Ghosthunting with Craig and Mia: Part 3

Tuesday, February 21st

One great date then total silence, Craig just wants to know what he did!


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Yes engine shop. We just got sensitive for India on the Afghan. And who wanted to know why their match zap com date away so well didn't turn into a second one. We found that from me and then do a little over searching and then over sharing his poll what I don't I don't think you over searching is the problem I think who is from. The way he presented what he found Z yeah so Craig you're listening and all of that sorry we're coming giggling Ayers expense. I can read. Page view growth carried yes malware downloaded her experience. Well did you bring up. Random staff that that you could only learn on her face it's. Yeah I'm here I am good I'm not I'm not gonna going to wake. You don't know compete without you know maybe running a little more and should he shoot right you know reducing humiliate the girls look up our tires just read through the manager or every day guy you do great. But you are horror. They took a terrible results and look around and once themselves about her and everything but I mean I would root so awkward about trial because they're not being. You know we're right are we out law how good fish and horses are delicious. Or easy. How did you bring in my side. I yeah I mean we just you don't just and I try to just seen in the conversation there all. You know we're just talking about in order drinks and everything you gotta bring up quiet. You know reduced to do and we if you like to literary you know article about it everything we talked or thought that. Armed forces the united ignorant are we ordered I didn't quite surprised or what quite you know those those tracks are like that. Under the dispute but they do obvious. I've put idea. And that day you're obviously not as smooth about it is you think you are because she totally called you out. I guess so out of our. Romania. Did you work on my work my tackle the limits on an out and I'd still like. You know girls are always you know OK the detention and learn about and then you know the strategy that. You know she's gonna do Barack Obama never did it didn't work out she's obviously even a bit and got all you know she's well. I've been like a bunch of other dude so don't wanna be a part of that. You kind. Well think well rag dolls are con ass we appreciate youth goes renting with us. Yeah and a picture particularly give restraint. Should I take a loss. Thanks guys. I I desperately wish they spent some time on his FaceBook page I can throw something and random like rain now like us. Follow that new Chevy geo model car they're coming out later this year. It's something. I might how to horses come out their labors on the bell on here every horse on the belt line plague did they order mine had so many questions. Well that's the reason it went so horribly wrong again as well about it too she's dating a bunch of other people and she has. Options. And it didn't feel real authentic with him sick on an exception. Because I'm guessing what he's doing is he like it's like flash cards you know yet I'm saying Sele he looked at her FaceBook pages like. Ocean went wine country she likes horses and she gets one of those kits where they deliver the ingredients to our house and she makes dinner every night. So in his head all he's thinking is wine horses in her can't wines. Horses dinner wine horses dinner kit and then the minute somebody presents itself. It's like issues like I like your shoes in my orders I'm. Because I want. What are you what at what he's doing. Let's rock all right Jason and I've ever know why yeah. I become. I'm out of that goes anywhere and you ought to be a part of made you sign on yeah paradigm for Atlanta. And look he's you do about it. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and.