Let's super leg yeah how and when some sometimes can get so soft it almost feels really warm. I kind of wet. Or we join you to be normal pay to have their realized one broken Callas says like a little one will scrape it alone and a sand paver. Yeah I can like maybe get hit by dogs you ha you know means a lot and paper hands down sand paper contest is soft hands I think I'm on soft hands. Police say and wind or would you prefer to have your base touched by a random man. With a really soft gentle hands are normal handbook one catalyst that kind of scraped yeah. I got none of the bath that is. Wouldn't ask being women are all ID and he'd been range and when you go and catch her base you are now. And I got you got her break down it should address it now you don't need to do that. It did your wife and human haven't Spectra line timer at your aren't I'm part or maybe sneaking a furlough they didn't end there aren't here. Let me just done major I understand your world of intimacy. Men love making happens. Vain if that goes well Al. Then you can touch my face is that how it works. I have been married for Ahmed seven years now and the only time I have been a MySpace and Reiner and met and it is very. Very rarely at how make you a match it. Don't take this tape. You get a break and eat it yourself. He's not paying students. Because there in the middle of like some romantic. Crushing couple violet Chardonnay that fool around kids about the bad thing about. Talking about the taste touch her. And her husband let me just wants to rubber face. What if what if what if I had a dream and in in my dream you are faces a landslide. Now in order to get my wishes as head of c'mon you're facing. Don't test me. An aggressive rubbed and that's how I heard testimony then how do you route I just keep telling you learn kind of wears her just why isn't the greatest hope congress asked. How big is gently around like your petty cash. That's that's that's correct. Right exactly either way it's creepy but if you're gonna Rouse a MySpace until like that. If they if their faces full of wishes and you have to get the wages out of their face lamp is something to just you or I can take some time not only at. Hey wait a Harley Julio wasn't the annoying. I understand why it's such a big deal honestly I think changed touching his very endearing. Anything it makes you are has been especially if they're a comment like right next here here. You know they're just like capping the back of your neck and at least. So you want to X number. It. Early in their relationship. Yeah I don't do that they didn't. Rarely used both in my hands and then use my comes to plug each now stress. A couple of hot tips the car at the moment has there been allowed him. And it. Now how breathe while announcing her face and men nicely from route through close. And has been named something more intimate than what planet are Leon and Lorraine favor now. AMR and I didn't have my nuclear girlish in the pipeline and he has bringing in the world allows you can't eat until it anywhere it'd be a bleached. Rich how will all of and I've missed entertainment. I can I'm natural Britain said that your boyfriend works for the pipeline and he can touchy with this type and I think that close hand. I can't I can't can't she likes hands on her face. Amy and that Georgia. As. As opponent say one good thing about being touched in that basin have been married twenty years and I still don't like it. Mix though like you back to get the ball your cornered and trapped. And manhandled. The that's everything keeping my entry and running it from being. Because unless you are just extremely intimate with each other mentally and then I'll play. Patching and basically it's just it just a way to make woman feel like you completely trapped. Not if you're labeling and in blowing gently on her eyes. I can't. Stop I trained on as though you last well. I. Yeah yeah. Yeah. No I don't know what you know event and I. I don't I'm anger and don't I don't pay if I don't I can't. I don't like how. Rich in the attachment and I can tell you know during. Our camera how I learned and like I didn't. Thank you Dana Point and it. I mean that kind of cool. That. I'm glad they lay it. You know and I am in my preference the. It's doesn't mean anybody has not. And I website because it's finally counted that fruition and I understand now after all these calls. I need to start an intimacy course oh yeah. Well you know I need to teach people how to be an instrument I'm around them are wrong. No carnage and Jameer phrase home. For making this way it's indigestion just now on star not before one.