Ghosthunting David Hunting Kristen

Tuesday, September 20th


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Going 941 okay Terna Nande. And Kevin Jones show only. Now and tracking down the people who have ghost if you want. Game today we're looking for a woman named Kristen is a classic case. We went out and had a couple great days and then they disappear. David is our collar Kristen is our missing persons. I totally missing person. The story. Hey having Alan welcome to Jeff's engine staff hasn't gone for you. It's still aren't. What did you do to scare her away. I don't know what. I found out I'm telling you today. Well we haven't had to get into the bottom of businesses that tell us about Kristen and I. So we approached. He works for the same company. And that comments she lives here in Birmingham. So girl. I traveled for work and I live and I and I travel and occasionally I would go to Birmingham and with good. Don't cry out for dinner go hang out you know I kept everything. Purely platonic you know for the most part finished we worked coworkers. And then and then. She's not the company. So. Are our great coaches now. Coworker and I couldn't. You know may. Nick and moves and that's when she just stopped responding to me. I'd get this is I've we gave them a caller. I can't figure this out. Well are you Lake Superior to her and her company are you guys just co workers. I mean I I work in that the corporate ought to choose but I'm not like directly. In charge of her for any reason or to look at. I've never. Mines while we think it what was your theory I was saying that she was just trying to kiss up to like a boss. Who could I'd get her promoted or something like that but if you have know authority. Over her employment and. Might that might theories. So David when you guys went out to dinner and hung out those few times when she did so worked for the company was it flirt. I mean that felt Florida commune but maybe I guess to me we can't read certain replica once used to be able to. Okay. And so when we called her what do you want us to find out specifically. We wanted to ask. Good question and I think that's just you know did I do something to like offender wake you know and it. Today you know once was there's something there may implement making it all up by animal. Can you tell us about the last interaction you had. Of I don't know of any sort like in person and learn. Owner taxed I mean I it was huge it was an in person. I think we went out to dinner. And just have managed to earn so little conversation and them. Now aren't I came back here. So when you faster on the date it was via text. Yeah and aegis got. Ghosts no reply. How many tags creaking Smith who wore her eggs and how many times have you reached out to her via text. We that we though. Again soon in my in my you have to remember that the bad member I don't know. I mean I guess maybe eight. If you export tax. Okay side so it's not a situation I don't think that's a bad. Number I mean unless they were on the same power. And equipment. Found was a company found. 08 engine company Google phones. I mean it sort of then but I I matters so. But I mean it might and maybe maybe she did switched after that I don't Paramount. There's some people have only worked bonds and then separate personal and maybe it was just her work phone that you have. Maybe it's as simple as that well we'll know re unite and make love. Us. Well we're gonna now if the minute is that if that's the only number you have for her and that's what yeah we call tomorrow and she answers. We're gonna know me immediately. Advocates content not a that's your Iowa that's the way it goes having worked we're gonna make the phone call at this time tomorrow you'll get to listen and we'll talk to her and we will find out from her exactly why she completely vanished. Also. Right angles and in we'll talk to you again at this time tomorrow morning and the jet engines you know. As we go ghost tanning for Kristen on behalf of David. And the Japanese and. I aegs Kelly cheese and JP that music found this weekend and JP ask this question I'm going to be a good morning. We're gonna give me a chance there and hear what they did in Canada megs and their imminent on the Jeffords and sentenced 941. And she I'll still are.